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The religious contradiction on homosexuality has got me confused and I want answers.

Submitted:Sep 25, 2011    Reads: 72    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

I try to get informed before I start saying what's right and what's wrong, but at the moment I'm finding it very hard.

Let me start by saying this: I fully support gay marriage and hope that it will become legal in the not too far distant future. I know that quite a few people find my opinion wrong. Now, not trying to stereotype here, but I'm going to guess that a majority of people oppossed to gay marriage are religous. Now where I'm from I don't learn much about other religions, so I don't know where they stand on this one, but Christians in a particular, are notorious for being anti-gay. Now I'm not saying all of you are. I try to avoid generalising.

Now, I probably need a Christian to spell this out for me, but does it not say in one of your holy books that it is wrong for people to be gay? Because that part I don't get. God, suppossedly created everything. EVERYTHING! Including homosexuality. Because homosexuality is part of everything, right? It is also said that God is all loving. Now here, we have a little bit of a contradiction. God created homosexuality, but made it a sin, yet still loves gays? It doesn't sound like he loved them so much if he was going to make their sexuality a sin, now, does it?

So, why are people so against it? They don't have to be gay or even like gays, but why can't these people get married? Is it somehow going to affect them? I don't really see how, and if it's your belief that homosexuality is wrong, fine, but it's these people choice, and it seems a bit like a tyranny when you say, no you can't be that. I've heard people say that it's because marriage is sacred and shouldn't be touched by sinful people. But I can tell you that so many people who got married had sex before hand and did some other sinful things. And what about divorce? Divorce happens to half of all those who get married! That's not sacred at all, so I'm pretty sure you can forget that argument.

I think that people who are trying to stop gay marriage are too afraid to see that the times, they are a-changing. Beliefs and lifestyles evolve, and if you don't believe, look back when it was acceptable for a thirty year old to marry a fourteen year old.

I'm not trying to attack anyone here or to abuse anyone's beliefs. These are mine and mine alone, and I ask you to respect them. I'm just looking for an explanation, because it's been nagging at me for ages. Because, after all, isn't it about love and not about gender?


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