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Royal Blue: Book 1

Novel By: Sienna Belmont
Flash fiction

Mist Edmons has blue hair and even brighter blue eyes. She didn't dye her hair or bleach it. It's natural. Because of her blueness in school she's not popular at all. In fact most can't recall her name. That is until Caine the school's resident hottie takes notice and likes her and suddenly she's on top and has the nickname 'Royal Blue' but she still has one question: Why is she so different? View table of contents...


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***Mist's POV***

"Because Mist," Caine said, "I feel as if I've known you all my life."

The words triggered something deep inside me. I was terrified.

~~~Flash Back~~~

The small girl smiled up at a small boy. The girl had pretty blue eyes and beautiful blue hair. The boy had floppy brown hair and blue eyes.

They stood in the pond besides the big kid school, hidden in the forest. The little girl laughed and pushed the water up with her mind. The little boy reacted as if this were normal.

He jumped to the side as the water formed into a whip and attempted to hit the boy.

The girl was Mist, the Princess of Oiak. A rarity. A water nymph...


I fell forward as the strength was zapped out of me. Caine raced toward me and held me close. I couldn't comprehend what had just happened. Oiak... a feeling of home-sickness overcame me. Then, confusion. I didn't know what was happening but the feeling of Caine's arms around me felt... familiar. I was terrified. I struggled free and I stared up at Caine furious.

"Just... Stop it. I don't know what's going on and I don't want to find out." My voice was low and dangerous. I stalked away, strangely knowing the way back. I shuddered. Where was normalcy when you need it?

***Caine's POV***

I watched her stalk away. I was frowning. These strange emotions... I hit myself. Damn it! I came off as giving her a pick up line. I had no idea what was happening.

My uncle would understand, so I called him.

"Hello, Caine."

"You know that one girl, Mist?" I asked and before I could continue, my uncle yelled into the phone.

"Stay away from her! She is your undoing. She will destroy you." He said and I shuddered. Mist seemed as though she didn't have a mean bone in her body. Heck, earlier she'd stood up against me.

"Uncle?" I asked cautiously.

"I'm sorry. Just leave her be." And then, he hung up, leaving me speechless.

***????'s POV***

The man bowed low to the new queen. Row, Queen of Oiak. That title could change quickly. Too quickly.

"She's alive. The bloodline princess is alive!" Row looked furious. The hunter understood. All this wealth and power she'd attained could be destroyed by a seventeen year old girl who had no clue of this world.

"I want her dead, Kirak! Dead!" She screamed. The hunter nodded. His target would be Mist Edmons.



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