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The book in the sand

Short story By: Nixie
Flash fiction

This is just a small piece, I was inspired and thought I'd post it seeing as I haven't posted much lately.

Submitted:Feb 18, 2008    Reads: 203    Comments: 8    Likes: 5   

She has been here for days.Her thirst beaten by hunger, then that the heat andthenthe feelingspassed her completely. In fact she didn't feel much at all. It isn't so bad, she though asshelooks and picks up her favourite book that lay half sunkun in the sand. The bookwas theonly item she'd managed to rescue from her smouldering suitcase that now lay smoking in the distance.
She looks at the book, the enchanting picture of a haunted house on the top of a staggered cliff inviting to her to begin. Her mudded palms savour the feel of the 350 page soft back and after a pause of appreciation she pry's at the first page and with herfinger rested on the first word she reads aloud...
Chapter one
"Ahalf moon backed by a speckledstarlit sky stands to attention, a single line of lightshining upon a crocked door both worn and broken through the years. A rattle, a hum and then silence; the wind is heavy and strikes the door every few seconds keeping its spectators at bay.
The creaking though does not stop at the entrance, the play of haunting echoes stretch where feet once walked and voices once bounced indeed throughout the old house. But this wooden wreckage harbours something more poignant than that of ghostly happenings or a spooky temprement. For it holds a secret. A secret so cold that even now, its residence past still walk the soul of its abode.
It was along time ago that the secret was told far and wide, millions of miles away from each mouth it blistered and grew so large until the house and it's secret was feared a bad omen, and soon never to be spoken again."
A dirty finger pauses on the page, a single stroke of hair falling into her eyes and blocking her view. Squinting she pulls the fleeting dark strand away and wonders about the secret.The tale strikes curiosity in her and suddenly she senses she is no longer alone, yet she is very much alone... She is of course stranded!
She takes a deep breath; the wind from the soft waves crashing gently to shore is light against her grubby face as she looks out, nothing to see but sand and water. Behind her, the trees are content in her company, creating a little shade from the starching heat helping her find her place on the page as she continues in silence.
And there she sits reading page after page, day after day, the hope of being found on the island slipping with each word until she can no longer turn the pages, or lift her eyes to read them. Too weak to do anything but think of that place; the haunted house on the cliff edge and the secret never to be told again…


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