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Laura thought her dream cottage was safe, but she didn't expect a violent wind storm to ruin her beautiful home, and nearly take her life. It was her best friend that saved the day, and her life. Submission to Megans Contests.

Submitted:Mar 19, 2014    Reads: 13    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

MY K-9 Hero

The mountains of Colorado were beautiful in the winter, and I was so thrilled to have had the opportunity to buy the cottage near them. When it came on the market, I immediately placed a bid on it. The cottage sat facing the snow capped mountains, amongst an array of pine trees. It was refreshingly breathtaking.

After settling in, it hadn't dawned on me why I had gotten the place so cheap. It needed a few repairs, but nothing major. I sat next to the fireplace sipping a cup a tea, and watched as my dog, Beefy, enjoyed the warmth of the crackling fire. Outside the window sill a Robin pecked the frost covered window pane. She scurried about picking branches in her tiny beak to line her winter nest.

I enjoyed the quiet of the property, and Beefy seemed to enjoy chasing squirrels and spooking flocks of Black birds. It was his first time to have a place he could run free. The city was getting too crowded for the both of us. I transferred from Denver to here as a mail carrier. Never married, nor had children of my own. My parents are deceased, and I was the only child. So Beefy was pretty much my only family. I bought him when he was a pup, and put him through training school. He passed with flying colors. Beefy is so smart, and a well mannered dog.

As I enjoyed my tea, and the fireplace, I noticed the wind had picked up, as it swept against the window panes causing them to chatter. I got up and walked over to the window. Looking up, I noticed the skies above the mountain peaks were turning a solid gray. "Uh oh," I thought to myself. " Looks like a storm is headed this way."

A deer vanished into the pine trees as she lead her fawn to safety away from the storms gusts of wind. It began to snow in a wall of white crystal. I couldn't see a foot in front of me, as I trembled by a sudden chill.

I turned on the weather scanner just as they announced a blizzard forming in the mountains. By the sound of the winds, It was pretty much already here. Scared, I grabbed what blankets were handy, a lantern, and Beefy. The basement was built beneath the hallway in the middle of the cottage's foundation.

Barely making it to the basement, and locking us inside, a large pine tree crashed through the roof pinning us in. Beefy began to bark at the loud noise it made as it settled against the door. " It's ok, boy. " I calmed him. I was terrified. I had never been through a violent storm before, and wasn't prepared for this one. It was sudden, and the wind was cutting through the gap the tree had made. The temperature in the basement was dropping rapidly, as I grabbed Beefy and held him tight. " God, please let it leave." I prayed. On the other side of the door, I could hear a low growl. Beefy's bark turned into a howl, as he picked up a distinctive scent. A bear had wandered into the gap in the cottage wall. He sounded as scared as we were. It wasn't long before he ran away from Beefy's barking.

Between wind gusts, I could hear power lines as they snapped in two, and the pine trees cracking by the force winds. It was a full blown blizzard, with intense cold, and driving snow.

I began to feel weak, and on the verge of passing out from the freezing temperature dropping. Beefy could feel it too. He whined with each breath, as scared as I was. Minutes seemed like hours as I succumbed to unconsciousness. I closed my eyes still clinging to Beefy.

It grew dark, nearly black, when I was awaken by a voice from outside. I could hear him plainly, meaning the storm was over. Beefy was barking and scratching at the basement door. He finally managed to squeeze through where the pine tree left a gap. ' Beefy, come back here! " I yelled to him. But he just ignored me. It wasn't long, the mans voice called out to me, " are you alright Laura? " It was then I reconized his voice. It was Mr. Wheeler, from down the road.

Beefy pulled on his pant leg, in an attempt to show him where I was. I was much too weak to speak, let alone yell to him. I had already turned a deep shade of blue, and I couldn't feel my feet at all. Mr. Wheeler noticed the tree through the roof, and was worried it had fallen on me. He made his way inside, and managed to speak through the hole in the basement door. Beefy scratched at it as if to make it bigger. " I'm calling for help, Laura. " He told me in a discerned tone.

Relieved, it was over, I closed my eyes and waited for him to return. Beefy had pulled a blanket near me, as I covered myself with it. ' You're a good dog, Beefy. " Petting his cold head.

Soon, I could hear sirens outside, as medics pulled me from the basement. Beefy was biting at their feet letting them know he disapproved of them messing with me. After arriving at the hospital, doctors worked endlessly to save my frost bitten feet. Beefy never left my side, other than to walk with Mr. Wheeler.

I had the cottage torn down and a more safe one built in its place. I funished the basement with survival supplies, I will be ready for the next blizzard. I couldn't let the snowstorm run me away from my home.

I recovered from the ordeal, and my feet healed up nicely. Mr. Wheeler and friends stood around my bedside, as Beefy lie next to me, still protecting me. He wagged his tail, and licked the tears from my cheek. I looked into his loving eyes, " Good job, Beefy. Good job. You're my hero. "


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