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Im Hers...Chapter Two

Book By: Miss Problematic
Gay and lesbian

Chapter Two of my book, 'Im Hers...' might not suck so much this time but hey. Stay Kawaii :*

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CHAPTER TWO- Ice-Cream Tastes Better When We Share

Saturday, no school, no work. A smile played on my lips as i woke up gently. Not. I groaned as i fell off the bed, scraping my arm on the bedside cabinet. I could smell burning.

"Mum, are you making pancakes again!?" i called out, racing down the stairs, tripping on the last step.

"Bonnie darling, i just wanted to make a nice breakfast for you before i go to work!" she was flapping about the kitchen, trying to put out the now burning pancake batter. I sighed and took the pan from her, tipping the contents into the bin.

"You know mum, i can cook on my own. Youre going to be late, now go!" i kissed her cheek and pushed her out of the door, grabbing her breifcase and putting it in her arms.

"Okay sweetie, remember your dad and i wont be back until about 10:30, we're going to dinner after work. I love you!" she sped off in her car, and i shook my head as i closed the front door. Looking at myself i decided to go to the store for ice-cream.

*Le time skip, brought to you by that smexy skull scarf of Bonnies*

At the store, i practically dove for the Cherry Chocolate Wonder, taking the largest carton they had. On the way to the till, i swung through the drinks isle and grabbed a two litre bottle of Cherry Ade. I was then all set and ran to the counter to pay.

"Hey there Bon Bon" a familiar voice soothed. I turned around and came face to face, well face to chest, with Jennifer. My face burned hot and i smiled awkwardly at her.

"Hey Jennifer...What are you doing here?" i mentally slapped myself. What a stupid question to ask! Her face was a mix of amusement and...lust? she cracked me a wink.

"You know, just stalking you" she saw my face and burst into laughter. "Im kidding Bonnie, i was getting ice-cream" she looked really...hot in her leather coat and faded blue jeans. I held up my bag sheepishly.

"I just bought some, i'll share if you dont mind Cherry Chocolate Wonder...?" I really liked this girl, even though we had only met last night. She seemed to smile a little brighter at my words.

"Sure, lets go then" again she grabbed my hand, causing me to blush deeply, as she led the way to my house.

*Another time skip, just cause i can*

We sat in the living room, arguing over what to watch on Netflix.

"Come on Bon Bon, lets watch some Saw!"

"No! I dont like horrors, lets watch Adventure Time!" i grabbed the remote and hid it down my top. Jennifer grinned evilly.

"If thats how you want to play things..." she tossed the carton of ice-cream aside and tackled me to the ground.

"Come on Jen, get off! Thats not fair, youre stronger than me!" I screeched as she began tickling me, sliding her hand up my top and grabbing the remote. Her hand lingered on my chest for just a second longer than necessary and it sent chills up my spine.

"I win" she smirked, leaning in until our faces almost touched. My eyes were stuck staring into hers. My mouth slightly parted in shock. I tried to breathe again, as i seemed to have forgotten how.

"Youre mine now, got it?" her voice was husky and dangerously sexy. I could only manage a nod, and she smirked again.

"Good" she mumbled, closing the gap between us and connecting our lips...


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