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Nothing but friends

Book By: tigerlilly17
Gay and lesbian

Two friends who got together, I havent finished yet. I know it needs so editing done. It needs a lot done. Please tell me your thoughts.

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Nothing but friends

The day started and I already feel like this is the longest day ever. I stay up crying wishing. Wishing that all this could just go away. Last night my parents got in a fight. My dad throws my mom around. My mom always blames her self the way dad is. I wish she would just let go of that man. He useless. Oh well. Im getting ready for school. I hope today is better then yesterdays. Yesterday I got a few book throw at me and some gum. This is my senior year. I just want this year better then the rest. My last year in high school. I thought I should atleast get that right? No. I don't. On my way walking to the bus stop I notice I had missed the bus again.. So I call my only friend Katie to pick me up. As she coming to pick me up I had to look though my wallet to make sure I have some gas money. I got the money as soon she got there. Thank you Katie for picking me up. Katie says so what happen last night. As im saying to myself. Ah I don't want to talk about it. But Katie my best friend so I told her everything that happen. The look on her face was so sad. I hate seeing her upset. Katie said well you could live with me. Really? I could? But what about your parents? Oh I think I can talk them into it. They love you Brianna. Well I will only if they are okay with it. Because I don't think my parent s care. We arrive to school. I got out. Went to the back seat to get myself. Then I turn around. Katie was so close to me. I wanted to kiss her. I'm too scared to. Because I don't want nothing happen to our friendship. I've always wanted to tell Katie how I feel but I'm not sure how she would feel. We walk to the breakfast line. Nothing seem good. So I just got a banana. We seat at the same table since freshman year. All the kids sit in the same spot. I got to my seat. Talk to all my friends. Then I notice Allison was upset. I should probably ask why. Hey Allison you okay? She had a black eye. I hope her dad didn't do it. Yeah I'm fine. With a slow voice. Okay well if you need anything I'm here to listen okay? Okay ill call you later Brianna. Alright Allison. Lets walk together to class. We got up. I had to make sure I have something to write with. I always seem to forget a pen. On our way to class Allison was talking her cell phone. Probably talking to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is pretty nice guy. Atleast she has someone to care for her. She needs that. We got to our class. We always sit in the back all the way to the end of the row. Katie always seat next to me. We make sure every year we have art class and we sit together. The teacher was talking about some art show coming up and we need to make something. We can work in groups. So Allison and Katie asked me if we all wanted to make a big rainbow with a unicorn. I said that's silly but sure why not. I'll buy the paint and keke what do you want to get. Well I was thinking about getting the card bored. Alright. What about you Katie? Hmm what about some cotton? Color cotton? Sound good to me. Alright. We will all go to wal mart together to get. Allison said then we'll lets make a sleep over for two nights I'm sure we can get this done. Alright. The bell rang. We all went to our classes.

Ch. 2

The last bell rang. We all race to Katie car. She had a purple van. Allison got there first. So that means she gets fronts seat. Alright I guess that means I'm in the back again. Laughing out loud. I'm thinking in the back. This is our senior year. Maybe I should share my feelings soon. But how? I'll think about that later I guess. I should just forget it I guess. We arrive at wal mart. As I'm getting out, Allison hands me a note. Telle me to read it later. I wonder whats it about? Has we walk into the store, theres a lady selling candy for kid to go to camp. I brought a few. I went to go get some stuff for the art show. We all went all over the store. We finally split up to do it all. I went where they cant find me so I can read the note.

  • Allison- hey whats up?
  • Katie nothing really just thinking
  • Allison about what?
  • Katie I shouldn't probably say.
  • Allison alright well I'm here for ya.
  • Katie it just.. Brianna almost kiss me.
  • Allison what do you think about it?
  • Katie I kinda wanted to. I'm not sure. I don't know what if I like girls.
  • Allison well maybe you should think about it for a few. Maybe you should talk to her about it.
  • Katie alright I will.

Meanwhile we went to katie's house to do the art show project. I cant seem to stop thinking about that note Allison have me. I wonder when Katie will talk to me about it? I'm going to wait till she brings it up. Its probably the right thing to do. As were working on it were talking about how silly this project going to be. Its turning out really well. I hope we win this year. We came in second place last year. This year we should get it. I just notice we are about to run out of glue. Hey Katie want to go to the store to get some more? Yeah I guess we need to huh? Well I'm going to stay here and get some things done while you guys are gone said Allison. Alright cool Brianna and I will only be a few. As were getting ready to leave Allison pulls me away and told me to talk to her about it. Alright I said. We were walking to the car and Katie had this odd look on her face. I don't want her to talk about it if she not ready. As were in the car she pulls over, and says we need to talk. I said alright I been thinking about us and everthing. Ive had a crush on you for the longest time now. I don't know what to because I never think about other girls besides you. I don't know if its just I'm curious about being with a girl. I don't want to hurt you because I care so much about you. What do you thin about it Brianna? Well I've have like you for awhile. I just haven't say anything. Because I want you to be share about it all. I want you to be okay with it. Can we date? Said Katie. Well what about your boyfriend? Im going to leave him only because I don't feel right about him or with him. I just feel weird and not right she said. Okay we can date. I'll take you out Saturday night alright? Okay. Alright well lets go to wal mart to get the glue.


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