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The time traveller, the shape shifter, the mind reader and the healer - tell me, do you believe it?

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The Time traveller
I hold within my hands a secret that if discovered could save the world and should I choose to use it, the entire universe! This secret comes from a genuine source - it comes from me, Michael Simpson. A 26 year old coffee addicted editor, working for a sideline magazine in central London.
I walk this world with no direction, I have no family and no friends and to put is quite simply, I am a 'nobody'. So here's a good question - why me? Well, if I am to tell you why, I'd better start from the day it all began… ��

When I was a year old my parents died in a car crash, their son, that's me, was the only survivor. I lived with my grandparents and I knew no better, it was a good life and�I have no complaints.�Still, I longed to know my parents and�my nana would show me photo's and tell me stories to keep them alive in my memory.

It was�on my 6th Birthday, that�when I blow out my candles something strange happened.�When I�made a wish to see parents again I was taken back in time!�I closed my eyes tight and blew and�when I opened them again I found myself in a different place. Not just a different place, but a different time! I saw my parents holding me as a baby and I watched them cradle me the way I'd always wanted them to.�

It only lasted a few minutes and then blinking hard�I found myself back in my nana's house, with the candles smoking in front of me. I told no one of that day and I've kept to my self ever since, this�making it hard for me to interact and make friends.
As time went on, I found myself time travelling everyday. It was hard to control at first and I often travelled when someone close by thought about their own past or future. Now, though I can control it, but this gift comes with a curse. You see, my latest jump took me into the future, the year 3007 to be exact.
This time though, it was not in my control and�I had not expected to end up there at the request of someone else. I had not anticipated her or the responsibility that she'd placed in my hands.�A secret that will save us all in this life and in the next!
The shape shifter
My name is Susie Castle, and I am a shape shifter. What does that mean? Well, it means I can be anybody I want to be and all it takes is a second. I am not the only human being to have been given this gift, you see, it runs in my family. Every woman�of every second generation�in my family can shape shift. But to cut a long story short,�my sister died morphing and so�I�am the only one left.
It was told that my family were cursed by a history of black magic, witches burnt at the stake! My mother who does not share the gift does not like to talk about it, nor my father who locks me away in my bedroom in fear of anyone finding out.
They think they've stopped me from developing my skill by locking me away on my own where I can not meet people, so that I won't adapt into another human being. They are afraid I will lose control like my sister did. But this has had the opposite effect and now I have developed beyond human beings and I can shape shift into objects! Large, small, you name it I can do it… so long as the object is in view. �
The day I morphed into a silver spoon was my best shift yet! That's how I escaped my room, by filling my bed with pillows and setting my silver head in the bowel used for supper that evening. I waited for a good hour, the excitement nearly throwing me out of my morph… but I managed to hold it and sure enough I was taken downstairs and placed next to the sink. ��
I had searched for people like me, and I was unsuccessful, for months shape shifting my way in and out of people's lives, to end up lonelier than before. Then I found someone. Her name is Kelly Stevens and she can read peoples minds!
The mind reader
I was often in trouble as a child. I would do things to create attention to myself, such as setting fire to the school exam room or writing graffiti on the school walls on the day of the school inspection. I wasn't a bad person, I just needed someone to believe me, but no one ever did!
"I can read your mind!" I would tell them.
"Kelly, you say that again and you will go without tea tonight, you hear me?" my farther was strict with me but it only made me worse. My mother let my father dominate the family, my older brother got the brunt of it though.
I tried to run away from home countless times but I�didn't move out until I was 22. At which time I could hear them thinking of me in a way parents should think about their children. They were nothing but proud and this put me at ease.
Now, I am more secure with my ability and I use it everyday to help people. I approach people and invite them to tell me about themselves and so,�I have loads of friends and I've had�my fair share of lovers too. Of course it does help if you can relate to someone before speaking to them, but love is just as hard even if I hear their thoughts!
"Your amazing, your sexy… your a liar!"
Yes, you guessed it. Another relationship in the gutter!
I get the bad with the good! Sometimes the truth hurts and I find myself falling in and out of love within minutes of meeting people. But there is one who I have grown to listen to more than most. His name is Michael and he lives in the flat in the adjacent building to mine. We're on the same level and our windows face each other.
Michael thinks he is alone, but he is not. I often watch him and listen to his thoughts. I know all his secrets including the one about the Indian�woman in red that he dreams about.
The healer
I am a painter, a writer and a musician, I sow I mould and I touch. My hands are my best feature; my touch a gift from god�and I use it wisely.
My name is Nadia Naseen and I am originally from India. I had trouble in my home town, particularly with the religion in my country. When I was a child, I was taken from my family, stolen from a busy market! They used me and my ability in trade of money, my gift was put on show. I escaped my country and moved to England where I have an uncle and a second cousin.
I have much to be grateful for, and much to be sorry for. The great is that I get to save lives and heal those in pain. The sad is that I can not save myself or those I love. My son Jacob included. He died of cancer three years ago at the tender age of 6 years old.
I now work full time in an Indian spice shop in North London. I know the meaning and the healing effect of each and every spice and those in need naturally come to me. A dose�of Red Chillies for passion, Cumin for health, or Turmeric for a little sanity in life. No matter the spice,�you'd be amazed to know that my Indian spices can cure life's curses, just as good as my hands do.
I do not flash my gift around like some party trick. I will only use it if someone is in need and so when I was approached recently by a young woman with an extraordinary ability, dare I say greater than mine,�I couldn't say no.
Together we meet a few times a week to discuss our plans. These plans are not to be spoken of but let me tell you,�she has an amazing sense of empathy and it didn't surprise me when she introduced me to her friend who also has a few tricks up her sleeve.
Trusting one another, each with a secret to hide, we quickly became good friends. �
The prophecy
I, the writer have a gift. I do not speak of it, I do not show it and I do not wish to write of it. I know of a prophecy that will change the future, I know of a man who is destined to change the world and of three women who together will stand by him.
In 3007 the world will change�but my secret will save you all.
* * *
I have to apologise to anyone who believes in�anything I wrote here - I really was bored tonight! :)


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