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Tags: Fantasy

Mizunami Highschool Academy,a school where talented people are separated depending on the student's talents for example Arts division its division where painters,sculptors,actors and singers go.Each division gets to sharpen their talents and learn at the same time of course Mizunami Academy like the other Academies they have a Normal Division for students who wants to go to at a certain university and get a normal job but some students in Normal division have a excellent talents but they just want to have a normal life and those students are gathered in a class called Special Branch,there the students who picked to be in special branch gets to sharpen their talents once a week in case of the taoents they have will someday help them in their life but a certain student is not interested in special branch,he wanted to be in a normal school doing normal things like the other students but for some reason he was put in the special branch because he caused a certain incident which exposed his extraordinary skills.The boys name is Shiomiya Haruki,when he entered the Academy he has his own goal to change but somehow he forgot about it as he spends his days with a God named nanashi (no name) and he will someday reach the unexpected conclusion of his goal. View table of contents...


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Haruki grabs Noir's shoulder with a confidence smile on his face

haruki - My mom said you're suppose to those things with the person you love!*sparkle*
noir - I am serious!shiomiya-san please...please take me seriously

Haruki calmly inhale and exhales then he raises his hand up and slaps Noir

haruki - is your brain already broken?love cannot just be fill by going to another man!I was expecting good things from you but right now i'm disappointed.think again if its not enough redo your whole high school life*sigh*

Haruki walks out of the room and went back home
。。。。。。。。。。。。Shiomiya residence
haruki - I'm back!
yune - welcome back!haruki-san
haruki - I'm tired!
yune - can I ask haruki-san a question?
haruki -go ahead
yune - what image do you have when you hear the word "hero"?
haruki - a superhuman who punches and kicks the villains who have a reason to do bad things
yune - *sigh*I knew it
haruki - whats wrong with my answer?
yune - haruki-san said that we're going to play heroes.I thought that we're going to save a cat from a tree or something heroes do
haruki - what image comes into your mind when you hear the word "hero"?
yune - protector of the earth?
haruki - everyone have their own opinions so lets end this topic and eat!
。。。。。。。。。。。。in haruki's bedroom
haruki - 10:37pm,lets sleep

Haruki closes his eyes and sleep

???? - haruki's sleeping face is so cute~
haruki - (this voice.......)shizuka!

Haruki stands up as fast as he could and look around the room as if he's looking for someone

haruki - its only my imagination.....
???? - No,No,~its not your imagination h~a~r~u~k~i~

Haruki turns his head around and sees a girl clad in white clothing that resonates with the moonlight

haruki - are you really shizuka?
???? - who knows~
haruki - ···········
???? - whats wrong~?
haruki - ···········
haruki - a dream,huh?*falls back to sleep*
???? - don't sleep yet!!!!!I'll tell you everything!
haruki - I am lstening,go ahead
???? - I'll start by my name Konohana no sakuya hime and I am a Demon
haruki - ········konohana
konohana - whats with the not surprise look?
haruki - there's a God sleeping next room if Gods exist it goes the same way for the Demons
konohana - I see
haruki - then?
konohana - yes,I am shizuka but I am not
haruki - huh?
konohana - this body is shizuka but the inside is konohana
haruki - what?
konohana - my job is to fulfill a dying person's wish in exchange of their body
haruki - so,what is shizuka's wish?
konohana - her wish is for me to serve you forever!~
haruki - what do you mean by that?
konohana - I'll be staying in your house starting now
haruki - I am still sleepy so get out of my house
konohana - why!you're letting a God sleep next room but why are you kicking me out!?
haruki - *sigh*I get it,just stay in the room infront of mine
konohana - why!?
haruki - still not satisfied?
konohana - I want to sleep in your room!
haruki - then,I'll go sleep in the next room
konohana - why?!
haruki - I'm letting you sleep in my room isn't that what you wanted?
konohana - I don't want to sleep by myself
haruki - what do you mean by that?
konohana - I am saying that i want to sleep with you
haruki - *sigh* only for today
konohana - tomorrow too and the next day and the day before that and next week ,next month and next year and the year before that
konohana - tomorrow too
konohana - yes
haruki - another troublesome being is added in my house
August 17,2014 7:30am Shiomiya Residence
haruki - i couldn't sleep at all last night
yune - w.w.w.w.hat are you doing?haruki-san
haruki - waking up
yune - w.w.w.w.w.hy is haruki-san sleeping beside a girl
haruki - hey,konohana wake up
konohana - five more minutes
haruki - I'll kick you out of my house
konohana - I am awake
konohana - My name is konohana no sakuya hime and I am a Demon
yune - my name is nanashi, a God

the two shaked each other's hand with a smile on their face

haruki - I never thought that a Demon and a God would get along


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