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By: Pyre

Chapter 1, this is a work in progress, but basicly a child with a love for mythology finds out that the myth isnt mythical. i drew the pic myself =D


" Draken, you need to put that book down. You’ll run into a wall."

" Shut your fruit loop hole. That only happened once. Besides, I’m researching."

" Let me guess…"

" Dragons," we said simultaneously. We do that a lot. I don’t know why he’s so opposed to me studying dragons.

" Dude, you’re 14, you need to give this up. There are no such things as dragons."

" And just how do you know this?"

" Be cause it’s a fairy tale!"

"so was America, and A.D and B.C. But they turned out to be true."

Leif gave himself a face palm.

" I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?"

" See ya’"

I continued on. I will find dragons, if it kills me. I prefer it didn’t. Now, I actually have an idea were one might be! There was a sighting on the cave near my house, on the very island I live on! I’m going there to pack. I always carry the same stuff with me: a journal, my recurve bow, 3 pencils, a sharpener, and a sword.

Leif and I have known each other, well forever. I can’t remember a day when I didn’t know Leif. I met him in preschool. Anyway, to my house. Tonight, I go to the summit.

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