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Spid the spider

Short story By: Nixie
Flash fiction

Well, I wrote this was just to pass the time but I hope it's a worth the read.

Submitted:Apr 27, 2008    Reads: 233    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

I sit here in the cool breeze, kissing that morning smell of lavender as those around me get ready for their day, acting as if I'm not even there. But the window has favoured me these past few days, and I have managed to make a home herein the back bedroom. It was quick work, sneaking in before anyone saw me and now I'm safe inside I've taken to the far corner where I go unseen.

I like the view I have from here, I can see everything, in fact some things I'd rather pretend I hadn't seen! Mark walks into the room in a towel covering his lower regions. He thinks himself 'hot stuff' lately and I watch him as he flexes his peck in the mirror and flicks his dark wet hair back like those models do in those shampoo adverts!

Oh yes, I have seen their 50 inch screen downstairs, not that I know anything about size. Everything looks big to me! Occasionally I wonder downstairs into the front room and make a bed their but after my friend Spid got caught, moving along the windowsill in the Bathroom, I've decided to hold off moving too far from this spot now.

Mark doesn't mind us too much. He even smiles at us sometimes, and he wouldn't have hurt Spid if it wasn't for his new totty Carol, who screamed at the sight of him. Poor Spid, I watched him run for his life and fall into that masquerade of bubbles. Scolded him first I imagine, that bath water, then shock would've set in. I wanted to help him, but I knew it was too late the moment Mark came running in to save her! He reached in the bath and pulled the plug out, Spid's lifeless body spun into a tidal wave, and then that was it he was gone! What a way to go.

Carol isn't so bad. She is an attractive woman. Her hair is like a winter coat, long, black and thick, just divine! It glosses in the sunlight and her milky white skin pearls in the moonlight. Still, Spid would be spinning in his web to hear me say that after what had happened to him.

Ah, he's whistling to himself. He's been doing that ever since he met her - Carol. I remember it well, that night he bought her home, that's the night he showed her his party trick. I've been a lot more familiar with it lately, and to be honest, I'm glad I'm of a different species.

I decide it might be wise to move out of his bedroom when given the chance, but I must wait until Carol has finished grooming herself in the next room or I'd be next down the plug hole!

"Babe? Did you call me?"

Mark calls out. Something has come to his attention and I watch from my nestled position as he stands by the bathroom door.


Carol opens the door with a blue towel on her head. She smiles at him and pulls on his towel taking him into the steam with her. There I was, thinking Spid had risen from the plug hole or something, but no such luck! At least while they are busy I can move closer to the window. If it's nice weather I may even take to the long way round to the next room, take my chances on the window being open. Once there I will consider breakfast, if indeed the window is open it should herald a good feast.

Deciding this is my chance, I make my way down the wall toward the mass of clothing from last night's fun. That's when I hear the bathroom door open their giggles as they exit and head toward his bedroom where I now hide in the sleeve of a shirt.

The pitch of their laughter reaches the room and I start to panic. My body stiffens and my senses clutch at the musk air, that sweet smell of Carol. The smell fades and the breeze picks up, I see a light as the shirt is picked up off the floor.

It's time to run and a belt it out of the sleeve unto the front of the red cotton, down I go with a speed I never new possible!


Carol screams and the panic makes me jump down to the floor where I flee for my life, but Mark has seen me and pushes Carol away. Then in an act of heroism he picks up her black stiletto and follows me toward the bed post. In the mists of Carols howling, I see the bottom of the Pradar come down fast, once, twice, three times lucky… I run... I am ru...


"There, I got the little mite!"


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