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Unstoppable Love

Gay and lesbian

he loves me, he loves me not, but that's not what Sam is worried about he knows Ben loves him and he loves Ben but what happens when a boy named dale and his gang of super rich kids get in the way of their love?

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Hey Sam wait up! i turn to see Dale racing to me. Hey Dale whats up i ask?

I wanted to know if i could walk with you today he asked.

I took a step back and ended up falling backwards, Dale rushed and grabed me by the waist.

Thanks i say stunned. He finaly lets go when we hear a honk of a horn.

Ben in the driver seat glared at Dale, sorry Dale i said Ben always drives me home.

I walked fast knowing Ben was pissed i steped into the car and shut the door when i heard a click of the from the door lock.

Ben he only saved me from cracking my head on the side walk i said calmly.

The car jerked to the right and finaly with a skid the car stopped with a jerk.

Ben looked at me, you know how i feel about Dale touching you right he asked?

i nodded yes Ben i didn't mean for him to i just before i could say another word

Ben reached over and pulled me to him his kisses were much nicer than this,

but it's power was unyeilding, a shiver went down my body with hot wisps from his lips

not even that but kissing him made me feel like an addict wanting his drug.

you love me dont' you he asked? I gave him my stern look and stared into his eye's,

always i said, and forever and ever he finished for me. we barely entered the house

before he was ripping off my shirt he had me against the wall, not here i said.

He couldn't take a no even if i begged, even so it didn'nt hurt to ask.

He pinned me to the bed as his hand touched every inch of my body,

that sent shivers and flutters in my stomach he kissed my neck and inched all the way down my body,

before i was even ready, Ben penetrated me fast and deep all in one go.

The air had rushed out of my lungs ,"ah w..wait Ben". before i could say any more

he did it again and again my voice becoming part of the rythm we made,

he twisted my body where he hit the spot " B..Ben i said in between gasps n..not their i said"

, he hit it again. Sam i know all your sweet spots don't i Ben asked? He hit it again when i gasped

"Ben no more i whimpered anywhere but their i said", Ben didn't quit he hit the spot every time

making me feel so amazing that it was painful. This went on through the whole night till he finaly stopped

and curled around me hugging my waist. I woke up before Ben i wanted to get up and clean myself when

pain shot through my body i sat their waiting for it to subside when i finally stumbled to me feet,

i gripped the wall as a support as i made my way to the bathroom, the sheets started to rustle when i say Ben awake.

Sam! Don't walk just yet! He shoved himself out of bed and grabbed me he picked me up as if i was nothing

and was about to haul me back to bed when i said i just wanted to take a bath i whispered.

He stopped and turned to the bathroom he turned the shower on ( big shower by the way) and quickly entered with me.

He placed me gently down and had me hold onto him, my body looked like a kid compared to his,

he was taller and faster not including stronger than me.

I started to wash myself when i noticed Ben staring at me, whats wrong Ben i asked, you wanna wash me too i said laughing.

But he actually did he washed my back

when i felt something tap me. Ben don't tell me your hard right now i asked? I am he mumbled back, i turned looking at him.

I can't have sex with you right now Ben but i can help you with that as i pointed down. I kneeled down and touched it nimbly

as i licked the head and down it's body i felt Ben shiver when i sucked down on it , damn Ben said in a gasp you feel amazing

i sucked down harder to find he could even continu his sentence when warm ooze squirted into my mouth.

Ben wrapped me in a towel and i peeled on some under wear when Ben gently lifted me back down on the bed,

what did Dale want with you i asked Sam? You won't get mad will you i asked Ben?

Depends he said seriously. He asked if i wanted to walk home with him i said. Sam you'll stay away from him

won't you he asked. I looked up at him if it makes you happy then yes i'll stay away from him.

- Monday went by fast until i had to help clean the sports room, my friend Jessica got suckerd into it while i was forced.

I"ll go get the rest Jessica said to me. I watched her leave as i stood their organizing things when i noticed someone behind me,

the person grabed my hands with one hand and pinned it above my head, it was Dale.

Let go of me Dale! i yelled. He let his hand reach and touch my neck when he pointed to a spot on it, whats that Dale asked me?

A hickey now let go of me Dale i screamed. He didn't but instead forcefully kissed me while prying my mouth open, Dale let me go

i screamed? I thrashed and called for somone, when his hand moved down my body where he touched me. I felt sick, stop!

Don't touch me i screamed! Ben i screamed!! JESSICA i screamed even louder! when he finaly sucked deep into my skin which left a new hicky on my body.

I heard somone running when Jessica appeared she started to scream at Dale and start to hit him with a broom when he finaly let go of me.

she rushed to me and started to panic, you ok Sam she asked did he hurt you. she looked down and gasped he assaulted you didn't he. i started to sob and she

hugged me on the floor, i'm so sorry sam i rushed here as fast as i could.


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