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Those Little Rumours

Short story By: Nixie
Flash fiction

This is one I wrote about 3 years ago. I keep coming across old writings and I felt like posting this, though it's small.

Submitted:Jun 26, 2008    Reads: 417    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   

Kate stood looking through the sliding glass doors from inside, it wasn't busy in the Police station today and she doubted that she'd be missed. She lifted her wrist checking her watch; how long had Alice been sitting there in her car? Long enough she thought and that's when a figure came to stand beside her, distracting her for only a moment.

"How long has she been out there?" James asked passing her a polystyrene cup of steaming hot coffee.

She took the token "Thanks…" and then looked up toward the car park, sipping from the cup before answering "It's been about half hour, give or take a few minutes" she said, realising now she'd been standing there for that long. He nodded, Kate only guessing this by the shadow movement cast by the sunlight through the glass.

"Have you spoken to her yet?" he asked not looking at her.

She paused before taking another sip "No…" she sipped "Do you think I should?" she asked with hesitation.

"Kate, I don't want to pretend like I know what's going on with you two, but knowing Alice she probably just needs some time" he said softly and sipped his own brew with a slurp.

Kate turned to find him looking at her and smiled enough to assure him he was right. James really had no idea even if the other rumour was that he'd told everyone her and Alice had a thing. Suggestive rumours around the building were only the basis of the truth and she and Alice would never tell about the night they'd spent together. It was agreed they'd let it go.

"I know she likes her own company!" Kate replied.

He nodded, looking back out side and once again at Kate. "Listen, give her five more minutes, if she hasn't moved then go to her!" he smiled, placing his hand on her shoulder as left without waiting for a response.

Kate watched him go and wondered if James's kind gesture was something similar to when Alice found her near to tears in a lab one night. Entering and leaving without exchanging words, Alice was back within the same few minutes bringing her coffee to cheer her up.

She looked at her watch again before looking at the sliding doors one more time and then with a sigh she walked through them into the cool air. Fingers cupping her belt she stepped confidently toward Alice's car, though not so confident as she looked - in truth she was good at hiding it. Reaching the passenger window Kate tapped lightly against it to get her attention.

Alice looked up, slight surprise on her face then opened the window with the auto switch "Am I in trouble officer?" she asked half serious.

Kate wetted her lips with the tip of tongue "No, not that I know of, anything to confess?"

Alice smirked "Nope!"

"Good, well, I come bearing gifts actually!" She said lifting the coffee up for Alice to see.

She looks at the offering "Is in black?"

"No" she said holding back a smirk and distracting herself with the bad scenery - the parking lot.

Alice leaned over "Good!" and released the locks on the car.

Opening the car door and balancing the coffee she gets into the passengers seat, passing Alice the cup once inside. Keeping quiet Alice smiled her thanks.

"So, you ok?" Kate asked, relenting in just a few seconds of silence.

Alice looked out her window before looking at Kate. "I'm ok!" she said, though her voice wasn't very reassuring.

Kate nodded softly "Ok" she replied. But Ok wasn't enough by Kate's standards. Things were obviously still very raw with Alice. It was then that she considered leaving but before she had time to put the thought in motion Alice spoke.

"It's not about what happened between us Kate."

Heart pounding and eyes fixed, Kate felt a wash of relief run through her. She relaxed in the seat, considering what else it could be and there was only one thing. "Is it the Jordan case? Kate, you knowthat kid wasn't your respon…"

"Wait, don't you think we should talk about what happened between us?" Alice cut Kate off gently and calmly sipped the coffee.

Watching Alice gripping the cup with both hands and sipping delicately only made Kate feel strangely uncomfortable with this new 'easy going' Alice. Alice was the one after all that suggested they pretend it never happened.

"It's been on my mind, a lot actually" Kate told her with a sigh of relief.

"Me too!" she confessed with a little nervous eye contact "It's not that it wasn't good, or that I didn't… enjoy it."

Kate smiled inwardly at the comment, knowing that negative always follows two positives. "But?" she asked cautiously.

Alice scrunched her nose with disappointment "But, this coffee hasn't any sugar in it!" she said smirking behind the cup.

"Oh, is it sugar you want huh?" she laughed, pushing the falling hair behind her ears.

"No, actually…" Alice leaned over the steering wheel putting the cup on the dashboard and turned to face her "I want you!"

"Oh!" Kate exclaimed and moved closer…

Meanwhile, James entered the room again to find Kate gone and looked out of the window to see what looked like Kate's legs, along with her tights and black heels sticking out of Alice's car window. Grinning fiercely and shaking his head at the sight he turned and walked out, hoping he could keep this one to himself and not spread anymore rumours!


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