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Just a short story of what I did this summer. A total mind-blowing, full immersion daydream. A battlefield set in the mind! A war of the three kingdom-ish.

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I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I'm in a whole new world. In the middle of the plains and hills, I feel the cool wind breeze through my hair and tall green grass that brushes through my feet, tickling me a little. I hear the clashing of steel from afar. As I peer into the hills, I saw armies both with different banners, both blue and red fighting it over. A variety of seasoned warriors, fighting for dominance. They had full plated steel armors, some even as thick as their own body. They fought each other savagedly. Even from afar, I can see the red general gut a poor soldier with his back turned with a giant axe, blood gushing out like a fountain while his head rolls on the floor.

" RAAAAAAAAAA!!! Can anyone provide me with a decent challenge!?" Roared the red general.

I see the blue army getting beat up badly. They maybe just peasants conscripted into line of duty to protect their humble town. Poor farmers, their fields are destroyed by the cavalry of the red army. I can hear the screams and battlecries of the fallen. It is painful to bear. I look at myself, I have a sword in my sheathe that is latched to my belt. I'm wearing a green plated full body armor.

" Your helmet sir!" A soldier with a green and fair armor kneeled before me and presented a great steely helmet. It had a green feather on the top with various golden engravings and little metal wings on the side.

" Your horse sir!" Another soldier with the same getup came to me and presented a red horse that is armored on the head, the knees and the hoofs with steel plates. I climbed aboard the armored horse.

" The preparations are complete sir." A soldier with a more awesome armor came to me and kneeled to report. He must be an officer. I look behind me and I see a vast army. We were all riding a horse and fully geared for battle. Some had giant lances, some had spears, and some had green banners and drums. I finally realize where and who am I. This is the war of the three kingdoms. I'm a general of the mighty green army and I have come here to fight those who stand in the way of justice! Those who fight with no morals will meet the edge of my sword!

I raise my sword up in the air.

" Today we fight for a better tomorrow! We shall not let those scoundrels ruin our dream for the land of benevolence!" I shouted.

" Let us ride to victory my friends! Let us vanquish this evil and let our names be immortalized as the soldiers who fought for glory, honor and justice!"

" ROAAAAAAAAR!!!" The soldiers raise their weapons in the air as their morals were boosted.

" To Victory!!!!" I shout and charge forth. We rode down the hill, like the sound of a thousand thunderclaps, It was heard from afar. The ground trembled in our wake.

" It's General Jian!! We are saved!" The blue soldiers rejoiced.

" General Jian! How dare you defy me! I will put an end to your arrogance!" Exclaimed the red general in anger.

Our cavalry pierced through the battlefield like how Moses parted the red sea. We slashed and stabbed everyone who was wearing red. We were unstoppable. While I was fighting, I saw a kid wearing a red armor and held a sword against me. The red general has no shame and no decency, conscripting a mere child in to his army. I knock the kid out with the flat part of my sword. I search for him in the battlefield and saw him mercilessly slice through the battlefield like a whirling dervish with his giant axe. I charged forth towards him! He sees me coming and threw his giant axe on my horse. The axe throw was so strong it spun rapidly. I ditched and pushed my horse away to prevent the axe from hitting it and I rolled over the blood stained ground.

Three red soldiers who had trouble carrying a heavy halberd came to the red generals aid.

" Ah my favorite death maker." He says while he took it and held it with only one hand. This guy is inhumanly strong! And I'm gonna fight him with just a sword? As I drew my drew my sword, I notice that it had various V-shaped lines on the blades. As I test it in the air, it extended far and wide! It's kind of a sword-whip. I attacked the red general in a whip like manner and he kept deflecting it with the steel rod of his halberd.

" Pathetic! Your'e gonna need more than that to defeat me!" He taunted.

As I kept whipping him, my blade got entwined with the steel rod of his halberd. I tried to pull it so that I may disarm him but his grip is hard and almost unmoving! He instead, pulled me over with a single pull from from halberd. I was heading straight towards him while I was being pulled mid-air. I clench my fist and with all that momentum, punched his rock hard face.

" Pffft." He spat blood on the ground.

My fist is red and sore too. I felt like I just punched a brick wall.

He charged towards me, angry, like a mad dog. Being emotional on the battlefield is bad. It makes one easily predictable. I dodged by moving sideways, his strong attack and his halberd got stuck on the ground. I ran through his halberd and tried to slice off his head. My sword barely hit him. He tripped and fell with a little wound on his neck. With his elbows on the ground, he lies.

I point my sword towards him.

" Your reign of tyranny ends here!" I say with glory.

" Do it, hero of justice." He look determined while saying that. He has accepted his fate. Therefore, I shall fullfil it!

Just as I was about to cut him down, I heard a loud nagging voice.

" Joshua!!! Stop sleeping around and help me with the laundries!"

Aw. Just I was about to get to the good part, I was suddenly interrupted by my mother.

I try to recall the scenario, but it won't comeback! Great, just great. I can't continue the daydream anymore. Noooo.

I sigh and give up. I help my mother in her laundry.

This is how I spend my summer days. Just lying around and daydreaming. It's all because my internet went down and I got out of the house. This is what the power of boredom can do to people.


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