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Tags: Fantasy

Mizunami Highschool Academy,a school where talented people are separated depending on the student's talents for example Arts division its division where painters,sculptors,actors and singers go.Each division gets to sharpen their talents and learn at the same time of course Mizunami Academy like the other Academies they have a Normal Division for students who wants to go to at a certain university and get a normal job but some students in Normal division have a excellent talents but they just want to have a normal life and those students are gathered in a class called Special Branch,there the students who picked to be in special branch gets to sharpen their talents once a week in case of the taoents they have will someday help them in their life but a certain student is not interested in special branch,he wanted to be in a normal school doing normal things like the other students but for some reason he was put in the special branch because he caused a certain incident which exposed his extraordinary skills.The boys name is Shiomiya Haruki,when he entered the Academy he has his own goal to change but somehow he forgot about it as he spends his days with a God named nanashi (no name) and he will someday reach the unexpected conclusion of his goal. View table of contents...


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konohana - wait a God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yune - wait a Demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haruki - you two only realized it
yune - haruki-san why is she here!?
konohana - haruki why are you flirting with a God!?
haruki - I am not flirting with you two!the two of you were too much for me to handle so please keep your mouth shut!
konohana + yune - yes,we'll be friend for a while
。。。。。。。。。。。。Mizunami high school Special branch room 203
haruki - kuroi-san!
noir - shiomiya-san
haruki - I'm sorry about slapping you two days ago
noir - its okay so don't worry about it
Ms.Anna - haruki-kun!we need to talk
haruki - what do you want?Ms.Anna
Ms.Anna - Good Job,haruki-kun
haruki - could you stop calling me by my first name,it will cause a big misunderstanding
Ms.Anna - I don't care!!
haruki - (oi,oi,oi something is really wrong with this person's head)
haruki - Good job?
Ms.Anna - It doesn't look like kuroi-san is going wear her headphones again
haruki - ah,she's wearing it again
Ms.Anna - ehhhhhhhhhh!!!
haruki - don't worry teacher,it looks like she's studying hard though
Ms.Anna - ················
haruki - before the summer break starts we're havinv five tests in three days starting today
Ms.Anna - what do you mean?
haruki - if she pass all the test that means she is studying and listening to your lessons in her own way if she fails that means she is not listening to your lessons and going to the supplementary classes
Ms.Anna - I'll let it go for now
haruki - *yawn*I'm sleepy
。。。。。。。。。。。。after school in the old tea club room
haruki - ZZzzzzzz
konohana - too bad,I am in different class than haruki and yune
yune - don't worry we're in the same P.E class
haruki - what are you doing here?you two
yune - we're part of Sercice club!
konohana - we're part of Service club!
yune + konohana - please take care of the two of us starting today

The two of them smiled at Haruki then the summer break started

Haruki ~»» Next time you hear or see the SIGNAL I will tell you another strange tale,maybe

Haruki ~»» The first Arc has ended but the story is only in its beggining.The second Arc is Elegant rich girl arc,Let the new Arc begin!

yune - yay!!!!


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