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Running away today

Short story By: Rosa Clark
Flash fiction

When life is seemingly tough for bestfriends Laurel and Nicole they decide that the best thing to do is get as far from town as possible; but with strong consequences.

But how much does Nicole really know about Laurel and her dark past?

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Chapter one, not the full story

The lake's surface was warm, only the surface for I plunged in my bare foot, swishing the green tinged waters and it sent cold shivers down my spine. Once my foot was fully under it wasn't so cold, especially with the humidity and heat scorching my back and the sun shining bright in my direction. I could hear Laurels sweet giggling behind me but the sounds of the birds and dragonflies seemed to conceal everything, and the cool sensation of the lake flooded my head like a brain freeze. I was laughing now, plunging in the other foot without hesitation, sending ripples in all different directions. The water was to my knees, as I waded further in, just shy of my thighs and I could feel the muddy bank squelching beneath my feet. Everything felt so surreal.

"Don't go too far out!" Laurel shouted, laughing again.

I turned to face her, shielding my eyes from the suns glare.

"What are you waiting for?" I hissed. As much as I was enjoying paddling in the lake after hours of walking through fields, she promised she'd go in if I did. But instead she stood ridged staring at me blankly.

She came closer, so close that I could see my own face reflected in her hazel eyes pressing her finger to her lips and waving her hand at me, beckoning me to come out of the lake, and I did so, with that horrible feeling you get when you've done something wrong.

"What is it?" I whispered, scanning the swaying trees around us.

"False alarm"

"What alarm?" I asked, knowing all too well what she was talking about.

"I thought I heard something" she replied, twitching her nose as though she was some great hunter.

I could feel myself stiffening. My heart was sinking. I couldn't explain it, it was almost as though I wanted someone to be there to come and drag us home kicking and screaming; home just seemed too far away now.

"That was lucky!" she said finally, making me wince even more.

I kicked the water, trying to smother my frustration, disturbing all of the birds in the trees that shot off their branches in a flourish. I watched as they soured through the sky and felt a pang of jealousy, because they are free and in my heart I may never be.

"Let's go" I said shifting from foot to foot.

Laurel stared at me, eyes narrowed as though she was trying to figure me out, I gave nothing away, and I stood there with my fake smile, trying to make my eyes match my arched mouth. She turned away obviously satisfied, leaving me to gather all of our things.

I couldn't help it if I felt yearning to home again, knowing that we'd probably be running forever. I feel so ashamed and stupid for running away.


At the time I thought what we where doing was the right thing and I didn't think it would cause so much pain, I couldn't imagine any other solution for my depression at home. My parents where fighting, I was failing at school, everyone hated me. I literally had nothing. Laurel, my best friend, also had her own problems, though we never talk about it. She said keeps saying that its one of the worst things you can possibly imagine. I have a feeling, what it might be but I can hardly say it aloud, all I really know is that something really bad had happened to her on the night she turned up at my house with a change of clothes. Laurel and I ran away from home just a month ago. It was long past overdue, we where planning it weeks and weeks before but when we finally did It was then I realised that maybe life isn't so bad at home and all this isn't even worth the hassle but Its too late now, we've come too far to just go back and be laughed at by the people at school, asked questions by police and be interrogated by parents. Laurel seems to feel differently, however, she seems to feel no remorse for running away, it seems as though she felt nothing at all. Already we are miles and miles from home, we took a train to some place we've never heard of with the little money we had between us and from there we just walked and walked, to wherever we could and slept rough in fields and places where we didn't think people would find us whilst we where sleeping. I don't even know where we are to be honest; though we had come across a petrol station a week ago. We'd run out of money and our only hope was to just steal a few things to get us by .We where both so hungry, and I felt so weak; it was boiling hot outside. I hadn't drunk in two days and my back was peeling horribly from sun burn. We entered the petrol station shop, warily at first and afraid we'd get caught but the place was run down and the strange man at the till looked really rough and without a care in the world. We slipped in behind the shelves and I opened my bag wide enough for Laurel to frantically grab things and throw them in. I stood motionless unaware what we where actually doing at first, it made me sick to think we where stealing. If my mother could see me now.

"Wait here!" Laurel whispered heading towards the toilets, within seconds she came out again clutching reels and reels of toilet paper. She thrust in sandwiches and water bottles, crisps and sweets. Multiple tooth brushes and toothpaste, shampoo, everything she possibly could without being seen. I was shaking my head, my hands trembling. I knew for certain we'd be caught now.

"What are you girls doing back there?" The shop keeper shouted eyes wide like golf balls, blood shot and filled with a sort of mucus; startling me.

Before I could even open my mouth, laurel grabbed me firmly by the arm and pulled my off my feet, hurtling me out of the door. Hand in hand we ran across the highway our legs almost floating because the speed we must of been running at, I couldn't even feel them functioning but I knew they where moving fast because when I whipped my head around quickly the shop was far behind, I could only just about see the wobbling speck of the man outside the petrol station yelling. Laurel was laughing, shaking the bulging bin bag filled with stuff.

"We've done it!"

We came across a fence of a small farm and a cornfield of some sort and we 'trespassed'; still running encase the man had called the police. The cornfields where up to our chins


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