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Living In Seattle

By: cheeks37

Page 1, While In traffic I started thinking about my day and time spent In Seattle Washington. I Drive for express transport and was on the clock unfortunately I don\'t have a radio in my truck just me and my gps. So Thoughts came and I wrote them down.

Fancy umbrellas, slicker suits, anti lock brakes and running shoes, those are the tools, you can't refuse while Living in Seattle..Round-a-bouts and 90ft drops, Stop and go traffic and Total whiteouts, are some things that you will see while Living in Seattle..Embracing the rain, Excepting the change, watching out for the Wildlife and Bicycle Lanes are things I have learned, but you won't read about Living in Seattle..So If dare to venture here bring plenty of books and your X-box gear, an Open mind and you will find that it's not so Bad or so Sad Living in Seattle....

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