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A Love Letter to My Baby Girl....

Miscellaneous By: Chiqui
Gay and lesbian

Tags: A, Love, Letter!

This is a letter to my Baby Girl, before leaving her side once more. How my heart breaks, how wrm the tears down my cheeks.

For you Girl. Always xxxmexx

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My dearest Baby Girl
Omg! it is really raining today, raining in my heart with thoughts as time get shorter and shorter Baby. How I wish I could stop the clock in time and make this forever.
I love you Girl and missing you here. Thank you for the lovely and most precious WOW! Weekend we spend together, it was so special to me Charen Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
You are the most beautiful part of my life and I never could think of anything better happening to me. You bring out the very best in me at all times Baby, and make my world go round, Wow!
I am hating the thought of leaving your side on Wednesday, but know it is only an empty shell that will be boarding that plane my heart and soul remains by your side as always, so you will never be far from me and me from you Girl!
Yeah! Life can be so darn cruel at times but I guess this is the way we grow with and in each other. In the short time we have discovered and learned even more of one another. Your love for me is like a guiding light that leads me on, gives me hope for new tomorrows and years to come Baby Girl. There is so much I have again stored in my soul of you, so precious and so beautiful, yes!
You light up my life in every way my Angel.
I hope you have a real good day and that it passes quickly that you can come home to me so that I once more can harbour you in my arms.
Always My Heart Will Go On for you and that is why I wanted to finish this letter to you in here so that when you feel lonely you can always go back to read it.
The butterfly counts not the months but moments and has time enough to spread her beautiful wings a kaleidoscope of soft colours and so do I have the moments of fondest memories of you…… just like the elusive butterfly so have our wings become one to always fly with each other into lands of dreams that only we share. I will always think of you as my BUTTERFLY LADY, Sensual, Sexy, Beautiful and Exquisite. So when I see a Butterfly I will always be reminded of you Baby Girl.
As I sit here in front of my computer, looking at your photo, you are probably working hard and I know you will be thinking of me to.
My thoughts go back to when we first met on the net, to be exact 12/07/2007. How shy we were, how afraid to speak, how much we wanted to. Then finally we did.
Thanks to Windows, megs, ram and bytes, yet not forgetting MSN, all our little emoticons which boggled your mind as you grabbed each one, I thank them always and forever, for bringing you closer into my life. How very soon the chemistry of cyber space grew between us and then into a love we both never knew or even imagined could exist.
I then think of all the adventures we've had and have shared. The fears I had within me not to mess up, hoping you will not be disappointed. Knowing in me this is a first for me, so completely innocent in what was about to happen.
Hopes in me that you will at least just maybe like me a little. Omg! How very frightened and shy I was, every inch of my body trembled inside yet I was so excited in what was about to happen, the experience…and then I kissed a Girl and you know what? I liked it!
And then I set eyes on you for the very first time, do you remember how I bent down to kiss you Hi!? I was mesmerized with the beauty of your blue eyes which looked deeply into my soul the very first moment you saw me.
Our Womans day 09/08/2007. "A memory that will last forever!" The fun we had there, shy yet exploring one another. I remember our beautiful and passionate love making, our squeezed tight bubble baths, our romantic candlelit bedroom, our joy of just being with each other, the laughter, our tears that we shared.
How I first kissed you under very frightened conditions in our flat, and you even brought all the music that we shared, to be shared together. Our first bar-b-que and bottle of JC le Roux all comes to mind.
My mind wanders to how we got to know each other through our minds, our hearts, our souls, our bodies and our words. Sensual, ecstatic, passionate, loving, satisfying are some words I use for our tale.
How we went over and over again to Nevaland. How we took each other to the stars and beyond. How we declared our love to one another. How you took me to paradise with your love. Oh! so many beautiful memories we have shared and to still share, and most wonderful of all those that we will still share.
Then I think of all the beautiful poems, gifts and cards you have sent and given me. The sms, the phone calls. All a part of our adventure, a never-ending journey. I have read and re-read our writings and still often do, somehow I seem to be seeking the answers in them. All so very precious to me and my most treasured one the Power Point letter you made for me, it left me quite breathless, it will always remain my favourite!.
How frightened I was for you of the situation you were dealing with at home. How in awe I am of your strength, your hard work, your ability to accept what comes your way.
And now I am back to the present. How I hate myself for what happened in our relationship caused by many factors from both sides, which I have tried to put behind me. I sincerely hope you were able to do the same.
I remember with such passion in me of the countless moments of your support when I was diagnosed with the most feared illness in woman breast cancer. How you gave me such courage to carry on, being there for me every moment of the pain I endured. How you encouraged me to complete my treatment regardless how I hated the chemo part, you were just always there Baby Girl and I today know that your suffering was far greater than that of mine because you loved me so. Thank you Angel, thank you. You always hugged me when I needed a hug and assured me everything is going to be okay.
As I have always said I seek no fortune or fame in life, having you is my richness. I cannot offer you diamonds or pearls but I give to you a heart filled with true love. I never needed a fancy house because you are home and that is where my heart lives and always will.
I am going to miss you so irrevocably when I go home. I am going to miss you wider than any emotion ever can be, I'll keep watching the shadows dancing on the ceiling as I miss you. I'll miss you so badly I am going to count every hour, minute, second, in the everlasting days. I will miss you so, I will be trying to find a meaning in everything since it has turned into this not being with you. But I also know that we will dream together and this is where we will always meet and be one.
I will miss you Baby Girl, I will miss you so much! My heart aches, breaks in a zillion pieces and even more.
With every second the clock ticks I will miss you oceans of waves breaking. Just like my heart beats each beat for you. In the wideness of the distance over land and sea, that you to will to be thinking of me I will miss you Baby Girl, I will miss you so much!

I love you so much, I want you, I need you, I need to be back in your life totally. I patiently wait for that day when I will hear the words come back to me forever and a day! Oh! To be in the harbour of your arms, to taste your kisses, to feel your body next to mine, to know that this is what you want in your life 'ME'. For me to look into eyes and tell you "I love you Charen"
My sweet, wonderful woman…………………… our new adventure will then begin.
I will be there by your side in spirit no matter which way the journey of our lives takes us!
Life has been very much a bumpy journey, there have been many twists and turns in our short relationship, but it has been totally worthwhile. It personifies rebirth and renewal….new hope for new tomorrows. We have experienced the abyss of darkness and the pinnacle of light.
Your Love and mine will get us through this waiting period. If our love making is now so intense and so phenomenal I cannot stop to think what it is going to be like in the real world, it is going to be amazing, so sensational an awesome adventure of 2 people who are so in love, who's hearts entertwine.
Until the 12th of never I'll be loving you Baby Girl. So as I wave you Adios on Wednesday I will have no shame if my tears flow down my cheeks once more as they are tears of sadness of leaving you behind, but also that of gladness knowing that I take you with me in my heart.
I Love you Baby Girl until the end of never! Take special care for me.


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