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Playing Around In The Snow

By: hyperforce

Page 1, A woman\'s best friend from high school invites her up to a cabin to celebrate New Year\'s Eve,unaware that the friend had also invited her for a different purpose.

Sara and I had been such good friends ever since we were on the same cheerleader squad back in high school which was no surprise that I had agreed with my husband to accept her invitation to join her and her significant other at their cabin to celebrate New Year's Eve.Anyway,as soon as we were welcomed by Sara and her husband with open arms and the guys had gone skiing,Sara and I started playing around in the snow until it got so warm that we had to take off our coats just to let ourselves breathe.

But after I've closed my eyes and let out a sigh of relief,I've turned around and noticed that Sara had also taken her pants off and started pushing her finger straight into her pussy which had made me ask,"Sara,are you feeling okay?",only to have her laugh and say,"Come on,Maggie!You don't need to pretend!I know full well that you want me to suck your pussy just as much as you want to suck mine!I know you want it,Maggie!And you want it...NOW!"

But just as I was about to object to that idea,Sara had quickly kneeled down,stripped off my pants and started sucking every last drop of juice out of my soaking wet pussy.And after she had placed her gloved hand into my sweater and began carressing my breasts,I had came to realize that even though I still am in love with my husband,the strong pleasure of pure sexuality shall not be ignored for long.And after we had finally came,Sara and I decided to keep our little lesbian fuck fest to ourselves.And It's a good thing because my husband would be totally pissed!

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