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Two Pals on Highway

By: pakla

Page 1, when i saw friends freely at poise conversing in the midst of some dangerous busy highway in town.I was scared for their valuable lives.

Two Pals on Highway

Of good old fiends that met

In the bad modern age

Amidst the traffic and multitudes

Hustled and gurgled athwart

Hands elongate in handshake throttle

And the bud of cheek bursting in smile

Forgetting the busy tizzy

The rush and hush business fizzy

Till they flew the twilight airs

Their red juices Valentining the tar

Hushing the traffic din

Horrendous tantrum germinates

Accidents wholly preventable

Gathering the remaining assembles

The sorrow of that demise

Emotions born of such tragedy

A lone agency that sobers

 Society inhumane and souls man

In modern age, for a time








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