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Living With Memories Of Her.

Novel By: Why So Fucking Serious
Flash fiction

When six-teen year old, Lily Franklin loses her twin sister, Rose, due to cancer, her whole world comes crashing down. Will she learn to cope with the loss of Rose, or will she join the afterlife.? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 10, 2012    Reads: 7    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

" Now that Rose has gone, it feels like I am gone too, like I am a dead corpse aswell, floating around the world, looking down on everyone.

Rose is going deep under the ground, dead, but because of Rose being gone, it feels like I am dead too.

Rose was my twin sister, and us being twins, made us even closer then usual siblings. We shared a connection, one no one would understand, not unless they were us. Rose wasn't just my twin sister, she was my best friend, my only friend. She was there for me through everything, homework, bullying, depression, losing and gaining friends, only to lose them too. She was there for me when my first boyfriend, ever, broke up with me. I really did love him, really do, but he has moved on, something I will never do. Rose was there for me when dad started getting abusive, only towards me, and she was there for me when mom decided to divorce dad. I was there for her through everything too, friends, gaining and losing, boyfriends, partys, homework, bad grades.

I used to laugh at how she would freak out if she got anything lower then a B-. As soon as dad started beating me, because of my bad grades, I understood.

That was the only secret we kept from eachother. Dad, beating the other one when she got a bad grade.

Rose was as beautiful as a raindrop, with blond hair, and glowing blue eyes. Even when her blond hair fell off, and her blue eyes didn't glow as much anymore, she was still beautiful.

Rose used to tell me I was the prettiest girl she ever knew.

I didn't believe her, and we often got in fights about it, I would call her nasty names, she would tear up and walk away.

As soon as I found out Rose had cancer, I wished I could take every bad thing I ever did to her back.

Nothing is the same with out Rose, she was the girl that could make anyone smile.

I know if she was here right now, she would say this, and exactly this, ' Hey, why is there such long faces.? Come on everyone, smile, smile for me.'

Then she would go and hug mom, maybe dad, then come to me, giving me a big bear hug.

I still think I am dreaming, dreaming a horrible dream, one that will give me nightmares for life. I keep thinking Rose is just going to sit up in that coffin, and laugh, telling everyone it was just a joke. I wish that would happen. I wish the cancer never took over her. It drained the life from her, after only a month she couldn't even walk. She lived in the hospital.

Rose was only 14 when she was diagnosed with cancer. She battled it, then won, but it came back, stronger then ever. Rose fought for her life, for 1 long year, then, she couldn't anymore. She passed away to me, talking to her and holding her hand.

I remember the day so clearly, and it is a day I will never forget, the day my twin sister, my best friends, heart stopped. Stopped while I was in her room.

Nothing will make me forget Rose, nothing at all.

I hope none of you forget her either, the girl that was as pretty as a raindrop, the one that battled for her life, the beautiful girl, the one that was lost.

Rose, if you can hear me, I love you, and remember, smile up there."

I finished my speech, the one about my now dead twin sister. Tears are forming in my eyes as I bed over and give her a small kiss on her forehead. I leave the white rose on her body, putting it in between her hands, that are folded on her small stomach.

Tears stream freely down my face as I stare at her. My bestfriend, my twin sister.

" I love you, Rose," I say before breaking down completely, and running out of the church.

I run and run until I can't anymore, tears are flying off my face. I stop, looking at my surrondings, seeing I am at the park Rose loved oh so much. I run to the swings, sitting on the one she loved, the one she always sat in.

Putting my face in my hands, I cry, and cry, and cry.

The pain of losing Rose is unbearable. Unthinkable.

I felt numb when the doctor came out of that room, telling us she was gone.

I remember every deatil of that day, how the summer wind tingled on my bare skin. How there was a cloud that was in the shape of a rose.

Once I got into the hospital, the girl at the desk, who I have got to know as Nancy, looked at me, giving me a smile. She knew my situation with Rose, how we are so close.

" Go on in, Lily, " she had told me, and I walked into Rose's room, room 297.

Rose had been sitting up in her bed, spooning cereal into her mouth while looking out the window. I went and sat down in the chair, grabbing her hand. She turned her head, smiling at me.

" Hey, Lily," she had said. " Jacob came and viseted me."

Jacob was her boyfriend, and he loved her to bits and pieces. He even shaved his head for her when her hair started falling out, everyone thought it was the sweetest thing ever. I agree, it is.

I smiled at her, " Thats great."

" Dad came too."

My smile faded. Dad wasn't supposed to viset us, at all. I guess he came, only because his daughter was dying.

Rose gave me a crooked smile, " Lily, he is our father, and I'm dying. He seemed sad, really sad."

" Of course he is, your dying Rose.!"

She looked down, " I don't like to think of it as being dead, just forever sleeping."

10 minutes later, her heart stopped. Doctors pushed me out of the room, while I was screaming. I was crying.

She had died thinking of me.

Jacob came to the hospital to pick me up. I wasn't trusted to be alone for a week.

Me and Jacob depended on eachother for weeks.

Then he told me he was going to the army.

If Rose wasn't here, he could do it.

He could do it, and if he died it wouldn't matter, he would be with Rose then.

He sends letters every now and then, letting me know the person that helped me with my sisters death is still alive. Telling me to tell his mom that he is okay.

I do, and his mom thanks me.

Jacob came home for Roses furnal. Telling his sergent that the love of his life was being buried today, he wasn't going to miss this for anything.

His sergent let him go home, for one week only.

I contuine crying, sobs shaking my small frame. I hear footsteps, coming from the woods near the park, and my head shoots up. I don't say anything, one of the things me and Rose used to joke about is how stupid people in horror movies are. Running around, going, hello.? It's not like the killer is going to be in the kitchen and say, oh yeah, I'm in the kitchen, wanna sandwich.?

We would joke about that so much, only because the movie actually scared us, and joking about it made it funny, not scary.

The person steps out of the woods, and it is Johnathan, my ex.

He looks at me,

" Whats wrong."

" Rose died."

His face shows sympathy, and shock.

" How.?"

Then I remember, I didn't tell him anything after we broke up, not even that Rose had cancer.

" Cancer."

" I'm sorry, Lily, " he says, looking directly at me, " For everything."

I nod, looking down. I still love him, even after everything hes done to me.

I feel home come over, sitting beside me, on the swing i would sit on when Rose had this one. This one will be mine now, because Rose is gone.

" Lily, I miss you. I want us to at least be friends, espically now that your sister is gone. You have no one right now, no one who can releate to you. I'm not saying that I can, but I am saying I want to try to make it better."

" It will never be better. Rose is dead Johnathan. I just gave my speech at her furneral. Shes gone, my twin sister, my bestfriend, is gone. Dead."

He looks at me, " Well can we at least be friends.?"

I sigh, looking right at him, for the first time since we broke up. " Fine, Johnathan, we can be friends. Now leave me alone. I want to be alone, I need to be alone. So, please, go."

Johnathan looks at me, nodding, then pressing his lips to my cheek. They are warm, and soft, just like I remember them.

" Bye Lily."

With Rose gone, my father not around me, Jacob going back to the army, and my mother turing to skin and bones, what do I really have left.?

That question had been running through my head since Rose died, but now, I finally have the answer.

I have Johnathan.


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