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This didn't turn out the way I'd planned but I think it works Ok. Hope you enjoy!

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Roma Castle stood by the kitchen window, revelling in the sun's rays that snuck in ever so slightly parting her from the shadows cast behind her in the dim light. The kitchen had always been dull, it was poorly built at the rear of the house where for 10 out of12 hours of daylight, the sun was blocked by half dozen oak trees outback.

Roma's husband Marcus had called it the hellhole of the house! He never liked the house much anyway and he was hardly ever there because he worked most of the time. Sometimes she'd not see him days! She even considered that he might be having an affair, but quickly brushed the thought aside. Even so, when he was home he never entered the kitchen. Even when he wanted a drink he expected Roma to make the journey for him. It was Roma's place he told tell her, not his.

Turning the taps on one at time, she watched as the basin began to fill until the bubbles threatened to spill over and then turned them off with a clunk. That was anther problem - plumbing! It was so bad that whenever either of them took a shower the water would leak through the kitchen ceiling and blow what little light she did have in there! Roma had told Marcus numerous times to get it fixed, but he never saw to it. Too busy, is what he'd told her.

She took the first item from the huge pile of plates and cutlery left from lunch and let it slip gently from her hand into the soupy water. With a relentless sigh she began cleaning it, and then another and so on.

She had invited her family round for lunch and Roma, being half Greek had a large family! She had six brothers and two sisters alone, not that they all made it to the occasion, but names and figures got lost amongst cousins, aunties, nephews and nieces. Not to forget her mother and father!

Roma's father was keen to spoil the family with his bad jokes, often about Greeks and often true, which often her mother who was Greek, with a sour taste in her mouth!

Marcus never took to her mother, but he'd made more effort over lunch than usual which made Roma suspicious. Roma's mother liked to help her in the kitchen, but Marcus wouldn't allow her the pleasure of a helping hand and when her mother stepped up to the sink to wash the dishes, Marcus called out for her, claiming he had something important to show her and to leave the dishes for Roma later. Her mother politely agreed after Roma gave her a nod.

Regretfully, Roma reached for another plate and scrubbed it clean. It had been a busy day and Marcus had left only minutes ago -finally she was alone to do what she did best. Not to say she enjoyed cleaning, no, just the silence!

A heavy sigh escaped her as a cloud cast over and the line of sunlight across the window faded, leaving her in the shadows once again. The sudden sound of pitter-patter forced her to look up at the open window.

It was only dripping softly so Roma decided not to close it instead taking a liking to the therapeutic sound outside. But as the minutes passed the room grew darker, rain outside louder. Roma sighed again before placing the wet mug on the draining board along with the others and then lent over pulling the window to.

She took the last item from the side and placed it into the now lukewarm water. It took a few second for her to notice it - that dripping sound. Roma was sure she could still hear the rain. She looked up at the closed window and realised it wasn't the rain anymore, it was coming from inside!

She reached for the tea-towel and dried her hands and then she turned full circle, only standing still when she saw the puddle of water on the floor where water continued to drip from above. Her eyes immediately looked up to see the large water mark where the ceiling was dipping slightly under the pressure.

Roma Castle was found buried in her kitchen later that day, by her husband Marcus Castle after the ceiling had caved in on top of her. Marcus Castle was reported to of been having an affair with Riana Briggs a work colleague and both are now undergoing questioning after investigators claimed the taps had been left running in the bathroom only half hour before the accident.


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