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Someone has a secret that he finally has to share. I forgot how many words it has to be for it to fall under the Flash Fiction category, so if it's too many, I do apologize. It has 820 words.

Submitted:May 4, 2008    Reads: 162    Comments: 8    Likes: 4   

A Secret
"I'll meet you at home." She closed her cell phone and put it back in her jacket pocket. Smiling, she walked down the sidewalk towards her car. Today was a happy day. She just finished at the salon getting her hair done. It was a few shades lighter than its original dark bleak brown, showing some auburn tones. She shook it around, showing it off to anyone that may have been watching. In her head, she heard her music. Acoustic guitar seemed to always play in her ears, in her mind. After a moment, she found herself humming to the music. Yes, she told herself. This is a happy day.
The caller at the other end of her line hung up his phone. She had sounded so chipper. He sighed and tossed his phone onto the sofa. He reached for his glass of vodka and took the last big gulp of it. He didn't know how to tell her the news. Everything seemed to be going so right between the two of them. And yet, he had to tell her. Tell her the truth about it all.
Taylor got into her car and pulled it into drive. Getting into traffic, she lit a cigarette and inhaled. She just couldn't believe how well things have been going for her. Luck seems to be on her side. The music in her head is happy as ever. Happy, happy, happy.
Nick pulled his pants on and a shirt. She should be here any minute now. He rummaged through the refrigerator and found yesterday's lasagna. He should have told Taylor right from the start about things. Things should not have even gone this far between them. He shook his head, as if trying to throw away these thoughts, these feelings. He will always love Taylor. But, it just cannot be. He heated up the lasagna on two separate plates in the microwave. He pulled out a bottle of red wine and popped the cork.
When she arrived home, Taylor gasped. "Oh, honey. It's beautiful." Dinner was ready, candles lit, wine waiting to be sipped. A dozen white roses sat on the table. On the outside, Taylor smiled gratefully. On the inside, she knew something was up. She knows Nick well enough. He doesn't do this sort of thing. It's not his forte.
Dinner went smoothly, he thought. She seemed happy. She smiled that gorgeous smile. Yet, he knew behind that smile was suspicion. They each talked about their day, sipped their wine, enjoyed their lasagna. The candles brought a more intimate feeling for him. In a way, he was hiding in the shadows. Hiding from the truth. After dinner, they picked up and cleaned the dishes together. Again, just small talk between the two of them.
"Okay, so what's going on?" She sat on the couch after a delicious meal. "Tell me." She braced herself. She wasn't sure if she was going to get good news or bad news, but something in her gut told her it most likely isn't going to be good. "Well," Nick began. She could see the gears running in his head. There was so much going on in there, she could tell it was beginning to drive him mad. She's known him since high school. Best friends forever. Eight years after high school, they had married. Now, four years of marriage and no children, she was happy. But she knew that he wasn't.
She sure knew how to get to the point. Damn her for knowing him so well. This is one great woman who knows how to get inside his head. "Well, I have something to tell you." She gave a look that simply said, Well, Duh! Taking a deep breath, he was wondering how to say it. "I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow."
Everything suddenly seemed fuzzy. She noticed the I in his statement, and not the we. Tears stung in her eyes and she blinked to fight them away. Taking in a deep breath and then letting it out, she asked, "What's in Paris?"
"What's in Paris?" She had asked the million dollar question. Leave it to Taylor to cut through the crap. He closed his eyes and held his breath. He counted to five and slowly let it back out, counting to five again. "My daughter."
Daughter? He has a daughter? What the hell? Taylor's head was spinning and she thought she was going to be sick. Nick was reaching to her, not speaking, not elaborating. Is he really going to make her ask questions to get any information out of him?
Oh, God. She looks like she's going to be sick. Nick held out his hand, offering it to her. What is she thinking? What is she wondering about? Is she angry? Is she scared? All these questions in his head, and he realizes she must have a million questions of her own.


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