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Oscar is my best friend, he always has and always will be. but I remember when, one night, there was dangerous risk

Lisa cares for Oscar more than anybody else, as if he were her own brother. one night on trip to Scotland she discovered something about her best friend that sent her mind into a swirl of confusion and dark emotions, but can their friendship pull though?

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The wind blew though my hair and howled in my ears, as we all stood crowded round the coach in the school bus park, chatting, laughing, texting and the rest of it. I smiled as I looked down at my suitcase and travel bag, I had anticipated this trip for over a month. We were going to Scotland, and were staying in the crescent moon hotel for a week, I couldn't believe my luck. "Shame about the weather." Said Oscar cheerfully. He was my best friend, and a weirdo, just like me. "Yeah." I smiled at him. After what seemed an eternity, we boarded the coach and made our way up through the countryside.

"Kit Kat?" offered Oscar, holding out half of the chocolate. We were passing through Dundee now, and I could feel my heart skipping in my chest, we were almost there. "Thanks." I smiled and took the chocolate, biting into the sweet biscuit centre. Nothing could have dampened my spirits. Except maybe the weather. The windows had steamed up with fog and rain, and you couldn't see anything at all. "Oscar…" I said slowly. "I was thinking I might ask Sebastian to the dance, Thursday after next." "That's nice." Oscar said distractedly, not really paying attention.

He was looking over the top of his seat. "What are you looking at?" I asked, sitting up and looking over my own. The first thing I noticed was Lawrence Nicole, a few seats behind us. Girls, from nearly every year group it seemed, were crowding round him simpering, gushing, crying even, and poor Lawrence was trying to ignore, reject and comfort about 10 to 20 girls at once. He really was so very popular, though he's never had a girlfriend, once. I remember thinking it was really strange at the time; he could have had any girl he wanted.

"Oscar?" I said turning to look at my friend. He twitched nervously, and smiled at me "nothing!" and sat down again in a hurry. Odd. I sat down again and pondered Oscar's behaviour for a while before putting it out of my mind. We arrived at the Locke and hotel at 3, and we all poured of the bus eager to catch a glimpse of the great lake. It was breathtakingly beautiful, even in the turbulent rain. The black waves thrashed and swirled against the rocks, and the wind howled louder still.

"Isn't it awesome Oscar?" I said excitedly. No answer. I looked around, but couldn't see him. I could have sworn he was behind me a second ago. "Oscar?" I called over the wind, and began pushing my way through the crowds of students collecting luggage. "Oscar!" I saw him, standing behind the crowd, talking to somebody. I pushed my way towards them, and as I got closer I recognised the boy with sandy hair and glasses, Lawrence. They were laughing, and smiling at each other, then Lawrence reached out and touched Oscars arm. "Oscar!" I shouted, and they stopped laughing and turned to look at me, blushing, liked they just been caught raiding the cookie tin.

"See you later then." Said Lawrence, and he left. "Hey Lisa." Oscar smiled at me. I looked at him suspiciously "I didn't know you were friends with Lawrence?" "Oh we go way back" he said lightly and sort of drifted off with a strange, dreamy look on his face. I starred after him, blatantly confused. I was certain now that he had been looking at Lawrence earlier on the coach. Later that evening, I had forgotten all about the earlier events of Oscar's peculiar relationship with Lawrence, I mucked around with Sarah and Hannah and Liza in my room, discussing the latest syrup nail technique, and the boys in 'Oh Yeah' magazine.

Later again that night, I was wide awake. My friends had fallen asleep, and I sat on my bed starring at the window. The storm had only gotten worse, rain lashed at the window pane and the thunder rumbled in the sky. The first couple of lightning bolts made me jump, and the moaning wind filled my ears, the sound of evil spirits trying to get inside my head. I clasped my hands to my ears and whimpered when the fourth lightning bolt that day cracked across the sky. I couldn't stand it anymore. I jumped up, and ran through the door to the corridor, locking it behind me, panting.

I tried to catch my breath, and felt a shiver run down my spine. I would start crying in a minute, I thought. I needed Oscar right now. Oscar always comforted me when the dead spirits came for me on stormy nights; he always had a way of saying thing that I could understand. I remember thinking, secretly; he was like a mom to me. I knew where his dorm was; I tiptoed down the corridor, and quietly pushed open the door. He wasn't in his bed, the covers were thrown back, and I felt a twist in my stomach. Where was he? He the spirits gotten him? I felt my breath beginning to quicken again, and forced myself to stay calm. I shut the door again, and stood there, thinking.

After a couple of minutes, I went back to my room, and put on my coat, and grabbed the emergency flashlight. I didn't have a choice, I had to save Oscar. I would face the spirits. I walked out though the fire exit across the landing, and the freezing cold night air whipped my face and dashed my lungs almost instantly, within seconds I was drenched to the bone. I wandered across the cold wet stony path way above the cliff face, shivering, my heart beating furiously at every crash of the waves on the rocks below, at every moan of the north wind.

I could barely see where I was going, the wind blew the surf into my eyes and I stumbled along my dangerous road half blind. But then, I saw them. Two figures, standing next to each other in the torrential rain. I peered into the gloom, and just then yet another bolt of lightning light up the sky, and I shrieked, not because of the howling lonely wind, or salt water in my eyes, nor even the crash of thunder and the silver lightning's flash. I could see Lawrence, and Oscar, but……..they were kissing.

The thunders roar seemed to fade out of earshot, and the waves were suddenly silent. My vision was suddenly clear again, but all I could see was Oscar and Lawrence, in each other's arms. They stopped quite suddenly, and Oscar turned to look at me his face pale "Oscar!" I shouted over the storm "Oscar! I…" I found I was losing my power of speech. My brain was failing to register what it just witnessed, and I was trying to concentrate on Oscars face, now washed of colour. Lawrence was looking at me too, confused. He didn't know me.

"L, Lisa!" Oscar called out. "What...What are you..." don't ask me why I did it. I don't know, honestly I don't understand why or how, I turned and ran as fast and hard as I could. I found myself not wanting to believe it, but shame and confusion at my thoughts and so many other weird, horrible emotions flooded my brain all at once. I was really crying now. I felt so selfish. I felt so betrayed. All of a sudden, there was a weird sense of lightness, and a sicken swirl of colour on the space of a few seconds as I found myself falling, falling…

I opened my eyes. I could feel myself dangling in the air, and I took in my surroundings slowly. My heart leapt into my mouth and I felt a terrifying surge of adrenalin as I realised, I was hanging over the edge of the tall rocky cliff face, miles below me I could see jagged rocks and swirling black water. I was finding everything impossible to take in, my brain was so very, very slow. I looked up, and saw


He was holding my arm tightly in his strong grasp, his face spattered with rain and tear drops, terror filled his eyes. Slowly, he pulled me up. 'He saved my life' a little voice in my head whispered, and I stood trembling, and starred at the boy. He starred back at me just the same. There was a long silence. "I thought…I thought you were going to die." He whispered. I could sense the tremor in his voice. He was defiantly crying now. "I should…should…I wanted to…really I just…told…I didn't know…how" he sputtered. I suddenly gripped the situation. Oscar was crying. Oscar was crying. I reached forward and wrapped my arms around his shoulders suddenly, as if I were afraid he was going to be washed away.

"Wha…What?" I heard him mumble, and I gripped him harder still, whilst the wind howled in my ear and the rain soaked my skin. "Whatever." I whispered in his ear. "I don't care." After a moment or two, he hugged me back. The freezing cold water seemed warmer and the wind gentler, as my mind stopped spinning long enough for me to see an answer: I hadn't lost my friend, and my friend wasn't going to lose me. Ever.


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