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when true love strikes you it not only touches your heart but also it touches your soul and it shall keep all the promises its done through lives. A story of recarination making the striving soul to keep it's promise given to it's true love View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 12, 2012    Reads: 23    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

"Hi", said a voice behind me.
I turned to see who it is?
"Hello, you know me long back but I think you will not be able to remember me now. But still I came to remind you who am I?" the voice said.
"Not only who I? But also the necessity behind my presence today. I don't know how to start but I have to tell you regarding this and one thing this shall be a monologue and you have no dialogues", he said.
I am annoyed with the last words of him and as I wanted to say that I am not going to listen but as he said I couldn't raise my voice.
I let my annoyance in a deep hush.
He started again" Let me introduce myself. No no first let me tell you my story. Like in the fairy tales that are being told in our childhood, long long ago there lived a man in his teenage, a very happy young man who used to spread smiles across where ever he goes. There was no place for pain or grief in his presence only happiness. No the right thing is he is the happiness to the happiness. He used to live in a combined family with grandparents, paternal uncles, aunts and cousins and very one loved him a lot. He was a cupid where ever goes not only happiness spreads but also love. He was not only rich but also handsome with brains. Every young lady in the town used to think he would be perfect suitor for them.
Life will not be always perfect and always there will be some imperfections too. The war spread and his family also got spread for their own surveillance. But he was left in the same town to look after their castle and lands. Then came a family to the town introducing themselves as PARKERS. People started noticing that PARKERS were completely different from their own story. The family consists of a male named Eric parker and a female named Melisa parker and as they told to the town they had a daughter Kate parker who was in her six teens but there were no resemblances between her and her parents. She seemed to be fair and rich but her parents not they were dark when compared to her and not as polished as her.
The boy met her in a party held in the Town meeting hall on a winter evening. The boy was fallen in love with her but he couldn't tell her as it was their first meeting. The boy tried to meet her many times with the help of his friends. But he failed. One fine morning the boy's parents returned to see their son. To their surprise they could read pain in his eyes instead of happiness. They came to know that their son had fallen in love with a girl who had come to town recently during their absence. They tried to convince him too forget her as she was not the perfect match to him. But they couldn't. His parents finally gave up to his wish and they asked PARKERS to marry their daughter to their son.
PARKERS did not agree to the match first. But as they came to know about the boy's fortune, they said they were happy with the groom. By that time there were several rumors spread across the town against PARKERS which made boy's parents horrified. They wanted to discuss these matters with rest of the family and they left on a weekend to the neighboring town which was 100KM away from theirs. They wanted to take the boy with them but the boy rejected to go as he planned his first date with the girl that weekend.
On Sunday morning the boy started to meet the girl Kate in her palace itself. By the time he reached he could see the weather changing drastically from a warm summer morning to a cold cloudy day. As he reached for the door, the rain started and it was pouring heavily. Before he knocked the girl opened the door. She was shouting, "Run, before it's too late.Dont think anything just run. We had to leave the town before we were attacked". The boy couldn't understand why she was asking him to run in this hurricane.
I looked up to see the narrator but he was completely got involved in his own narration. So many questions raised in my mind. But before I could summarize my doubts he started again I could see tears in his eyes.
The boy doesn't know that was a fatal day to him. He wanted to ask many questions but his conscience stopped him and it asked him to follow her. Both started running in the heavy pounding rain. As they reached the town limits, they stopped but they couldn't see each other because of heavy rain. They saw a haunted house and ran into it for shelter.


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