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Heavily bullied Joey is your ordinary 15-year-old boy. He loves Pokemon, food, and hanging with his friends in Chicago. He lives with foster parents Mr. and Mrs. Kagen and older brother Leo. But Joey isn’t what he seems. Born Hannah, Joey is a Female to Male transgender. But that’s not his only secret. Follow him on his journey as he finds his place, his love, and who he is in our crazy, messed up little world.

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Chapter 1

I watched as the many kids of Addams public school stampeded out the glass doors of the building. Children of ages ranging from 5 to 14 laughing, shouting, shoving and screaming on their way home. Where they can eat sandwiches and watch TV all day. Where they can tell their mothers how perfectly great school was. They can simply go home, skip around, and be happy. I'm not so lucky.

I look back up at the boy pushing me against the wall and cringe. Felix. He's much bigger than me, a head taller and much stronger. Well, that makes sense. Considering my mom screwed up and gave birth to a girl. To me.

Felix's "sidekicks", Max and Kevin, sneer from over their master's shoulders. Like a pack of wolves. That's what I call them. Felix is the Alpha, Max and Kevin are the Betas, and well, I'm the Omega. They certainly treat me like it. And I definitely live up to the title.

"What, exactly do you call this?" Felix shouts at me, holding up his homework. The essay that he made me do. In bright red pen there was a B circled in the corner. I shiver. Felix's parents are really hard on grades. If they take it out on him, he takes it out on me. He reaches over his shoulder and hands the essay to Kevin. "Read."


Your essay was wonderful and well-written. You seem to know your topic very well. Even so, I see that you missed your ending paragraph and your thesis was not very well supported. Please try harder in the future."

"You call THAT an essay?" he shouts, shoving me harder into the wall. I'm certain he's going to dislocate my shoulders. "What do you think this is? 5th GRADE?" he screams again.

"N-no I-I'm sorry" I knew that wasn't right, and regretted saying it instantly.

"You're sorry? You're SORRY? Oh, you'll BE sorry!" Max snorted with laughter. Not wolves. Pigs, maybe. As this was going through my head, the pack had thrown me into the janitors closet and locked the door. I sighed. I almost spent more time in here than my own room.

In who knows how long, the janitor, Mr Martinez, came and unlocked the door, finding me curled up in the corner for warmth. He sighed. "You again?" I nodded. It's always me. Every single day. "When?" "After school" He pulled me into a hug. I gladly rested my head on his shoulder. This man is probably nicer than my own parents. And almost as loving as Leo.

After he brought me my backpack, which he found in the 1st grade garbage, he sent me home. I thanked him, and walked out the doors just like all the other kids. As if nothing had happened.


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