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A fan fiction on Spanner after mini mosca was destroyed.

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My Mini Mosca
Sparks flew everywhere and the room was very messy but I don't care. He was the only one who I came to like. Al the others don't matter. They were all weapons for the Millifiore. But he was different. I modified him entirely to help me. I called him Mini Mosca.
I like to deal with robots because they do not have emotions and they are easy to deal with. Their circuits are fascinating and I like to create new things. I always get excited when there is a new robot and can't wait to get my hands on it to experiment. I also find them quite agreeable.
My philosophy changes when Mini Mosca defied me for the first time. I had not built Mini Mosca for combat purpose and certainly did not program him to defy orders. He did all these willingly not of its own will. Mini Mosca is certainly a different kind of robot. It has got emotions like a real human. He is also my very first friend and true companion.
Mini Mosca was destroyed for he was trying to protect me from those humanoid freaks. I told him to run but he never ran. Instead, he fought to the bitter end despite knowing that he was clearly no match for them. King Mosca could not defeat those barbarians. What more Mini Mosca who possess zero combat abilities.
Nevertheless, Mini Mosca fought bravely to protect me, his beloved creator. I kept the remaining of Mini Mosca with me. All I could salvage after the Vongola boy's X-burner blast was a small memory chip that belonged to Mini Mosca.
So, I am now currently rebuilding back my Mini Mosca, hoping to revive him. I've already had two failed attempts in recreating Mini Mosca. They say that third time's the charm but I'm already losing faith. Mini Mosca perhaps had already moved on. Perhaps he was alive and had died to save me. This is my entire fault. If only I had built in combat features into him he might have survived.
"Come on." I said as I put in the final parts into Mini Mosca. Welding the chips to the circuit board, tears welled up and my vision turned blurry. My hands shook as I connected the last wire. I shut the lid and turned to the on off button. "This is it." I told myself as I wiped my tears away.
It had been my last hope and I was desperate. "Please Mini Mosca…." I whispered. I pressed the on off button and waited. Mini Mosca did not respond. My heart sank and my soul shattered. I buried my face in my hands. He was really gone, the friend who saved my life. My Mini Mosca was truly gone. My heart ached knowing the loss I have. Then Mini Mosca moved his mechanical arm.
I jerked my head and raw Mini Mosca looking straight at me. Could it be? I wasn't imagining things right? Mini Mosca then hit my head with his mechanical arm. "Ow!" I exclaimed. It is Mini Mosca alright. He then produced the candy that I programmed him to make.
"Mini Mosca! You're back" I shouted as tears of joy and relief streamed down my cheeks. I tore off the sweet wrapper and stuffed the candy in my mouth.
Hugging mini Mosca, I cried "I'm so glad you're back. I thought I'd lost you!" Mini Mosca gave the shrug. I pulled away from him and reprimanded "Next time you follow instructions. You understand?" Mini Mosca looked away and started to walk off. "Hey! Come back here when I'm talking to you." I shouted but he paid no attention to me. Instead he focused on tidying up the room.
I guess this is it. At least now Mini Mosca is back and things should be back to normal. Life goes on for me as per normal and robots are my best friend. More specifically, Mini Mosca. No wonder he is my Mini Mosca.


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