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Rain - MicroFiction

By: Angelo Alago

Page 1, A piece of microfiction exploring feelings everyone has had.



     I can’t quite tell which are tears anymore, and the feel of rain falling on my shoulders has become a second heartbeat. Pitter patter. Thump thump. It’s been raining for days now. Or has it been years? Or minutes? *shrug* It was raining when she called.

     “We need to talk,” she’d said. “Meet me out front.”

     It doesn’t really matter what was said, does it? I went outside, she talked (there was no “we” about it), and then she left me. She left me, alone in the cold rain. She left me.

     Pitter patter. Thump thump.

     I look up at the dark sky and wonder if it’s ever been any other way. The word “sunshine” appears briefly in my head before a raindrop falls in my ear and washes it away. I sniffle and begin to walk. I’m a little surprised that my legs still work and I look down to make sure they’re really there. Everything feels so numb. And so cold.

     Pitter patter. Thump thump.

     I think about calling her for a moment. I even pull my phone out of my pocket and open it up to the lock screen (a picture of us in a hammock sharing a starfruit). I stare at the picture until the rain drops (tears?) obscure her face, and then I put it back in my pocket. The rain has started to lighten up but the sky is still grey and the (what is that thing called?) is still hidden behind the clouds.

     Pitter patter. Thump thump.

     I’m back in front of the apartment now, not quite sure how I got here. The rain has stopped completely. I still can’t feel my legs or my arms or...anything, really. How am I still alive? I look back to where she drove off, down Sycamore, and suddenly I can feel again. Inside and outside and anywhere in between, I hurt. I squeeze my eyes shut but can’t help but see everything. Tuesday nights walking by the river, holding hands, not saying a word. Her face, all smile and glittering eyes, as she laughs at my unfunny jokes. How the rain made it look like she was crying as she said goodbye. God, I wish the rain would start again.

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