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Gemma had never had a gay thought in her life. in fact that thought of kissing another girl made her stomach turn. She was happy with her life and her boyfriend. This is until scarlet comes along. for some reason Gemma wasnt able to stop feeling as if she wanted her. That she needed her. This could destroy her life or create the girl she is meant to be all along.

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Chapter one:


Its not like i hate them or anything, its just i couldnt understand it myself. I mean how could accept that someone of the same sex kissing you and touching you. Its not that i hate people that are gay. they are just like you and me. They are human and dont deserve the treatment that they get. It just i couldnt have another girl kissing me and touching me.

My best friend Viola looked desgusted as she saw two guys holding hands and cuddling on the couch in front of her, I loved this girl, but she was very small minded and didnt like thinsg that she couldnt undertsand. she had always been like that even when we were little.

"Look at that doesnt it seem desgusting and wrong?" She asked holding her coffee up to her lips, as if the couple in front of us could see that she was talking about them.

"I dont see anything wrong with it,' I said honestly.

The look she gave me was as if i had killed her cat. She flicked her hair over her shoulder.

"Well i dont like it i recon if your gay you should....i dont know be shut away or something like that," She said.

I couldnt believe what i was hearing from this women. She was my best friend yes, but right now she didnt sound like it at all.

"They are just like you and me, they just feels things that we cant begin to undertsand,' I said " We cant lock everyone that feels things or think things differently then us," I said

She laughed as she looked down at her phone.

"What is so funny?" I asked leaning back against my seat slightly annoyed at her comment.

In my head popped this little gay boy at school. I think his name was steven, or stan. Anyway when he come out he thought that people would accept it, but boy was he wrong. Instead people teased him every day and made him life a living hell. One day he had enough and snapped.

I didnt see it with my own eyes. But from what i heard the cleaner found him in the boys bathroom. aparently he hung himself there right after school.

While some others thought that it was good that he killed himself. That all gays should do that same. I thought that it was horrible that the only way that he saw out of the hell that he lived was to hang himself. It wasnt right at all.

"Oh my god they kissed....if they want to do that shit then they should keep it behind closed doors....I mean its making me sick just looking at them," Viola said with a horrified look on thier face. She said it so loudly that the two gay mean looked at us and walked away.

I hung my head and almost yelled at her for being so rude. Tell her that she does that same thing with a new guy every week, but i held it in. Thou that would have done no good. When Viola is being....well Viola nothing anyone said or did would stop her from being that.

Instead i got up and walked away from her.

I couldnt stand being around her with the mood she was in.

Walking to my car I saw the gay couple again. One of them were crying on the side of the road while the other was trying to comgort him. Apart or me wanted to walk away from them. To pretend that i didnt see them and go out my business like nothing at all was wrong.

i dont know why, but i walked over there.

"Hey is everything ok?" I asked

The boy that was crying looked up at me. He had a black eye and blood lip. It was wrong that someone would do this to someone that did nothing at all to them.

"Oh my god what happened," I asked sitting next to him

He explained that as they walked out of the cafe a man walked up to them. the man didnt know any of them, yet said that they were evil. That there was no salvation for thier souls and punched the boy in the face,

"Oh dear lord did you guys call the cops?" I asked

"The cops in this town dont care....they moment they hear we are gay they will think that we deserved it," The other man said with tears falling down his face. It broke my heart to see this.

Pulling out a tissue and a compact out of my bag i knelt down in front of the beaten up boy.

"Here i will clean you up and cover up that nasty black eye," I said wipping the blood off his lip and applying the make up on his eye> thoughts ran though my hand about how i act towrds gays as well. I may not know it, but i may be adding to the pain of the. I mean i dont make fun of them or anything.

But when i see someone teasing someone who is gay i dont step it. I should step in and stop it from happening, but i dont. I think i justifie it by thinking that i am not the one doing it.

"There we go," I said smiling. "Now no will know,"

The boy jumped up and hugged me so tight that i couldnt breath.

"Oh thank you so much," He said almost crying "If everyone was as kind as you we wouldnt be as scared to show our love as we are now thank you,"

"Dont mention it," I said before they walked off.

A feeling of satifation ran though me. Lost in my own mind i felt a pair of arms around me. Freaking out i turn around ready to hit who ever touched me without warning. Behind me was Kain's beautiful face, smiling i wrapped my arms around him.

"You scared the crap out of me," I said

"Well Viola told me that you would be here,' he said placing a kiss on lips. His lips were so soft and sweet i never wanted to stop kissing them.

"Oh by the way that was very nice of you," He said "You know helping out those faggots," He said.

"They arent faggots, They are homosexuals," I said bitting my touge.

I hated the word faggots. It made it sound like the love that they share is wrong.

"I am sorry Homos," He corrected himself "I wouldnt have helped them out, i guess that makes you kinder then i am,"

I had to stop myself before i had a go at him. I know that he meant to be a big footy player and that implied that he didnt like gays. But his words were so cold and crule. pushing it aside i kissed him again.

Despite that fact that he may be an asshole at times he treated me like a princess and i loved him. He was the first guy i ever loved and hopefully the only one i will ever love.


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