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Island of Good Riddance

Short story By: Juggernaut
Flash fiction

Juggernaut goes thru a strange experience of donating his internal organs while alive at a medical facility on the Island of Good Riddance, only to realize he was daydreaming after eating too much pasta for lunch.

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Island of Good Riddance

Subba Rao

"You are early for your appointment" said the nurse at the front desk looking at Juggernaut standing with a broad smile on his face.

"Yeah, I know; I want to come here before having a lunch, after all why waste lunch when it doesn't serve any purpose."

"Well, it is your last meal; you might as well enjoy it."

"I don't waste meals you know; when we go out for a meal, I am the one that leaves nothing on my plate and many a times ate left-over from my wife's plate disregarding her loud protests; my body is like a bank, it multiplies every ounce of food I eat and save mostly as body fat."

"I can see that sir."

"Thank you."

"I see you opted for total organs donation."

"Yes, except my brain."

"Why not brain?"

"My brain suffers from 'RBS' or 'restless brain syndrome' and it serves no good purpose for transplant except raising havoc in recipient's life."

"On the contrary, your bio tells me that you have a very productive life thus far."

"True, but at what cost? I did endless devotional chanting, performed complicated religious rituals and participated in expensive religious ceremonies, and took risky religious pilgrimages; all for the purpose of keeping my mind quite and sustain good thoughts, my brain recipient should be warned of this predicament."

"It seems that worked for you."

"Not completely in my judgment."

"OK, if you say so; it is up to the doctors to decide which organ is useful or not for a transplant."

"I understand that, since there is no known test for quality of thoughts in a brain, it is my responsibility to let doctors know what they were dealing with when it comes to my brain; after all, my brain recipient should benefit from its functions not just its structural integrity."

"Well, it may be too much information for me, sir; I am just an RN with a diploma obtained on line."

"I am sorry if I am talking too much, you know this is my last conversation."

"Not really, the doctors will have a final chat with you before you are put to sleep."

"The procedure is simple right?"

"Well, first we place two IV ports, one on each on your hand; through one port we pump potassium chloride solution to relax your muscles that include your heart muscles to stop working, then we inject strong sedation meds through the other port to put you to permanent sleep; then your organs will be removed to be tested ad transported for transplant into needed persons, and that's that."

"You keep my name confidential right?"

"We don't keep any records here; either on organ donors or recipients." "People from all walks of life visit us; people that publicly oppose stem-cell research, abortion, assisted-suicide and right-to-life members visit for receiving organ transplant." "Persons wanting to end their life thru organ donation or not, and those want to extend their life by receiving organ transplant becomes anonymous here."

"Sounds good; who established this facility?"

"A group of doctors discovered this uninhabited tiny rocky island that appeared after an volcanic eruption in the international waters of Indian Ocean and declared it as an independent republic of 'Good Riddance.' "The constitution of this island nation allows people to donate their living body for organ transplant. "

"Good riddance; considered dead," shouted Juggernaut.

"Wake up Juggernaut, wake up; you fell asleep almost went into coma after eating all that pasta for lunch," Juggernaut's wife tried to wake him up.

"I thought I am dead," Juggernaut looked around in disbelief.

"It was John Candy who died in sleep after eating over a kilo of pasta for dinner and never woke up." "All that pasta you ate for lunch put you to deep sleep and day dream."

"What about my brain?"

"What about it; it is there intact and still restless." "I will get you a hot cup of tea to wake you up to work in the backyard."

"What about the Island of Good Riddance?"

"Are you still dreaming?"


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