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All Men are Created Equal... Except you.

Essay By: JennaMarieMount
Gay and lesbian

This is an essay on the topic of gay marriage and why every state should be making it legal.

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All Men are Created Equal... Except you.

Even though there are a lot of issues with justice going on in this indescribable world today, one that SERIOUSLY needs to be addressed is gay marriage. Lately in today's society, gay marriage is a conflict being looked at as "weird," or something unholy, you are either for it or against it, and I am going to prove my being for it is the most rational, as well as humanitarian way to accept the issue.

First of all, please take in to consideration I have absolutely nothing against any religion. You could be anything from Catholic or Jewish, to Atheist, and I have no prejudice against you. But, that does not mean I am O.K. with using the Bible, or some other sort of Religious belief/innuendo, to try and argue against the topic of gay marriage or homosexuality. One thing that has been said is the phrase, "Jesus said so." For one thing, he has not uttered the words, "same-sex," "homosexual," or, "gay." If you can show me anywhere in the Bible it has those words in it, I can officially say pigs are flying. Or, something else people have brought up is Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were created to simply populate the Earth. At that time, we were very under populated, so a man and woman were put together for reproductive purposes. Well as of right now, our population is 6.79 billion and counting. I think we've reproduced enough. Even then, think about how many of the kids born go up for adoption. That alone takes up over 15% of our population. Just because they are a same-sex couple, doesn't mean they can't have children. Helping with that adoption percentage, or having a surrogate mother, or sperm donor can really help us, and that's what same sex couples can do. The list goes on. Not only that, but the Bible just so happens to have a man and a woman, one man many wives, many concubines, a rapist, a victim, a soldier, and a female prisoner. Is everything spoken really so, "holy?" Like I said, I do not care at all what religion you are, and my intentions are not to insult it. I just think it is inappropriate to shove false studies down my throat to try proving a point. Claiming that someone else's marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a doughnut because you're on a diet.

Aside from the perspective of God and the Bible, there can be a lot of problematic arguments politically. Just like the phrase, "Jesus said so," I have heard "Old Testament said so." There are things unlike gay marriage the Old Testament really banned: Eating shellfish, wearing clothes woven with different fabrics, and eating pork. So when people go home and enjoy some BBQ food, and dress in clothes woven with more than one fabric, they can pretty much say they broke the Old Testament. But Jenna, the New Testament forbids it too. Sure. The New Testament not once refers to same-sex relationships. The original New Testament refers to male prostitution, molestation, and promiscuity. I'm sorry but were the words gay, homosexual, or same-sex heard in anything just said about the New Testament?

And finally, I have noticed that men have the tendency to think two women together are, "hot," but then go and decide to bash the men. Straight men, if I asked you about homosexual male pornography, what would you say? I bet right now you are shaking your head no, calling them a bunch of ridiculously rude names, and being overly dramatic about how, "gross," it is. Now, I just told you there would be two homosexual females participating in the same type of film. Some of you would be all over that. So one type of homosexual is hot, while the other is gross and obscene? If you think you can only accept one gender's homosexuality, and not the other, you are wrong. Not just men, but women too. Ladies, the same thing applies. Yes I am a woman, but that doesn't mean I think it's cool for us to pick just one gender either. Don't go around saying men together are so cute, and women together is nasty and you don't get why they are dating. We're straight. Of course we don't get it. Just because we don't get it, does not mean it's wrong. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you are going to accept it, accept both genders, not just one or the other. Plus, what about that whole, "created equal" thing? Last time I checked, they even changed that all men are created equal, to fit women too. So, you see a regular middle class man, and he's equal. You see your average middle class working woman, she's equal too. You find out they are gay and suddenly, sometimes they aren't treated so equal. It's almost like some parts of this country and businesses have started a new type of slavery. Think about it. In the past, if you were a certain race, you were a slave. People looked down on you. They made you work until you were practically dead, and if you weren't they killed you. Well nowadays it isn't so intense physically, but sometimes when a boss/co-worker in a certain business environment finds out someone is homosexual, that certain person ends up doing all of the company's dirty work, or just getting fired. Plus, they get treated poorly. So even though it is not necessarily slavery like it was considered to be, it is pretty much a new version of the act. Now, isn't marriage for two people to be together freely under oath? What makes you think homosexuals aren't real people? It's irrational for only certain states to say same-sex couple marriage is legal. The fact that people are going against all of the equality this country fought for just to please certain people is absurd. To all of the governors, and state reps making these decisions, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Our fifty states, even including the one I am in, that will not make same-sex marriage legal, is a shame to what we call, "America."

Obviously, you can tell how immensely adamant I am on the topic of gay marriage. Between the use of the Bible, politics, and failure of equality, this cannot go unaddressed any longer. I will do anything in my power to keep voicing this opinion anywhere and everywhere nation wide. There have been so many stupid things legalized; the government should open their mind before their mouths so they can make the first real smart decision.


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