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Hold my hand and read this softly...

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Jack and Sam were supposed to go out to see a movie tonight, but Jack's mom is very sick so the two go to visit her at the hospital: "mom?" jack asked as he stepped into room "127". "Baby, you came." She replied so happy to see her son. Sam was really nervous at that momment because he felt like her life will end...now...any minute. Jack stepped close to his mother and she put both her hands onto his cheeks. *kiss*. Sam was beathing heavy gulpes. He looked at the doctors who were whispering in the corner. He tried to hear what they were saying while Jack and his mother were havving a moment. Sam felt sweat run down his back. He knew how much Jack and his mother loved each other. Sam walked to Jack and his mother and sat beside them on the striped couch. jack said "i love you mom.". She smiled from ear to ear as Jack placed his arm on her lap. The doctors rushed to the two and said "We are gettiung unusual results. Jack and Sam sorry guys you need to leave." Jack blew his mother a kiss and Sam waved to her. They stepped out the room. "I knew it" said Sam. "Knew what?" Jack asked. Sam relized that he had to tell Jack what he was thinking and what the doctors where about to say. "jack..." "yes?" "I...." he let out a sigh "They are going to-" Dr. Frank stepped out of the room with a golden ring in his hand. "Ya?" Jack asked. "And why do you have my mothers ring?!". "She wanted me to give this to you...before she passed away..." he said after letting out a really heavy sigh. "She wha- Wait...No....This cant be happening!!!" Jack yelled. He grabbed the ring out of the doctors hand. "What nonsence are you saing?!" his hand flew across the doctors face. Jack satrted to to relize what was going on. He dropped down onto his knees and began to cry. Sam said "ITs ok. Shes in a better place now..". The rest of the doctors walked out with large masks covering thier faces. "Jack and Sam, you may have your own time in their..." said Dr. Deinstein. Sam looked at Jack and held his hand tight like Mother would've done. Jack leaned his head on Sam's shoulder and began to sob even harder and louder. Sam layed his arms around him like a snake wrapping around a tree. "It will be okay." Sam whispered into his ear. "I dont want to go in their" jack said. "I dont want to see her dead. He struggled to get out of Sam's arms and stood up towards the door. "Wait!" yelled Sam. Jack ran faster than he ever did and rushed out of the hallway. "THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!" he yelled. He was outside the hospital. "Mom im comming for you!" He yalled. He ran to the street and layed on the floor. He saw a big blue truck coming toward him. "KILL ME!" he yelled. "THIS IS FOR YOU MOM!"and those were his last words. 127 people were watching...including Sam....


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