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Hush Little Baby Don't Say A Word (Chapter One)

Book By: TheShySkellington
Gay and lesbian

"Hush little baby don't say a word." he sung softly with his beautiful voice covered by the struggle to speak. I whimpered as he smiled weakly and whiped away my tears "Shh, don't cry." he said and hummed the song to me, "B-but y-your h-hurt!"

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Hi, I'm Oliver, I'm shy, a little random (okay A LOT) and I'm only 90 pounds. I love my boyfriend Jake, he's so sweet to me!

I love everyone and everything, I don't care what you have done I think you should have a chance to come back and be kind and caring even if you've bin a killer, rapist, racist, or anything I'm sure with the right person you can be better then anything and nicer then anyone! <3

(Picture above is 'Oliver') -Picture is not of this Oliver and maybe not even a Oliver, picture was found on WeHeartIt-


Chapter: One

I yawned, waking up from a deep sleep, Jake asleep next to me, I giggled and smiled at his sexi face, I staid quiet as I got up not wanting to wake him, I walked down the creaky stairs at my newly built home, I got to the end of the stairs and unlocked the door, I opened the door and walked down the hall and through the living room into the kitchen. "Morning Oliver~!" My mother said in a singing voice. I giggled and sung with her, "Good morning mother~!"

I walked over to the cabinets at the end of the kitchen and opened the top left one. Looking through the clutter of breakfast things. "Hmmm. Hey mom?" I called for her, "Yes?" she asked. "Can I make some pancakes for you, Jake and I?" I asked. She nodded and smiled, helping me get everything like the pan to cook them on, the mixing bowl, spoon, and things to make the batter.

I put in the eggs, milk, flour, and such. I mixed it together and cooked about 9 pancakes. I know I may not even eat 1 but hey more the better! I giggled to my-self as I seen Jake sleepily walk down the stairs. "Hey baby." He smiled at me. I giggled and felt my face heat up. "Morning!" I giggled and hugged him tightly knocking us both to the ground.

Jake laughed and rubbed my back. "You okay?" He asked, "Mhmm, are you?" I replied. "I'm perfect cause I have you." he chuckled. I felt my face heat up to a burn. I knew I was blushing a dark scarlet red. Jake smirked, "Blushing~ That's a sexy look on you.~" he purred in my ear, I giggled and gently pushed him away.

He chuckled and got up holding me on his hip, I hugged him around his neck and laid my head on his shoulder. "Cute!" he chuckled and made me laugh. "Your so cute!!!! I can't stand it! Do you know that your Boo Tee Full?" Jake asked, "No~ but you told me.~" I said and licked his neck playfully. He chuckled and got chills.

"I made pancakes!" I yelled in his ear. He laughed and held his ear "Ow, and yay!" Jake chuckled and smiled. I giggled and kissed his ear, "You okay?" I asked and whimpered. "I am it's okay." Jake said and kissed my cheek, I giggles and kissed him, a peck on the lips isn't anything for us. We need to be close. He pulled away after kissing back for a bit.

"We both need to eat baby." Jake said and kissed my cheek. I giggled, "Kayy! Food!" I said as he sat me down, I ran over and put the pancakes on everyone's plate. Jake sat down then my mom then I did. We all ate our pancakes and drank milk. Well, I had chocolate milk.

I ate about less then a half pancake and stopped "I'm fulllllll!!!!" I said, Jake frowned as did my mom. "Sowwy but my tummy will hurt." I said. Jake chuckled "Nap timeee!" He said and ran back up stairs after putting away his plate, glass and fork. I put away my things and followed him, he laid down on bed and I jumped on top of him "BOO!!" I giggled and kissed him.

He kissed back and pulled me close. we soon pulled away and fell back asleep.

A/N: What do you guy's think of Oliver and Jake? Check back every day for links to the second chapter! It will be up soon!

Chapter, Two: Awwwe it's not here yet :'(


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