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Tags: Fantasy

Mizunami Highschool Academy,a school where talented people are separated depending on the student's talents for example Arts division its division where painters,sculptors,actors and singers go.Each division gets to sharpen their talents and learn at the same time of course Mizunami Academy like the other Academies they have a Normal Division for students who wants to go to at a certain university and get a normal job but some students in Normal division have a excellent talents but they just want to have a normal life and those students are gathered in a class called Special Branch,there the students who picked to be in special branch gets to sharpen their talents once a week in case of the taoents they have will someday help them in their life but a certain student is not interested in special branch,he wanted to be in a normal school doing normal things like the other students but for some reason he was put in the special branch because he caused a certain incident which exposed his extraordinary skills.The boys name is Shiomiya Haruki,when he entered the Academy he has his own goal to change but somehow he forgot about it as he spends his days with a God named nanashi (no name) and he will someday reach the unexpected conclusion of his goal. View table of contents...


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Don't Judge a book by the cover,almost every people in this world don't believe it maybe i am just hyperboling this but in Mizunami Highschool 98% of 15,000 students don't believe in that proverb because they are totally doing the opposite of it.Don't judge a book by its cover means that don't judge other people by their looks or the things they did in the past once.Yes,I am talking about myself;they think that I am a delinquent because I punched a teacher in the face in my first year days and I only did that because that teacher is sexually harassing a helpless girl after that day they started treating me like a delinquent and my uniform makes it worst because the uniform is so warm that its so hot when I tuck it in so i don't tuck it in and unlike the other students my uniform have a hood and completely different color than normal students because the normal student's uniform is white and mine is black with red linings on the collar and at the end of the sleeves.

I Shiomiya Haruki is called "The strongest student in all the divisions"
Mizunami Highschool Second year,Normal division special branch shiomiya haruki accepted his fate that he will never have a normal friends other than a wanna be delinquent students.I manage to brush off the students who want to be a delinquent then my normal peaceful days started.

August 14,2014 Mizunami Highschool Normal Division Special Branch room 203
Ms.Yugiri - Shiomiya!
haruki - what? teacher
Ms.Yugiri - we need to talk,come with me in the teacher office
haruki - ????
Ms.Yugiri - shiomiya,do you know why the Normal division have a special branch?
haruki - special branch exist because the normal division's representative doesn't want to lose to the arts division because the arts division is full of artist and the normal is full of .....well,normal students
Ms.Yugiri - I don't know what kind of image you have of the representative but you're wrong
- Special Branch exist for students who are talented in one or more division but still picked normal division for example,you
haruki - me?
Ms.Yugiri - perfect score in science and other subjects,athletic,great artist,role model of the naval division and military division and the engineer and architects want you in their division,nevermind that shiomiya
haruki - yes?
Ms.Yugiri - you are in the go home club right?
haruki - yes?
Ms.Yugiri - you shold atleast join a club
haruki - .............
Ms.Yugiri - I know that being treated like delinquent is hard but you should at least join a club
haruki - but joining a club in my second year
Ms.Yugiri - *sigh*Service Club,it doesn't have any member at this point
haruki - so you're saying that I should join that.........wait(no member?...
each club gets their own room,if i join that club i will have my personal space!!!!!)
- I'll join the Service Club!!!
Ms.Yugiri - wait,do you even know what Service Club do?
haruki - NO!!!!
Ms.Yugiri - I'll punch you
haruki - yes,I am listening please no demon punches
Ms.Yugiri - Service club helps the people who need help
haruki - so you're saying that I will become a superhero?
Ms.Yugiri - you only need to help the clients who comes to the clubroom for help and the people I send to you
haruki - so what kind of problems?
Ms.Yugiri - it depends on the clients,some are sports club substitiute request and love problems
haruki - you've gotta be kidding me ,are you saying that I should help who are love sick?
Ms.Yugiri - love problems are rare ones so don't worry
haruki - (safe)
Ms.Yugiri - the clubroom is in school forest if you follow the trail it will lead you to the old tea Clubroom
haruki - yes!!!!!!
Ms.Yugiri - I'll give you the key tomorrow so go home for today
haruki -yes,yes
Ms.Yugiri - say yes only once!
haruki - yeeeees~
August 14,2014 mizunami shopping center
haruki - Five days of school left before the summer break starts

I never thought that i will make a mistake when I picked that choice *sigh* No,maybe the greatest choice i have ever made

When I look back at when i first stepped in Mizumi Academy i have a goal yes,a goal to change myself and leave my past self,I thought that i could change myself into a normal highschooler but that goal was destroyed when a question popped in my mind
"How am I going to change myself?"
that question kept thinking for a very long time a very long time because its still unanswered now.

haruki - How am going to change myself?*Sigh*
-ah,they are selling the eggs today for 150 yen per dozen of eggs!? i better buy mom at least two dozen so she doesn't cook too much meat for the next two days
haruki - housewives gather around here when the supermarket puts up the sale banner I feel embarassed buyin two dozens of eggs and lining up in the line knowing that i am the only highschool kid in the line
haruki - maybe not,make it two highschool kids
Haruki spotted a girl wearing a school uniform looking for the sold out eggs

girl - eh!? they are sold out!

Haruki stares at the girl then the cashier calls out Haruki

cashier - sir,that would be 300 yen
haruki - ah,300 yen,here
cashier - Thank you for shopping

Haruki can't help it so he walked to the girl who is in the verge of tears

haruki - excuse me
girl - me?
haruki - yes
girl - ehhhhhh!?(a boy is trying to talk to me!is he trying to hit on me!?)
- Right now I am not interested in making a boyfriend,i am planning to finish school first.
haruki - ?????
- if you're fine with it would you like to have this?
Haruki gives a carton of egg to the girl
girl - really? why?
haruki - you looked troubled when you saw the shelf empty
girl - are you sure?
haruki - yes

The girl grabs the carton and hug Haruki

girl - Thank you very much!!!!! you saved my life!!!!!!
haruki - could you........please....let....me....go?
girl - I am sorry i hugged you too tight
haruki - *pant*pant*pant*don't worry
girl - (wait,did I just hugged a boy I just met?the normal thing to do is to slap him but he saved my life,the only male person I hugged was my dad and that was when i 9 wh...wh...wh...what should i do!? )

The girl grabs Haruki's left arm and softly lay his hands on her chest then the girl says with her face completely red

girl - would you be boyfriend?
haruki - huh?
girl - (shoot!I was planning on saying "would you like a juice from the vendin machine?" )
haruki - asking a boy out during the first meeting and saying that going to finish education first before going to a love relations somehow doesn't fit together
girl - its wr....wr..wrong,its my first time talking to a boy other than my dad so I am kinda ner...vous
haruki - judging from the words you said and the school uniform have is a special branch and the school that have a special branch is Mizunami Academy and Warwick Girls Academy,I haven't seen you in the classroom yet so you're a student of Warwick highschool?
girl - yes,amazing!!!! you know what school I go to with the things i said haruki - turn around
girl - ?????
haruki - and there is an emblem of the school in the bottom of your uniform
haruki - its already late time does move fast when you're having fun
girl - you had fun talking with me?
haruki - yeah,well then see you .......whats your name?
girl - Tachibana Konoha nice to meet you ......
haruki - Shiomiya Haruki
konoha - nice to meet you Shiomiya-san
haruki - nice to meet you too Tachibana-san
konoha - Goodbye,Shiomiya-san
haruki - bye
。。。。。。。。。。in the Tachibana household
konoha - I'm home!!*humming*
yuiko - you look happy,did something good happen?
konoha - I made my very first friend
yuiko - is it a boy or a girl?
konoha - a ...boy
genjurou - which school is in?
konoha - Mizunami Academy
genjurou - what division?
konoha - i don't know what division he is in but he said that he is from a special branch
yuiko - Mizunami so he's in the Normal division
genjurou - my daugther just tell me when you're ready to have a boyfriend i will give you a permission
konoha - dad is going to give me a permission to get a boyfriend even though i am still not finish highschool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

genjurou - on one condition
konoha - what condition?
genjurou - it has to be that boy
yuiko - nevermind what your father said,what is that boy's name?
konoha - Shiomiya Haruki
genjurou - !!!!how did get such a friend!?
konoha - ?????
yuiko - Renko-chan's son
konoha - whats wrong?
yuiko - we heard rumors about renko-chan's son
konoha - what kind of rumors?
yuiko - Renko-chan is my classmate when I was about your age in special branch renko-chan said something to me that her son is going to be in this class when her son reaches highschool,at first i thougyt that she was just fantasizing her future but two days ago me and father heard that renko-chan's son is overflowing with talent and knowledge
konoha - really?then why is he in the normal division ?
yuiko - I don't know why but his mother probably wants him to lead his life the way he wants so it depends on haruki-kun on why he picked the normal division
konoha - I didn't know that a perfect person exist?
。。。。。。。。。。shopping center
haruki - Warwick Girls Academy is where rich girls go to school rumors said that Warwick have the highest education system and cost a lot of money to learn there.

Haruki heard a loud scream from the alley the scream is so loud that everyone could hear it but the people pretends that they didn't hear it

haruki -(rotten coward,pretending to not notice it is impossible.Adults what are you doing?don't just stand there )*sigh* sometimes you need to something that doesn't fit your character,huh

Haruki walks in the alley with a grin
I know that going to a fight would seal my future to be a delinquent but saving someone is worth spending my future

haruki - hey!
boy A - huh!???who are you suppose to be?
haruki - hitting on a girl by using guns do you still call yourself a gentleman!!!???
boy B - are you trying to pick up a fight!!!!?brat
haruki - yeah!

The boy A brings out a gun and started shooting Haruki;the first shot hits Haruki's arm,the second shot miss then Haruki runs toward boy A as fast he could reaching for the gun but boy A panics a aims towards Haruki's chest then he pulls the trigger.Haruki lies down on the ground facing towards the sky.

boy B - hey,this guy is going to die
boy A - its not my fault its his fault for running towards me
boy B - what are we going to do?we killed a person
boy A - we just have to pretend that this never happened
boy B - what about this girl?
boy A - lets kilー
girl - hey?
boy A - what?
girl - do you know what will happen when your blood flows the opposite way?
boy A - I don't
girl - no one is sure yet so how about we try it?
boy A - I don't know how you're going to do it but hurry up before i kill you!
girl - 1,2,3 BAM!

boy B exploded and his blood spreads to the wall

boy A - w....h.a.....what did you do!!!!!!!????
girl - I didn't expect that he would explode by reversing the blood flow
boy A - w...h..a...t are you????
girl - konohana sakuya hime a God
boy A - please spare me ,I.....i...i don't want to dー
konohana - BAM!!!!!!!!!
konohana - look what they did to you haruki,I guess it can't be help
"I Konohana sakuya hime have pick a human a my contractor"

Haruki struggles to breathe

haruki - Am I going to die in a place like this?without achieving something?aah~my vision is blurry.? what is that? a girl?her hair is blonde?no,white!

konohana - wake up haruki!

Haruki wakes up on his bed and his wound is gone which caused him to think that its all a dream

haruki - *pant*pant*a dream?
- that was not a dream,August 15,2014 and I don't even know i got home.??????a note?its from mom

dear haru-kun

Mom is going to a business trip for a very,very long time so take care of your health and don't eat convenience store everyday,cook your own food (I left a cooking book in the kitchen)Good Luck

from Mom
P.S Nanashi will be visiting and if you're wandering how long is my business trip its probably one or two years

haruki - Long!!!!!!!?what kind of business are you going to?!!

haruki - nanashi???no name?(nanashi means no name in Japanese)
???? - Haruki-san!!!!!!!!time for breakfast!!!!!!!!
haruki - that voice sounds unfamiliar,wait
haruki - WHO ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haruki runs downstairs as fast as he could then he sees a girl with dark brown hair preparing the breakfast in the kitchen

haruki - WHO ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!???????
???? - haruki-san,please don't shout the people next door will get mad~
haruki - hello,police there's a tresspasser cooking breakー
???? - Why are you calling the police?!
haruki - isn't it normal to call the police if there's a stranger in your house?
???? - haruki-san's mother ask me to come here
haruki - so you are nanashi
nanashi - yes but my human name is Shiraga Yune
haruki - human?
nanashi - yes,my God name is nanashi
haruki - God?
nanashi - yes,I am still a trainee and still not a full pledge God but if i pass the test i will become a full pledge God~!!!
haruki - that test,what is it?
nanashi - to have a family with a great future with Shiomiya Haruki-san
haruki - wait wait,I think i heard my name in a sentence that doesn't make sense in my head so could you repeat it
nanashi - my test is to have a nice family with haruki -san*sparkle*
haruki - get out of my house
nanashi - why!!!???
haruki - because I don't want to get involve with your test!
nanashi - but haruki-san's mother told its fine
haruki - mom did?wait,did mom know all of it?!
nanashi - yes,renko-san is actually a God bu things happened and she failed the test and was turned into a human
haruki - *sigh*I see i'll let you live here but i am not participating in your test
nanashi - butー
haruki -*sigh* I guess my only choice is to let you live here,I'm late!!!!!!
nanashi!get dress up
nanashi - I am already wearing my uniform
haruki - lets huーwait,you're transferring in Mizunami?
nanashi - yes and please call me yune
August 15,2014 8:00am Mizunami Academy Normal Division Special Branch's classroom room 203
haruki - somehow made it
yune - yes
haruki - Why!!? are you here? you're suppose to be in the teachers office
yune - really?
Ms.Yugiri - oi,shiomiya hurry up and enter the classroom
yune - is she the teacher?
Ms.Yugiri - so you're the transfer student Shiraga Yune,right?
yune - yes!
Ms.Yugiri - nice to meet you my name is Yugiri Yukari from now on I am your homeroom teacher and there's a assistant teacher Kurosaki Anna she teaches math,science,P.E and music electives
yune - I understand
haruki - I'm going in now
yune - me too
Ms.Yugiri - wait Shiraga,stay here for a while
yune - yes!
Ms.Yugiri - everyone go to your seat!homeroom is starting!
Ms.Yugiri - today all of you will get a new friend,come in!
yune - yes!my name is naー I mean Shiraga Yune nice to meet everyone
Ms.Yugiri - you can seat wherever you want as long as the seat is not taken
yune - yes!(haruki-san is already seating with someone so I'll take the one behind haruki-san)
yune - haruki-san nice to meeー
haruki - Zzzzzzzzz.....
yune - haruki-san is asleep already?
yune - ?

Yune notices the girl sitting beside Haruki is looking at Haruki with an embarassed and worried face

yune - (that girl,why is she wearing her headphones during class?)

The school bell rings announcing that its lunchtime

haruki - lunch already?fuwaaaaa~~~
yune - still not enough sleep?
haruki - yune,you shouod go to the teachers office now
yune - I understand,haruki-san
Ms.Yugiri - Shiraga!come with me for a bit
haruki - hurry
yune - yes
haruki - its so hot~,why are we wearing spring uniform in the middle of the summer ?
haruki - whatever,I guess I'll go to the clubroom
。。。。。。。。。。The Old tea clubroom
haruki - the tea club was disbanded two years ago still the room is clean,is someone cleaning this room?
haruki - its peaceful and quiet here

Minutes later someone enters the room

???? - is someone here!?
haruki - yes!
haruki - Ms.Anna?
Ms.Anna - Shiomiya-kun!?
haruki - can I help you with something?
Ms.Anna - is this the service club?
haruki - yes
Ms.Anna - yukari-chan said that if I come here someone will solve my problem,is it true?

haruki - Yes,as long as its something I could do
Ms.Anna - really!?
haruki - yes,Ms.Anna
Ms.Anna - thank you?!
haruki - then,whats the problem?
Ms.Anna - kuroi-san won't listen to my class!!!!!!~~~haruki-kun
haruki - (oi,calling your student by their first name will start a scandal)kuroi-san?who is kuroi-san?
Ms.Anna - *sigh*its because you sleep all the time you didn't have time to talk to your classmates
haruki - was there a student named kuroi?
Ms.Anna - yes,and she sits beside you
haruki - someone sits beside me!!!!!!!!!!????
Ms.Anna - *sigh*its because you attend class half-asleep
haruki - I.....I.....never attend class half-asleep
Ms.Anna - haruki-kun don't avert your eyes
haruki - I don't know what you're about?
Ms.Anna - *sigh*its not like I want you to change yourself,I love you the way you are
haruki - what do you mean by love?
Ms.Anna - ah!
haruki - do you mean as a friend or as a man?please say as a friend
Ms.Anna - as a man
haruki - (hey,something is wrong with this person's head)
haruki - what is the problem again?
Ms.Anna - oh!I forgot about that.kuroi-san is always wearing her headphones in class but one week ago she was not wearing them at all
haruki - why not leave her alone?its not like wearing headphones in special branch is forbidden because you don't get mad at me
Ms.Anna - I am fine with haruki-kun because in every test you always get a 100% on it but if kuroi-san fails a test her efforts will be wasted
haruki - why don't ask her friends about it?
Ms.Anna - I did and they said that she was lovesick or something
haruki - (lovesick?oi,oi,oi, love problems right off the bat?)Ms.Anna who told you to come here?
Ms.Anna - yukari-chan,she said that to come today because someone will be here to help me
haruki - when did you ask her about kuroi-san?
Ms.Anna - hmmmmm.about two days ago
haruki - (damn you teacher,tricking me to join this club and saying that love problems are only rare,the only reason she recommended me this club was to avoid this problem and leave it to me )
haruki - can I refuse this problem?
Ms.Anna - NO
haruki - straightforward!I get it i'll do something about it
Ms.Anna - Thank you!haruki-kun!
haruki - Ms.Anna let go!stop huggin me!
。。。。。。。。。。。。Special Branch classroom 203
haruki - that ruined my lunchtime,my arm is still aching from that hug
haruki - Kuroi Noir,completely black,huh (seriously,who names their kid black black? [kuroi in english is black,Noir in english is black])
haruki - no one is in the classroom yet except for me kuroi,I guess thats her because she is sitting beside me(is she writing something down?it won't to call out to her)

Haruki said "hello kuroi-san what are you doing?" but she didn't responded

haruki - headphones,I guess i can't do anything to make her listen to the class (lets try taking her headphones off)

Haruki pulled the headphones off kuroi's head

Noir - kyaa!what are trying to do!
haruki - *sigh* why are you wearing your headphones during class?
noir - its none of your business
haruki - is something troubling you?I can help you with anything
noir - really?
haruki - of course!just name it
noir - do you know kugayama-senpai?
haruki - that sports guy?
noir - yes,the truth is that I fell in love with with him
haruki -(tch,I was expecting a boy who is nice and porpular but an athletic guy.This will be troublesome)
noir - I want to confess my feeling to him but I don't know what to do so i gave up and just lived in my imaginary world by liwtening to his voice on my headphones
haruki - I could help you confess your feelings to him the normal way
noir - normal way?
haruki - love letter way
noir - I considered trying that but i am a shy person and i can't give it to him directly
haruki - have you tried giving it to him indirectly?
noir - indirectly?
haruki - yes,for example leave it inside his bag or leave it under his desk
noir - I'll try it right away
haruki - fight,Good luck I hope my advice helps
noir - thank you shiomiya-kun
haruki - are you going to ask him to go on a date with you?
noir - yes,I really want it as fast as possible so probably tomorrow

haruki - Tomorrow,ah wait kuroi-san!
noir - what is it?shiomiya-san
haruki - could you give me your mail address so you can tell me if he accepted your confession
noir - here
haruki - here's mine
noir - thank you very much shiomiya-san!
。。。。。。。。。。。。after school
haruki - yune
yune - yes?haruki-san
haruki - can you look for kugayama takumi's information using your God powers or whatever you call it
yune - yes,done!
haruki - fast!your God powers are convenient
yune - kugayama is。。。。。。。。。。。。
haruki - *sigh*I knew it
yune - know what?
haruki - nothing,lets go home I'm hungry
yune - oh!haruki-san?
haruki - ??
yune - what are you going to do tomorrow?
haruki - tomorrow is saturday so why don't we take the name of justice for the day
yune - heroes!!!
haruki - yes,heroes!
yune - I'm excited!!!!!
haruki - lets go home then
。。。。。。。。。。。。August 16,2014 in front of the seaside mall
noir - I am really happy that senpai accepted my confession i am really excited
................on haruki's side
yune - aren't we suppose to be playing as heroes?
haruki - oh found her
yune - kuroi-san?
haruki - yune could buy me a fruit juice
yune - yes,right away
haruki - 1:25pm ,here he comes
.................. noir's side
noir - senpai!
kugayama - there you are!

kugayama walks towards noir but noir sees kugayama with two women

kugayama - I forgot that we're having a date today
girl A - who is this chick?
girl B - maybe another girl who confessed to takumi
girl A - look at her dress its cute but her chest is small takumi won't be satisfied with flat chest
noir - I...I....I
....................haruki's side
yune - is orange juice okay?
haruki - yes, thank you
haruki - lets go then yune
yune - finally!

Haruki started towalk toward kugayama while opening the can of orange juice then he splashes it to kugayama

haruki - sorry,my hand slipped
kugayama - what did you do!!?
haruki - I ruined your "beautiful" clothes by splashing orange juice on it
kugayama - damn you!

kugayama tries to punch Haruki but haruki dodges and kugayama trips and fell on the ground then Haruki started to jump on kugayama then he he kicks him and said

haruki - the star ace of sports division kugayama takumi is flirting with middle school girls!!!!!!hahahahahaha my stomach hurts I can't stop laughing

kugayama ran away in fear and leaves his two girlfriend behind

haruki - you two I already called your parents and told evrything you did with kugayama
girl A & B - kyaaaaaaa!!!

the girls ran away in fear of that their parents will get mad that they flirted with a third year high school student

haruki - did you film all of it?
yune - yes!and I already upload it to the school system for everyone to see
haruki - thanks
yune - are you fine? haruki-san
haruki - its only my reputation don't worry
yune - everyone will think haruki-san is a delinquent
haruki - don't worry its too late for me to think about those things because they already think I am a delinquent so don't worry
noir - I...I......I
haruki - that dress is cute,hmmmm...how about we go somewhere together
noir - why?
haruki - you are wearing your favorite dress for this day but everything went wrong,where is the fun there?you came here to have fun ,right?
noir - is shiraga-san coming with us?
yune - I have some shopping to do so i can't
haruki - take care then
yune - make sure haruki-san will come back home before seven
haruki - why are you acting like my mom and stop using third person
yune - bye
haruki - bye
haruki - where do you want to go?
noir - can we go to a place where the two of us will be alone?
haruki - hmmmmmmm.......how about the clubroom?
noir - where is the clubroom?
haruki - its in the school forest
noir - lets go!
haruki - calm down.....
。。。。。。。。。。。。。inside the Old tea clubroom
haruki - why do you want to go here?

Noir hugs haruki then she looks at Haruki with a prepared eyes

noir - cause no one can hear or notice what we're going to do
haruki - ???what are going to do?why are you taking your clothes off?
noir - I want to be one with shiomiya-san

Haruki grabs Noir's shoulder with a confidence smile on his face

haruki - My mom said you're suppose to those things with the person you love!*sparkle*
noir - I am serious!shiomiya-san please...please take me seriously

Haruki calmly inhale and exhales then he raises his hand up and slaps Noir

haruki - is your brain already broken?love cannot just be fill by going to another man!I was expecting good things from you but right now i'm disappointed.think again if its not enough redo your whole high school life*sigh*

Haruki walks out of the room and went back home
。。。。。。。。。。。。Shiomiya residence
haruki - I'm back!
yune - welcome back!haruki-san
haruki - I'm tired!
yune - can I ask haruki-san a question?
haruki -go ahead
yune - what image do you have when you hear the word "hero"?
haruki - a superhuman who punches and kicks the villains who have a reason to do bad things
yune - *sigh*I knew it
haruki - whats wrong with my answer?
yune - haruki-san said that we're going to play heroes.I thought that we're going to save a cat from a tree or something heroes do
haruki - what image comes into your mind when you hear the word "hero"?
yune - protector of the earth?
haruki - everyone have their own opinions so lets end this topic and eat!
。。。。。。。。。。。。in haruki's bedroom
haruki - 10:37pm,lets sleep

Haruki closes his eyes and sleep

???? - haruki's sleeping face is so cute~
haruki - (this voice.......)shizuka!

Haruki stands up as fast as he could and look around the room as if he's looking for someone

haruki - its only my imagination.....
???? - No,No,~its not your imagination h~a~r~u~k~i~

Haruki turns his head around and sees a girl clad in white clothing that resonates with the moonlight

haruki - are you really shizuka?
???? - who knows~
haruki - ···········
???? - whats wrong~?
haruki - ···········
haruki - a dream,huh?*falls back to sleep*
???? - don't sleep yet!!!!!I'll tell you everything!
haruki - I am lstening,go ahead
???? - I'll start by my name Konohana no sakuya hime and I am a Demon
haruki - ········konohana
konohana - whats with the not surprise look?
haruki - there's a God sleeping next room if Gods exist it goes the same way for the Demons
konohana - I see
haruki - then?
konohana - yes,I am shizuka but I am not
haruki - huh?
konohana - this body is shizuka but the inside is konohana
haruki - what?
konohana - my job is to fulfill a dying person's wish in exchange of their body
haruki - so,what is shizuka's wish?
konohana - her wish is for me to serve you forever!~
haruki - what do you mean by that?
konohana - I'll be staying in your house starting now
haruki - I am still sleepy so get out of my house
konohana - why!you're letting a God sleep next room but why are you kicking me out!?
haruki - *sigh*I get it,just stay in the room infront of mine
konohana - why!?
haruki - still not satisfied?
konohana - I want to sleep in your room!
haruki - then,I'll go sleep in the next room
konohana - why?!
haruki - I'm letting you sleep in my room isn't that what you wanted?
konohana - I don't want to sleep by myself
haruki - what do you mean by that?
konohana - I am saying that i want to sleep with you
haruki - *sigh* only for today
konohana - tomorrow too and the next day and the day before that and next week ,next month and next year and the year before that
konohana - tomorrow too
konohana - yes
haruki - another troublesome being is added in my house
August 17,2014 7:30am Shiomiya Residence
haruki - i couldn't sleep at all last night
yune - w.w.w.w.hat are you doing?haruki-san
haruki - waking up
yune - w.w.w.w.w.hy is haruki-san sleeping beside a girl
haruki - hey,konohana wake up
konohana - five more minutes
haruki - I'll kick you out of my house
konohana - I am awake
konohana - My name is konohana no sakuya hime and I am a Demon
yune - my name is nanashi, a God

the two shaked each other's hand with a smile on their face

haruki - I never thought that a Demon and a God would get along

konohana - wait a God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yune - wait a Demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haruki - you two only realized it
yune - haruki-san why is she here!?
konohana - haruki why are you flirting with a God!?
haruki - I am not flirting with you two!the two of you were too much for me to handle so please keep your mouth shut!
konohana + yune - yes,we'll be friend for a while
。。。。。。。。。。。。Mizunami high school Special branch room 203
haruki - kuroi-san!
noir - shiomiya-san
haruki - I'm sorry about slapping you two days ago
noir - its okay so don't worry about it
Ms.Anna - haruki-kun!we need to talk
haruki - what do you want?Ms.Anna
Ms.Anna - Good Job,haruki-kun
haruki - could you stop calling me by my first name,it will cause a big misunderstanding
Ms.Anna - I don't care!!
haruki - (oi,oi,oi something is really wrong with this person's head)
haruki - Good job?
Ms.Anna - It doesn't look like kuroi-san is going wear her headphones again
haruki - ah,she's wearing it again
Ms.Anna - ehhhhhhhhhh!!!
haruki - don't worry teacher,it looks like she's studying hard though
Ms.Anna - ················
haruki - before the summer break starts we're havinv five tests in three days starting today
Ms.Anna - what do you mean?
haruki - if she pass all the test that means she is studying and listening to your lessons in her own way if she fails that means she is not listening to your lessons and going to the supplementary classes
Ms.Anna - I'll let it go for now
haruki - *yawn*I'm sleepy
。。。。。。。。。。。。after school in the old tea club room
haruki - ZZzzzzzz
konohana - too bad,I am in different class than haruki and yune
yune - don't worry we're in the same P.E class
haruki - what are you doing here?you two
yune - we're part of Sercice club!
konohana - we're part of Service club!
yune + konohana - please take care of the two of us starting today

The two of them smiled at Haruki then the summer break started

Haruki ~»» Next time you hear or see the SIGNAL I will tell you another strange tale,maybe

Haruki ~»» The first Arc has ended but the story is only in its beggining.The second Arc is Elegant rich girl arc,Let the new Arc begin!

yune - yay!!!!



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