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The Secret Rendezvous(for The Challenge Maker's Flash Contest)

By: hyperforce

Page 1, Both a teen and a mature woman meet at a hotel suite for something other than homework.

It was on a late Thursday morning that a beautiful blond maiden named Stephanie Reagan had told her husband that she was going to do something with her best friend.

At the same time, a young and handsome teen named Mark Randall waited for his parents to leave the house before he grabbed his car keys and drove himself into the city of Cleveland and over to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

And as soon as he walked over to a suite and knocked on the door, a voice behind it said, "Come in, Mark. The door is unlocked."

And after he opened the door and stepped into the room, he saw Stephanie laying naked on the bed before she asked, "Could you please close and lock the door?"

Then, after he had done what she asked, Mark looked around the room like he was trying to find something, only to have Stephanie let out a giggle and say, "There is no need for you to worry, Mark. Nobody knows we are here. Now, do you want to fuck me or what?"

And after he saw Stephanie fingering herself, Mark got naked and jerked off in front of her.

That was before he climbed into that same bed and sucked her pussy before he rolled Stephanie over and started fucking her in the ass with his hand on her tits.

"So, this is how Lexus Locklear feels when she gets fucked in the ass! How wonderful!", said Stephanie before Mark flipped her over and shoved his dick deep into her snatch while he was sucking her nipples.

And after all of that fucking, Stephanie looked at Mark and said, "I hope you got your homework done, Mark.", before he smiled and said, "Believe me, Mrs. Reagan. I already done it last night."

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