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The Dark Queen, Seerie ,wife of the most powerful demon of hell .has spent centuries trying to find the cleanest soul of young female.she doesn't know whom she was how she ended up married to her demon but its in her blood to satisfy him .but things change when Adonai,a daughter of a witch,gets enslaved by her husband .Seerie soon starts to feel jealousy .and what happens when Adonai ends up being the girl with the purest soul and a white angel.will Seerie realize that Adonai might be the only one who can help her break her endless, hell, cycle of a life? will it be soon enough to save Adonai from her demon husband .can their love even be allowed ?

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I sat in my throne as my new victim walked in .my room was dark the only light was produced one candle in the middle of my room.as she got closer I was in awe ,she showed no fear.i looked her right in the eyes.our eyes making contact but she didn't flinch .it almost scared me she seemed familiar .when I looked into her eyes it was as if she had uncovered some feelings that I had hid deep within my heart walls.but they soon faded away as fast I they came .

I rose from my throne and walked up to her .she looked no older than 20.her hair was light brown matching her hazel eyes . She was beautiful but I wondered if she could fulfill my husbands hunger .i didn't want to upset him once again .my wounds and broken ribcage were barely healing .

I ran my nails down her cheekbones she was skinny almost too fragile .i held her chin making her to face me ."don't fight him ,or he'll hurt you "I told her stern in my eyes .i could tell she had not really looked at me closely for it was obvious she was trying not to stare at my red irises .i finally let go of her chin and motioned her to follow me .it was time to go to my husbands lair .

Adonai :

I was pushed into a dark large room .In front sitting in a throne was whom I guessed was the lady of the house a.k.a The Dark Queen; wife of the almighty Demon Bael.when I was young my father used to tell us stories about Bael.How his wife would go looking for young girls, with a clean soul,for her husband.Bael would use them to fufill his sexual needs that his wife ,no one knows why,could not fufill.for centuries his wife had been searching for the purest of all souls but none of the girls she had brought him were the one.And for the now enslaved girsl whom he would tire of they were realeased into the human world lost in the cycle of lust and hate .

The lady of the house glared at me but little did she know she could not see within my soul with her deep eyes.I wasn't scared and I could tell she sensed so .my mother being a witch of dark magic ,had exposed me to see the dark side of the world .When the Dark Queen's soldiers invaded our home my mother without second thought sold me in return for her life .I wasn't surprised at all. After all it was her whom had killed father .

The Dark Queen stood and walked towards me .she was tall her black long hair held by a dark crown of black thorns.Black horns produced out of her head making her look evil yet r beautiful in her own dark way .She was a dark angel it was obvious .as she walked towards I noticed her outfit .

She wore a black short dress tight around her chest with crossing laces going down her chest .Her breasts almost held tight within but still showing more cleavage than I ever thought possible.as she got closer I could see her aura onther ,power passed down my mother

.Her aura was gray with black showing hurt and hate .when she was less than a step away from my face she ran her long nails down my cheek.examing every inch of my body then she grabbed my chin she had soft cold hands and spoke words to me I didn't really understand I was lost in her eyes .they were red her eyes iris more blood like color .

All my life I had been told that creatures from hell all had dark black eyes yet her eyes were red .finally her black lips stopped moving and she uttered for me to follow .


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