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Nikole Kidman for you!

By: Ella Markina

Page 1, this poem devoted to my favourite actress


One upon day, at moonlit night
unknown star fell down from the sky
straight on the sleeping earth
The blue magnetic and nice  light 
from  fallen star is shining bright 
She's tender as a rose 
Soon everybody knew her name
Which known for the world became
Nikole .we all love her
You must agree , without shame 
she's  always graceful , and the main 
She was the same before 
Her face and smile, her voice and style
makes special effect
In light Safita her blue eyes 
are full of happyness ,they shine 
She is always unexpect 
You can not guess how old is she
It's useless idea , you see 
Her  beauty's out of  time
Her talent opened for us 
the star which fallen on the earth 
its glory  in  the prime 

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