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The Monster That Is Me

Book By: teddi tee
Gay and lesbian

Vialle, runner by nature, best of the game by talent and a lustful drive to be top dog. Alicia, Vialle's protege, yearning to prove she can be top dog as well.

Vialle takes her in, shows her the ropes. Alicia slowly cracks Vialle's Iron Mask.

This is the enchanting tale of how they meet, the sudden, brutal turn of events, and Vialle's fear of love.

Follow the beautiful story of two women, who find each other when the moment is perfect, and when they need the other the most. Or is this all too good to be true...?

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The bones of my left hand crack, two fingers breaking. A sharp intake of breath, followed by the sound of feet on pavement asI keep running at full pace. Vaulting over a fence, I twist, flipping to land perfectly balanced, keeping the momentum as I run forward. "Don't. Stop." I whisper, pushing myself forward. Night vision goggles, enhanced with a display of a map in the upper right hand corner allow me to redirect my path as I head back to base. Hitting the out skirts of town, I flex my hand, noting I can still move it as adrenaline pumps through my body.

Watch, 2:223 AM. Fifteen minutes. I pulse on, bursting out into the forest, alternatng between sprinting and jogging to listen for anyone following me through the tree line. I see the old oak, turn right and run full pace, throw my body slightly backwards, allowing myself to fall into a slide and I hit the metal grate of a storm water drain with my right arm. I roll and stand, hitting the button on the floor to slide the grate back. I listen for anyone on my tail. Satisfied with silence, I jog down the drain, turning right about two hundred yards in, then a sharp right again. Slowly padding down the flight of stairs, I walk half way down a passage before jumping the rail, and landing softly on the banks of an underground reservoir.

Thud! I jump back, tuck and roll after taking a fist to the jaw. "What the fuck are you playing at!! You could of been killed Vialle!!" Alec shouts, and I move forward, anger blinding me as I hit him twice directly between the eyes. "Get in here." Artianna's voice in my ear makes me quiver. I turn and walk straight to the left, pulling up the door and dissappearing down the hatch. I land firmly on my feet, and see Alicia being carried past me on a strecher. I quickl chase her down the hall, "Hey Doc! What's going on? DOC!?" I grab the man by the arm, spinning him to face me. "Alicia's been shot, get Nick to check your hand and arm, I'll be there when I can."

I stand there, watching him dissappear as pain sets in on my hand. "ARTIANNA!" I nearly scream as panic sets into my voice. I run down the corridor, making the five minute walk to the control room a one minute sprint. I hit the door, finding Nick in there talking to Artianna. She grabs my arm and leads me to my room, Nick follows after heaving the first aid bag onto his back. Fear sets in and I shut down, the pain becoming a numbed feeling in my arm and hand. She takes off my top, leaving me sitting there in pants and my bra. Nick peels my torn gloves off my hands, and gives me a low dose of morphine as he sets my fingers, taping them up after sutting a splint on them. Then he gives me some gauze to hold on my arm as he gives me a tetnus shot, then nods, leaving to help Doc.

"Vialle, listen, Alicia picked up the spare job we had. It was to the chief of police. Before I knew she had taken it, she was gone.I tried to-" I punch the wall, metal rings in my ears as pain shoots through my arm. My head pounds as I start to stand, the room spins and I sit down. Artianna stays with me for five minutes, rubbing my shoulder as harsh sobs wrack my body. Doc comes in, and starts to stitch my arm up, I gritmyteeth for about two minutes, then the pain get's so intense, I pass out.

I wake with a start, and a surge of panic passes through me as I sit up. 'Alicia.' The thought passes through my mind as I start to panic, I get up and jog the halls down to the infirmary. Doc points to the third room, and I nod and go in. Alicia is sitting up and smiling at me. I sigh and my knees go weak. I crawl up and gently grab her hand, I kiss it and look at her, she smiles. 'Alicia I have to say this, and I dont know how or when. I dont remember why, i cant.. G-d, please dont hate me... I love you." She softly smiles and strokes my hand with her finger tips, "S'okay Vialle. I love you too." I let my breath out as I hear Doc walking towards me. "Vialle, you've been in and out of conscious states for about two days now.. Don't worry, Alicia shouldheal fine. But she has to stay in bed for a bit." I shake my head, "Not here then. My room, I'll look after her, and you can bring all this medical shit with you." He nods.

After everything is moved, I send everyone out. Alicia looks up at me and smiles, "Can I ask you somehting Hunny.. Could you please wash me... You know what I am like with my body... I only trust you.:" I swallow and bitemy lip, "Yeah 'Licia. Of course.: She smiles at me nervously and I slowly help her get undressed. I trace my hands slowly along her body, She shudders under my touch and I wash her as quickly and gently as I can. I run my finers along the scar on her belly, and she gently smiles at me. I dress her again, in fresh clothes and she smiles, out of breath. I let her rest and she pats the bed. I climb in beside her and she snuggles up into my arms, falling asleep. Artianna gently knocks then walks in. I smile and slowly peel myself away from her.

I smile at Artianna and we chat quietly as Alicia sleeps. Artianna hands me a shirt and I stand up, peeling off the one I am wearing. I hear Alicia gasp and i look over my shoulder at her. her eyes are wide and I stop and look at Artianna, frowning. She stands up and sits by Alicia. "Before I found Vialle, brought her here. She was dating a woman who had broken her spirit. The scars you see across her back aare some of what remains. Most of these are from power cords, extension cords and the like. She has others, but you'll see themin time.. Vialle is still pretty closed about all of this." I smile and look away as I silently cry, and Artianna holds Alicia's hand. I breathe slowly and pull the shirt on. "I'm sorry 'Licia. I won't let you see them again."

Alicia shakes her head, and I kiss her cheek. I leave, standing outside the door, out of sight. "Artianna, why is she so closed? Can't she see I love her? Can't she see I want to know?." Artianna strokes her haird, and I hear her kiss Alicia's cheek. " Vialle doesn't know how to be loved, Alicia. You'll have to teach her that it's okay." Alicia sighs and I start to slowly walk away. I know she wants to love me, but it scares me, to think of love. Because thelast love I experienced, toreme down and away from everyone. I'm not sure I can let her love me, let her show me. I shake my head and wander the corridors for five minutes, when I am done I head past the kitchen, plating up some cold meats, and two bowls of soup. I butter bread and plate taht along with garlic bread, before putting it all on a tray and going back to Alicia.

She frowns at me, and tells me to wear my headset when I'm not with her, "Vi', you scare me when you aren't around, at least wear it so I know where to get you." She looks upset, and I put the tray down, kissing her gently, "Okay Babe... Would you like to eat..?" I ask timidly, and she nods, smiling softly as I pass her a bowl of soup. We eat in a lovely silence, and afterwards she plays with my short hair, running her fingers over the patterns she can feel on my head. "Is your head tattooed Vi?" I nod and look up at her as I slowly eat a meat sandwhich."Would you like to see?" She smiles and nods, so I get up and head into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, I exit, witha freshly shaved head, and no shirt on.

She gasps as she sees the patterns, intrigue filling her eyes as she sits up, beckoning for me to sit infront of her. Slightly uneay, I sit with my back to her,, and she starts tracingthe scars on my back. "Why did you stay if she hurt you Vialle, why stay if she was breaking you with every second?" I shudder at her touch and shrug. She leans forwad, kissing up my spine, "I wish I could make love to you. I'd be gentle Vi, I'd show you how love is.." I gasp softly and shudder agin, and she leads her fingertips to my head, exploring the patterns there. "These were done when I was eighteen, just before she.....Took me. My uncle did this, But left behind my right ear. Told me to see him again when I had foundmy soul mate." I turn and look at Alicia, and she smiles, kissing me softly.


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