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Show Me the Money

Short story By: Nixie
Flash fiction

This is a thought I had a while ago, it just came to me tonight (yep, another night shift) that i should get it written. It's not long, but I like to tease! ;)

Submitted:Jul 26, 2008    Reads: 1,354    Comments: 9    Likes: 7   

Carmen lay on her back taking deep breaths, her eyes twitching and then flickering open to take in the surroundings. The room she'd chosen was small and bared little, only a bedside table where a lamp stood without a lampshade. At the time, she had no preference, only a bed. The bed was tired, squeaky and beaten by its previous guests but it didn't concern her.

Remembering her evening she turned her face toward the lamp, her eyes squinting at the brightness of it. It was a wild night that's for sure and it had gone to her advantage in more than one way. One drink, that's all she agreed to but one led to another and by then she was too loose to care!

As her eyes adapted to the light she saw the queens head crimpled under her hand flapping in the breeze coming from the open window. Her lips began to crease into a smile when she realised she was lying on a quilt of twenty pound notes!

A cash machine, bingo, a lotto win maybe? She'd have to think of something! She'd never been rich. She'd worked a full time job from the age of 16 and only ever earned enough to see her through the month. Money was tight and life was tough, but not any more.

She lifted her hand letting the crumpled note flap into the air and watched it float back and forth until joining the carpet of notes on the floor. Her smile fell into a sheepish grin as she moved just enough to peak over the side of the bed. The floor was covered in money! There must have been thousands, if not millions! Or at least there seemed a lot more than she'd imagined when the notes where sat in neat piles between her and Clair.

"Clair..." Carman sighed and fell onto her back again, the money flapping gently as the mattress bounced beneath her. Clair was the one buying her cocktails all night and passing her reassuring looks as the cards were dealt. Carmen wasn't playing for her self, no, it was all for Clair! Those dark locks, those brown eyes - it was a drunken flirt that turned on her as soon as the layers started to come off. By layers, I mean clothes!

This wasn't just a game of poker, nope, this was strip poker!

Carmen began to giggle when she remembered Clair with only three garments left. Carmen had sat sipping her drink innocently, but took pleasure in watching Clair's body stiffen in the chill of the evening. Clair didn't seem to mind the extra attention and Carmen was undecided as to which was worse - losing and seeing Clair completely nude or winning and not seeing Clair completely nude!

Carmen lifted her hand from the bed to feel the folded wad of notes Clair had tucked in her dress. Yes, Carmen was still wearing her little black number, tights too, except they were now layered up both legs and scuffed at the knees. She was glad to of worn them though when she lost to their opponents who had a hot flush!

Of course, in the end Carmen and Clair won by distracting their opponents with a startling kiss. Carmen hadn't expected any of it, but couldn't deny what clearly was an attraction to her. And it wasn't just a simple kiss, it was a breath taking, tonsil tickling 5 minute long smooch!

Giggling together they'd taken their winnings and booked a room. Any room, they didn't care! Together, hand in hand and giddy with passion they fell inside and headed straight for the bed. Clair pushed her back onto the mattress and looked down at Carmen in her little black number, the temptation was written all over her face.

"I have a deal for you!" Clair said huskily as she began to climb up Carmen's body. Carmen kept quiet, too mesmerized by the body worming its way up hers.

"You can have me," Clair began and Carmen lifted her head to kiss her. "Uh, uh," she wiggled her finger no "I haven't finished. You can have me… or the money" she teased.

"Not both?"

"Not both!" she said firmly.

Carmen remembered what happened next, it was the moment where Clair kissed her and handcuffed her to the bed post! Carmen's eyes shot up to see her left hand still attached to the bed. She sat up in a panic and tried to slip her hand through the handcuffs, cursing under her breath when she realised it impossible! She paused and looked up when the door to the bathroom opened and Clair walked out still wearing that same cute smile.


Clair moved to the bed, hips swaying and lips pouting. "You passed out, I was about to take the money and run!" she sat on the bed beside her and smirked.

"You were?" Carmen frowned, still trying to remember what she'd decided on, the money or Clair.

Clair lent over her, her lips hovering over Carmen's. "No" she said softly and kissed her gently "because the money is mine and I am yours, remember?"

Carmen looked sharply into her eyes, "I did?" and when Clair lowered her lips she turned her face away, knowing she would have chosen the money. It occurred to her then that Clair had used her to distract their opponents in a game of strip poker. The money was never hers, that's why she was in handcuffs!

Clair watched the realisation wash over her face and moved off of the bed, without a word she started to casually collect the money off of the floor.

Carmen's eyes wondered along the bed sheets and over the money cascaded around her. She'd been well and truly done over!


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