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Short story By: Priyanks
Flash fiction

It's a small imagination of what was cooking on the doomsday.. the 21-12-12!!...

Submitted:Jan 29, 2013    Reads: 17    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

THE DOOMSDAY : 21-12-12

The alarm was so annoying and I got up to switch it off. I looked around and there was not a streak of light anywhere. I looked at the clock and it read 7:30 AM. I wondered what was happening around me. I peeped out of the window to look at the sky and there was no star, no sun, no moon, nothing at al. The sky was so dark. I looked down and the streets were empty. Not a single person on the road. It looked like a deserted area. I felt like I was somewhere else, some lonely world. In this dark, I managed to find the torch and went out of my room to see if my folks were doing good. Mother was praying to god. Father was sitting in the balcony, staring at the sky. And my little brother was playing with the building blocks, sitting near the worried woman, my mother. It was all so unusual in the early morning. Nothing was ready in the kitchen, my tea wasn't ready either which irritated me even more and I went on to refresh myself, wondering what went into these people. I suddenly heard some music. Oh yeah, that's my mobile ringtone. I had kept an alarm in that too, the usual teens' habit of irritating their parents with wired alarm tones. I went in search of my mobile and there, I found it under my pillow. When I took the mobile in my hand to switch off the alarm, I stood still, staring at the date it showed. It was 21-12-12!!

I ran fast to the window and peeped out to see the dark sky again. So, is it all true? Has the Mayan calendar said a goodbye? A calendar decides the end of so many lives? And the world is going to end? Wondered how pathetic it would to see the bare world with none in it!!

Mother was praying hard for our lives. Father was waiting to see what is going to happen. And poor brother, wasn't aware of anything that was happening around him. He was still having his best time in the candle light.

The world stood still. No one was seen out on roads. The quietest world one could have ever seen. Not a single thing moved. People sat at home in the darkness, spending time with their loved ones. They shared every possible thing they missed to. Each one confessed all that they had to. It was one whole monotonous day that had passed, with each one ready enough to face anything worst that they didn't even hesitate to imagine, for it was really one of the most awaited as well as feared day.

There was a sudden light from the window pane. The sun was bright as ever. The power was restored and when I rushed to see the clock, I realised that it was 6:00 AM, the next day. The whole world was sticking on to the news channels to see if anything had happened around the world. Everyone called their folks at different parts of the world and the women in all the houses were thanking god for saving their family. But what a funny end, nothing had happened anywhere in the world. Not a single death or calamity at any place encountered . In fact, the world was at harmony with each one resting back at their homes. People felt like fools for having believed and feared about the world's end. The whole world laughed at itself and people were back to their normal life, after a day of leisure.


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