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Tags: Love, Girlhood

Mona and Lisa walk the path from the house that leads to the woods and pond. The sky is clear and warm; there is an excitement held in between them as their hands stay just out of reach from each other in case someone should be looking from the house. Walls have ears; windows have eyes, Mona muses, casting a quick glance at Lisa, feeling her heartbeat quicken; her body perspire with a held in want.

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Mona and Lisa walk the path from the house that leads to the woods and pond. The sky is clear and warm; there is an excitement held in between them as their hands stay just out of reach from each other in case someone should be looking from the house. Walls have ears; windows have eyes, Mona muses, casting a quick glance at Lisa, feeling her heartbeat quicken; her body perspire with a held in want.

Lisa looks at the uneven grass path, her thoughts churning over, and her feelings alive as if a spark waited to be lit. She can sense her hands itching, her tongue watering and her breathing deep. The sooner we're out of sight of the house the better. So near. So near.

- Glad you could come.

Lisa looks at Mona as the words touch her ears.

- So am I. I'd been here sooner, but my da, kept me longer than I thought.

Always the last moment wanting me to do things, he knew I wanted to go. Stern his features were as if bitten by a dog. Bitten his soul, no doubt the Jesuits, so he says.

- You're here now, that's all that matters.

- Wild horses couldn't keep me, my da, did though. Spoilsport, he is. Hates people having fun. Thinks fun's a sin.

Mona smiles. Looks back at the house. Imagines eyes peering. Whispers. Turns back and studies for a few moments the dress Lisa has on. Flowers. Pink and white. Liked to pick those. Kiss them.

- I've had the mammy on to me all morning. Thinks I'm bad girl. Rumours. And those nuns at the school have been adding their two bits.

Mona lifts her eyes to the earlobe. Soft flesh. Lovely ear, the way the hair just touches it. Just eases over it. She sighs softly. Looks ahead. The wood approaches. The house is nearly out of sight. Good. At last, at damned good last. Thought it would never go.

Lisa looks a Mona. Smiles. They stop; look around them. Listen. The birds singing. Crows far off. Wind slight in the branches above. They lean close and kiss. Lips to lips; flesh on flesh. Warm, wet, damp. Arms embrace. Breathe when you can. Heavens knows what. Love this. Lisa feels the knife of keen desire enter, the arrow. Pierce. Plunge. They stand back. Breathe now. Take in all. See as if this were the last thing to see. Smile.

- Waited for that.

- Me, too.

Look around again. Reach out hands. They touch. The soft flesh against the flesh. Warm and warmth. Lisa licks her lips; breathes in deeply. Takes in the eyes, the depth there. Never noticed before. The beauty. The softness reflected. How did I live without this? Lisa pulls Mona toward her; kisses her lips again. Tongue touches tongue; smooth against smoothness, flesh of my flesh. Arms hold and hold. As if fearing separation. As if death should ever render. Touch this life. Hold on hold on. Breathe in when you can.

Mona senses the tongue; wants to reach deeper; feel the eternity of this moment. This kiss. If Judas kissed like this would be worth any crucifixion. The scent of her; the scent of flowers; the smell of the wind against her.

They part. Stand and stare. Breathe deeply. Sound. They look around; nerves. Eyes everywhere. Can't trust anyone to be silent. Walls have ears; windows and woods have eyes. Birds in the brush or bushes. Squirrels.

- Glad you could make it.

Lisa nods. Too out of breath for words. Words are superfluous. Who said that? Sister Bridget carries words around in her head like that. Big words. Big as her bust no doubt.

- I've been waiting for this moment since Friday. Slept badly.

- Me, too. Wanted to see you yesterday. Would have given my eyes to have this moment yesterday, so I would.

- Glad you still have your eyes. Love them.

Mona smiles. They move on reluctantly. Their feet treading the grass; their hands slinking as they walk. Fingers wrap around each other; worm their way about. Heaven in small things; the blessing of the angels in each kiss. Never thought a kiss could mean so much; never knew such. She glances at Lisa. Sees the earlobe, wants to nibble it; wants to hold between her lips.

- Where's this lake?

- Just up little further. It's not really a lake. A large pond. I discovered it when I first came. Somewhere to sit and think.

- We all need somewhere.

- This is where I come, if I can.

They pause. More sounds. Their ears alert. Eyes looking about. Trees. Bushes. No one. Birds. Mona sighs softly. Imagine if someone saw us. The rumours would fly. The words would fly. Life wouldn't be worth the living. The parents; the neighbours. Sticks and stones. Broken bones; broken hearts. They walk on, hands holding. Each silent. Thoughts. Thinking. Wanting to hold and kiss. Soon, my darling, soon.

Lisa takes in Mona's green dress; the slight pattern; leaves? Flowers? Can't decide. The knees just visible. The ankle socks. The dark shoes. The walk of her. Love this. Hold memory this day. Hold. Hold. Feel her fingers in mine. Can sense her life in each touch. Feel her blood in each veins and artery flooding; rushing.

- This is the lake.

The pond is visble now. Still surface. Light brown. Wide and yet not too big. Trees surround like a crown. The sun flickers weakly though the branches above. They walk closer. Their eyes scan around the whole scene. Ears listen. Lisa nods. Feels the air; smells the watery scent on the air.

- Pond. Peaceful though.

Mona nods; smiles. They part hands. Walk down to the edge. They look at each other, then at their surroundings. They feel the aloneness, the solitude.

Lisa stares at Mona. Feels like heaven has opened up and grabbed her. Pain of not wanting this end, knowing it will. Minute by minute. Go. Flee into the past. Capture this, my memory; hold dear.

- I thought this the place for us. Our place. Our own.

- Yes. Ours. No one else to spoil.

They are silent. They walk to the grass over looking the pond; find a spot to sit; fall together in laughter. They sit staring at each other; taking in each feature. Their laughter stops. They gaze. Lisa's hand reaches out; takes Mona's hand in hers. Brushes it against her cheek. Soft. Smooth. She takes in the lips parting; the small white teeth. The tongue lingering like a shy child. She moves forward; kisses; feels a rush of blood through her body.

Mona parts her legs slightly as Lisa's lips touch hers. Wetness of lip on lip. The wound of birds gone now. The trees the only spies. The wind the only whispers. Tongue on tongue. Softness on softness. Eyes close. Bliss. So, this is it. Now. The very now of being. Breathe my sweet; let this be our paradise.

They part. Stare. Breathe out. Look around in wonder. Then return to gaze. Eye on eye. Lips held slightly open in anticipation. Tongue brushing against teeth. In the beginning was the word. In the end was the sigh.

- What do you think of the place?

Out of breath my sweet. Passion spent? No. no.

- Heavenly. Never noticed this place before.

Mona lies down on the grass looking up though the trees at the sky. Lisa studies her. Looks at the rising and falling of the breast. The eyes gazing above. The lips parted. The nose, small, kissable.

- I wanted to bring you here. You can share this with me. I will have you with me whenever I come here.

- I wonder who else comes here?

- I've not ever met anyone here.

- No one?

- Not a soul.

Lisa lies down beside Mona. Stares up at he trees. Lets her hand reach out for Mona's hand and holds it. Rubs the fingers gently.

- I wonder what those trees have witnessed?

Mona laughs.

- Lots. But they'll not say.

Lisa turns on her side to face Mona, still holding the hand. The profile holds her attention. The small breast rising slowly up and down. The dress hem drawn up slightly to reveal a touch of thigh.

Mona turns to face Lisa.

- What are you looking at?

Lisa smiles. Lifts her eyes to settle on those of Mona.

- You. Inch by inch of you.

- And so? What do you think?

- Lovely. Inch of inch. Each part a gift.

Mona smiles. She looks at Lisa's lips as the words flow. The way her head is tilted so. The eyes. The chin. The flowered dress. The hips. The white socks. The shoes black. Shiny. Coal bright. After rain. The thigh just showing as she lies still. The knees. The smile of her. The hair brushed, so, so. Could spend eternity just staring. Taking in. memorising. Breathing in the scent of her.

- How well do you know, the Collins boy?

Lisa stiffens. Lips tighten. Stares at Mona.

- Why?

- Rumours I've heard.

Lisa sits up and stares at the pond.

- He's a creep. Tried things on with me a few months back.

-You never said.

- Not something you blurt around.

Mona sits up and stares at Lisa.

- Does your da know?

- No. he'd kill him.

- What did he do?

Lisa turns and looks at Mona steadily.

- I met him for a laugh. He tried to put his hand somewhere.

Mona bites her lip. Frowns.

- What did you do?

- I struggled with the idjit until he left off.

Lisa sighs. Pulls her legs up under her chin.

- Mother of God. I never knew. Never guessed.

- No one does. Apart from the idjit and me. Unless he's been prattling off as the idjit might have done. But nothing happened, He wishes no doubt. But he didn't. I'd have done him first where it hurts.

Mona nods. Looks at Lisa's hands embracing here knees.

- Sorry. Didn't mean to pry. Just thought I'd ask.

- Forget him and that. This is our time. Let's not spoilt it with useless prattle of him and his filthy wants.

Mona nods. Silence. They look around the pond. Motionless water. Brown, dull, except where weak sunlight makes patterns here and there.

Lisa turns slowly; leaning close, kisses Mona's cheek.

- I'd rather spend one moment with you than an eternity with anyone else.

Mona gazes at Lisa. She reaches out; grabs Lisa's hand; draws her close again.

- This moment is the happiest of my life. Juts being here. Being close. Near. Two living beings wanting to be almost one.

- Time passes. Let's make each moment count.

Mona nods her head; holds Lisa close against her breast. The closeness. Oh, my sweet, I can sense your life pulsing though you as we hold each other. Until death us do. Part. Cheek to cheek. Whispering breath. Words superfluous. Close and closer. Their lips touch. Their arms hold. The warmth holds; spills; flows from each to each. To have and to hold. Richer or poorer. In sickness and health as long as. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.


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