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The Gnome That Never Was

Short story By: Km2
Flash fiction

This is the story of poor little Jacob, who lost his way. For rsjakovac's Flash Fiction Contest.

Submitted:Jun 11, 2013    Reads: 70    Comments: 23    Likes: 8   

Jacob lived at the edge of Gnome Village in a little Gnome hut.

Not much to brag about, but all the comforts of home.

Jacob lived in fear, always, for often evil trolls came down from caverns on the hill to torment the little gnomefolk.

He hated the trolls but was but one gnome.

None of his own people even cared or paid much attention to him anymore. Perhaps his own fault, always driving others away.

One day, Jacob was startled by a commotion. Jumping to his feet and out the door. He saw the oldest of the troll brothers, working, squashing many cottages and huts with hideous-overgrown feet. Laughing with evil, mischievous, hysterics.

When Jacob noticed in the filthy stinkpot's hand, the secret love of his life, fair-maiden Jennifer.

Just then the troll took off, perhaps tired of his tormenting and rampage, into the forest with the maiden's calls for help still reaching Jacob's ears.

Shocked by it all, but not surprised, he took off in that direction...whistling.

Soon he was joined by his side with his friend, Quicksilver the hare, and before long was catching the lumbering, cackling, troll.

The troll turned to notice he was being pursued, just to bellow even harder, gaining more speed.

Coming to the edge of the forest, he hunkered up the sloping incline leading to his cave.

Where his brothers also waited.

Jacob busted out the forest, astride Quicksilver - the bucking bunny - scampering up the long, inclining hill.

He arrived at the entrance to the troll's lair, a ghastly smell wafted out - touching his nose - instantly making him ill. Strange voices heard from deep inside as well. Chilling Jacob's very core.

Even Quicksilver began to fidgit and shiver, as rabbits often do.

Gathering every drop of courage he had, Jacob directed his companion into the foul-smelling darkness, hopping directly into danger.

Towards the back of the winding tunnels, a speck of light shone and began to grow brighter and bolder with every approaching step they took.

Jacob listened intently to the growing voices.

"What is this..."

"How are we all supposed to eat this? It's but a morsel..."

Followed by a growl.

"You're not! This is their princess!

"It'll attract them to us, the little buggers will come try to save her, then they'll be ours."

"So we can't eat..."

"NOOOOOO! Morons. It's already worked and one has already followed, riding on a little hare. We can eat that, too. They should be here any time, so keep watch..."

They turned, startled in bewilderment.

Out of the darkness:

"Let her go you troll scum."

They laughed even harder at that.

In a flash, Jacob - upon Quicksilver - flew by, tossing a bundle into their cauldron and a pouch into the fire.

Grabbing Jennifer and heading for the exit, just as the trolls were covering in fear from the fiery explosion and massively overflowing pot.

Jacob laughed back, holding tightly onto the maiden Jennifer and the hide of Quicksilver.


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