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Little Ghost Girl

Short story By: zadudet1
Flash fiction

Cassandra was just a little girl when her daddy drowned her in the lake. As a ghost no one could see her, except me. I could see her... Although sometimes I wish I couldn't. For dramalova123's contest.

Submitted:May 25, 2011    Reads: 74    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

The first time I saw her, I was at the lake with my mother and father. She ran up to me laughing. I noticed it a had a strange ring about it like she was laughing under water. Her voice had that same distorted quality as she said, "My name is Cassandra. Who are you?"

"My name is Wyatt. I'm at the beach with my parents. They wanted to fish, but I hate it so I'm just playing." I noticed she had had long silvery hair and her skin was a pale shade of white. She wore a plain white gown. It too was white. "Why are you wearing a dress?" I asked pointing to my swim trucks as I said, "You're supposed to wear a swimsuit to the beach."

She seemed distracted and when she spoke it had nothing to do with what she was wearing. "Wanna go swimming with me?" she said, gazing out over the calm lake. I nodded my head and she grabbed my hand. Then, we both ran to the water.

She started to swim away so I followed her, but soon we were farther from the side than I wanted to be. I yelled out to her, "I don't think we should go any farther out Cassandra."

She smiled and laughed, saying "Just a little farther, okay?" By way of agreement, I swam out to her. She had stopped in the water and her face was very sad.

Suddenly she smiled and said, "Let's have a contest! Whoever touches the bottom first wins!" She was laughing and it still had that eerie distorted sound. I agreed hesitantly and then we both dived.

The water wasn't nearly as deep as I had initially thought it was. Soon my leg hit something that (at first) I thought was the bottom. I knew it must be to soon, so I hesitantly opened my eyes. Had I not been underwater, I might have vomited.

The object my leg had hit was a small girl's arm. It was the same small girl that I was swimming with. The only difference was color. This girl had light blonde hair and her skin had color, but her dress was white. I swam back up as fast as I could.

The girl, who I now knew was a ghost, was already there. "You're dead?" I asked, in utter shock. She just nodded her head. The next question came out of my mouth before thought about it. "You drowned."

This time her head shook as she said, "No."

"Then what? How did this happened?" I wish she had never answered that question. Better yet, I wish I had asked it. She pantomimed be pushed under the water again and again until she didn't come back up in time.

"My daddy drowned my while we were fishing. When I floated up dead, he tied the tackle box to my foot so I would sink." Her voice was so forlorn.

I swam back to the shore and told my parents about the body and they called the police. When the police showed up they got the body and my parents and I went home. Unbeknownst to them, Cassandra sat in the seat next to mine.

Her dad went to jail, but even then she did not want to leave earth. It took four weeks after her father's sentencing for me to convince her she needed to go.

From that first day on, I have always seen ghosts. Some are very easy to send over to the other side. All it take is convincing them they are dead or avenging them in some way. There are a few I was unable to send over. There are a few that asked too much of me. Generally though, I can do what I feel I was intended to do.

God puts people like me on this earth to help to poor souls who get lost between death and the afterlife. I am not alone, though when I was young I felt that way. There are those who don't believe in ghosts and that is their choice to make, but if it happens that they get lost I will be there. I will be there to guide them home.


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