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What happens when a demon fells in love?

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Chapter 1: A New World

Shadow walked the streets at night when there was nothing to do, a demon with no life walking the streets of the human world. Shadow sighed and thought this was stuipd he was a demon for god's sake and he walking the living world. He was sent here because he believed a demon could fall in love with someone just someone. Shadow was poor and lived a two bedroom apartment, he worked at a cafe and he was lost in the worlds darkest days. His live began to change when he meet Leo, a neko, a friend, and maybe more. Shadow meet Leo at the cafe when the bullies at the school were picking on him, Shadow hated people picking on others, he was so different from other demons, he didn't know why, but he loved it. Shadow walked over to the bullies and picked them up by their shirt collars and tolded them

"get out of this cafe right now before i hurt you"he said it so coldy that when he set the bullies down they went running. Shadow looked back at Leo and smiled.

Leo looked at him and then looked away. He wasn't use to being cared for. Everyone he knew called him a freak from being a neko. Shadow sighed softly "don't let them get to you, i know how you feel" he said then walked away going into the back of the cafe.

When it was time to close the cafe Shadow walked to the lockers the cafe gave it workers and he put up his outfit and walked out. He walked out of the back and someone came behide him and hugged him and said "goodnight little brother" it was a girl's voice but Shadow knew it was Asher his foster sister. Shadow pulled out of her grip "night Asher" he said and started to leave when he saw Leo was still there. He walked over to Leo and noticed he was sleeping, so Shadow picked Leo up and walked out of the cafe with him. Shadow took him back to his place since it was raining and all. Leo was set down on Shadow's sofa and he curled into a ball as Shadow went into the kitchen to start dinner. Leo shortly woke up and looked around "w-where am i" he said and Shadow walked out of the kitchen. Shadow looked at Leo "your at my place you fell asleep at the cafe, i cooked dinner if your hungry"he said softly. The ever sound of food made Leo's belly growl so he walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table and slowly began to eat the BBQ pork romen Shadow made for them. Shadow didn't eat because he couldn't, he drink anything bloody mostly, but still he will eat meat now and then but not all the time. Leo sighed and got up and clean the dishes but then left Shadow wrap his arms around Leo. Shadow looked at Leo " I see hurt and sorrow in your eyes, why"he asked. Leo sighed and somehow left safe with Shadow "i'm called freak because i'm a neko, a cat"he said softly. Shadow smiled "I love cats"he said softly in Leo's ear and his voice was almost inviting. Leo twiched hearing the change in Shadow's voice and he slightly blushed "thats cool"he said blushing badly now. Shadow almost laughed "i'm Shadow"he said licking Leo's ear, Shadow knew where this was going but he didn't mind if Leo didn't. Leo twiched but relaxed, he somehow wanted this, he wanted someone to hold him, to love him, and care for him "I'm Leo"he said turnning around looking at Shadow and noticed a redish color in Shadow's eyes "and i love demons"he said softly and kissed Shadow deeply on the lips. Shadow wrapped his arms around Leo's waist, closed his eyes, and kissed Leo back deeply. Leo wrapped his arms around Shadow's neck and closed his eyes as well.

The night with Leo was messy and naughty, Shadow couldn't count how many times he came inside of Leo, he probably over did it. Leo was still there and he sat up hearing Shadow get dress "m-morning"he said in a shiver. Shadow grinned, demons loved it cooled but nekos loved it warm, Shadow just had pants on and he walked over to Leo and wrapped another blanket on him "there you go my little sexy kitty"he said almost inviting again. Leo blushed and pulled Shadow down on top of him and kissed him deeply on the lips. Shadow gently pulled away from Leo "i got to get ready for work Leo i don't have time"he said softly. Leo nodded his head and let go of Shadow, Shadow moved away from him and then found a shirt and put it on "hey you can live here with me if you want"he said smiling. Leo liked the idea but he wounder if his maid would miss him, oh well "thats sounds cool, i'll make dinner while your gone"he said getting up and got dress.


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