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The Flavor is in the Fat

Short story By: Juggernaut
Flash fiction

“I heard your heart wrenching experiences with bad cafeteria food,” said Lord Bhim, a mythological figure and the master of culinary art.
“That is true, as you can see state of my body from eating bad food.”
“How about state of your mind?”
“My poor grades would attest for that.”
“I would teach culinary art so your life will turn around for good,” assured Lord Bhim.

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The Flavor is in the Fat
Subba Rao
"I heard your heart wrenching experiences with bad cafeteria food," said Lord Bhim, a mythological figure and the master of culinary art.
"That is true, as you can see state of my body from eating bad food."
"How about state of your mind?"
"My poor grades would attest for that."
"I would teach culinary art so your life will turn around for good," assured Lord Bhim.
"Sir, I am honored to be your disciple," Juggernaut fell flat on the ground with his arms stretching forward.
"You are born vegetarian."
"True, it was a mistake."
"This born vegetarianism was a big humbug for me; I am a gypsy at heart and plan to travel around the world so I would like to prepare myself to experiment with foods of all nations that include meats of all kinds."
"Well, chicken, lamb, pork, goat, and fish shall encompass all the meat dishes."
"I would also add exotic and wild animals of the forest as well."
"I had the experience of living in forest under duress for several years, cooking game meat is a challenge but what you have in mind," Lord Bhim is a man of wisdom.
"Say wild boar or mountain goat, in case of eventuality I want to make a meal of any animal."
"Good thinking; but let's start with a quintessential vegetarian dish; stuffed eggplant curry."
Juggernaut added a little oil into the pot before placing the baby eggplants stuffed with a special spice mixture known only to top chefs like Lord Bhim.
"Add more, lot more oil," instructed Lord Bhim.
"But this is vegetarian cooking known for healthy life style, adding excess oil makes it greasy and unhealthy dish," Juggernaut protested.
"Without grease, a spice is just an aromatic inert plant material; only oil can bring out the flavor from the spice to the taste buds; so add more oil," demanded Lord Bhim.
Juggernaut followed the instructions and placed the stuffed raw eggplants into the pot with abundance of hot oil. The taste of stuffed eggplant oozing with flavorful spices was a gastronomical delight. "Right now I can eat a large bowl of steamed white rice with this curry," cried Juggernaut.
"Add a spoonful of clarified butter to it, it will be heaven," added Lord Bhim.
"Again, more grease."
"Listen and learn; only grease can bring out the flavorful mouth-feel effect."
"Jack fruit is readily available in our area, while ripe fruit is delicious, I love to eat shredded curried green Jack fruit," expressed Juggernaut.
"Living in forest, I am familiar with Jack fruit, it is a tough task to cook unripe green jack fruit; first you shall learn how to finely shred a green jack-fruit that is tough and stringy using a sharp knife," Lord Bhim then went on to explain step-wise procedure using among many ingredients were ground mustard seeds and sour tamarind pulp. "Remember to use lot of oil to get the zing out of mustard," advised Lord Bhim.
"Well, I am done learning vegetarian cooking, now I would like to learn meat recipes," requested Juggernaut.
"There is nothing to learn about cooking meat, whether you grill, smoke, stir-fry, sauté, boil, broil, bake, fry or whatever, meat is always tasty."
"But why?"
"The real meat flavor is in its fat, with or without spices, meat is always flavorful and delicious." "Some people eat meat that is rarely cooked just to experience the raw meat flavor," explained Lord Bhim.
"No wonder why, I kept my options open when it comes to my dietary habits," Juggernaut was happy.
"As I said the flavor is in the fat or shall I say the taste is in the pudding," "I shall come back to earth again to teach you wrestling, my other passion," said Lord Bhim vanishing into thin air.
"Grease is good; grease is good."
"Wake up Juggernaut, are you day dreaming again?" shouted Patnaik.
"Juggernaut opened his eyes to see his roommate getting ready to go out to cafeteria.
"Let's go to dinner."
"Not me, I am done with cafeteria food," Juggernaut jumped out of his bed.
"What you know about cooking?"
"I got everything figured it out, now I go shopping for pots and pans."


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