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forbidden secrets

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Country: United States
Favorite book: Lol, that's cute you expect me to choose one.
Member Since: Jan 11, 2011

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The Problem With YA Romances

Article by forbidden secrets
Posted: Jun 30, 2013
Just my personal opinion about young adult romance...


The Dream Keeper

Novel by forbidden secrets
Posted: Jan 4, 2013
The lake holds the unfathomable secrets of the town. Yet...

Writing Portfolio

The Problem With YA Romances

Article by forbidden secrets
Posted: Jun 30, 2013
Just my personal opinion about young adult romance...

How to Survive in a Horror Movie 101

Article by forbidden secrets
Posted: Mar 14, 2013
I don’t know about you, but when I watch horror movies...

The Dream Keeper

Novel by forbidden secrets
Posted: Jan 4, 2013
The lake holds the unfathomable secrets of the town. Yet...

Wings of a Mechanical Butterfly

Short Story by forbidden secrets
Posted: Dec 28, 2012
Androids are proved to be insignificant to humans for the...

My Angel of the Sea

Novel by forbidden secrets
Posted: Sep 29, 2011
Disaster had finally struck Noelle, but not in the way...

Teetering on the edge

Poem by forbidden secrets
Posted: Jul 24, 2011
Just a poem I wrote. Enjoy. © Copyright 2011 All Rights...

Rag dolls are best left dead

Novel by forbidden secrets
Posted: May 30, 2011
You never know what lurks in the dark or what could be...

Tears all round-A Romeo and Juliet song

Script by forbidden secrets
Posted: Feb 9, 2011
This is a song I made for lit Freshman year. Its based on...

A Not so Cinderella Story

Novel by forbidden secrets
Posted: Jan 30, 2011
Everyone loves a happy ending right? Yeah that’s what I...

Dark fantasy topic challenge

by forbidden secrets
Posted: Jan 16, 2011
Challenge. :D

A Tainted Kiss

Novel by forbidden secrets
Posted: Jan 11, 2011
The biggest sin she could make was kissing someone. Her...

"I'm a closet writer, leave me to my closet."


To whoever it may concern

Currently in college but I don't write much anymore. So if I do post on here it's going to be very little. :( Sorry guys.

If you do happen to comment on my work I would be immensely happy if you could give me feedback rather just saying this is good, or whatever. Please...that's all I ask for. I want to be able to grow as a writer and the only way for me to do that is to learn from my mistakes. If you want to grow as a writer as well I would be happy to give my suggestions on any of your pieces. Although I may not have the greatest grammar if you seriously want me to suggest grammar mistakes to you I will promise I will try my best. But if I can't suggest any feedback I will comment on the story line, characters, ect. So for all of you who actually want feedback on your writing maybe we can work together and help each other out? :) Also please know, if I see a lot of errors in your writing that could be typos, or actual mistakes I will speak up. I only give constructive criticism not destructive, so if you don't want to take my suggestions that is entirely up to you. To all of you who want to make each other's writing a little better, let's start something grand shall we?


I am currently

Online [ ] Offline [X]

Fighting writer's block [X]

Off in a magical world all my own thinking of story ideas, or well at least trying to... [X]

Busy reading your writing [ ]

Too busy with school to go on Booksie [X]


Don't always believe what this thing says, normally I am lazy and don't change.

All the writing on this page belongs to me forbidden secrets.


© COPYRIGHT forbidden secrets 2011-2013



Random facts about me

-My real name is Katie Wunsch

-I'm 18 years old

-My hair is an artifical red brown color

-I'm an inspring artist in the makings

-I have a brother that is 13 years older than me

-Tim Burtton and Esao Andrews are my favorite modern artists


Reading requests are semi open,

What does this mean? It means I will take up to 10 reading requests from people and the rest will be put on my I will read you later shelf.


What I will read.


-Dark Fantasy :)

-Sci Fi


-And Poems


I must mention if you write DARK FANTASY DO NOT hesitate to leave me a reading request. :)


I WILL NOT READ PURE Romance, Erotica,stories with profound language every other word

If Romance is a sub genre in your story and the main genre is one that I like, I will take a look at it.


Beware though if you choose to ignore the things I won't read and your story falls under that category, I will

ignore your reading request, and delete it.

So please respect my wishes.

Looking for constructive criticism?

Do you struggle with finding an honest critic here on Booksie to give you constructive criticism on any of your pieces? Wishing to get a little more feedback from your fellow Booksians instead of just "KMU" without any reasoning behide it? Do you want to grow as a writer?If you answered yes to any of those questions then I suggest checking out Archia's Review Chain project. Have tried this project works wonders on trying to get constructive criticism on your work so I suggest anyone who is reading my profile trys it! Also, it provides reads and comments, which I know everyone loves.

By the way, I'm not advertising for Archia because they asked me to. I think this is a lovely idea that may help writers improve their work(s), so why not spread the word around?

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