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raw material from a story i am writing, about how i overcame myself and coming out. Only a preview of my story but it needs to be told and maybe it can save people lives

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How does one truly know what they want?, how can we express ourselves?

Questions like this ponder was people all other the world try to be themselves

They never know if they will be hated or accepted. Truth is i know more anti-gay

people. I hide being a lesbian to all of them. I'm scared to push forward, scared

of happiness. It wasnt until i was 22 when i officially came out to my parents.

It was a hard tough process, but it eventually worked out.

I had been in a few realationships that i thought were going to last, but i was

wrong, everyone has a story. I want mine to be heard. If by a chance that someone

reads this and can understand the pain and hurt that goes along with being different,

please coment i have a story that should be told. Its not about finding love, although there is love to it,

but its about finding and definging yourself. facing the adversity of life. heres a preview!

My story

The perspective of this world in the eyes of some, are that a man and a woman must get married. It's what is considered normal. But what is normal? If everyone was the same we would have a boring life. We would always be looking at the same dull stuff. I don't believe anyone is normal; everyone has a different thing that makes them unique. I don't believe people have the right to call out someone's love. I may be wrong but who has the right to tell you who you can and cannot love. Love can show up as an unexpected gift, treasure the love you remember most. I know that you can't help who you fall for, you don't force yourself to love someone it happens when it happens. It's the one thing that can surprise you, usually it happens when you least expect it. Knowing that a feeling like that exists is certainly motivation for living and exploring the world we live in. This world may be a cruel world, with some people who don't understand. Who believes that a women has to marry a man, but who are they to judge, to force someone to become what they want. In my eyes, everyone deserves love, happiness and acceptance. Some days we experience it and other times we don't. You can't force who or what you like, or what you fall for. No one has the right to deny same sex marriage.

Often people are judged and bullied for being different. Whether they are gay, a geek, or wearing something people don't like. It's wrong to deny anyone their freedom, their freedom to love or be themselves. People need to stop and step into the other person's shoes and see how it feels. At times people who are bullied feel lonely and scared. Most are scared to never be accepted by others, that being who they are will ruin who they are to people. It shouldn't matter who you are, you should never change yourself for others. There are people out there who just want to see everyone happy. Who will stick up for the rights everyone deserves. I am proud to say that I am a Lesbian and I will never let that be taken away. You hear stories of gay marriages being banned or forbidden, and it breaks my heart. Not being able to do a traditional thing and marry the one who you love is not right. Everyone deserves at a chance of happiness. No one deserves to be denied love, or acceptance. Sometimes all you need is a little confidence to show who you are. Always be strong and always work hard.

Not everyone knows how hard it is to be different, to be able to be who you in front of everyone. Lots of people hide the truth in order to fit in and not be judged. No one should feel scared or hide who they are, or what they like. I personally held it in far too long. I repressed who I was; I tried to be someone everyone would like. Countless times I denied who I was; I forced myself to become somebody I wasn't. I remember days lying to everyone around me, and now I am not afraid to say I am a lesbian. I want everyone to have the courage to be themselves, and to always accept people for who they are. The most unexpected people are behind the ones you overlook. I hope that one day everyone can just be happy, and marry and love whoever they want. Watching people overcome adversity is always thrilling. We are always rooting for the underdogs. We want to see everyone happy and everyone win. Not everyone has it easy with such a hot topic, but it sure is easier to be accepted in this day and age. Jump back 50 years and same sex marriage was never spoken of, it was considered wrong. Growing up I was never opened to it, I never met a single homosexual. I want people to know that even though it's hard right now, there are people who care and will support you. I hope that this story helps straight people realize how scary it is to come out, and to affect the ones who need that extra shoulder to lean on while they establish who they are.

This isn't a love story; it's about key events in my life that helped me push through the stages in my life. They helped me; they pushed me to be stronger than I was. Some of these people I talk to and others we drifted apart. Sometimes you wish you never lost contact with some people. They made you a better person, and you miss them but people drift apart for different reasons. I understand how difficult it is to be different. I have only been out for about a year and have had some pretty hard times. Sometimes you need support from people, friends, or family. They come and they go, but the memories of what they have either showed me, made me feel, or just supported myself will always be there.

It all started when I was 12 years old, I was in love with the spice girls, the music group. It was baby spice, the only Barbie of my little sisters that i did not rip the head off. I found her very attractive, but like kids do they hide who they really are. They get scared at the fact they will get beat up. I was so young I also did not understand, and how would I I was never opened up to same sex. I didn't even know it existed all I knew was that baby spice was hot! I lived in the trailer park growing up, and there was a girl that lived beside me. I don't remember her name but I do remember her being my first kiss. I'm not sure how it happened but it did, not just once but a few times. I never knew what it mean, didn't think anything of it. I never told anyone about it, I thought it was just innocent and didn't mean anything. I should have known that even growing up I was more attracted to girls than guys, but like most teens they hide. We don't want to be pushed to the edge of no return. Being bullied for being different, its just not right. No one ever deserves to feel this way and I would like to personally give credit for the ones who have "come out" in high school. It took I 20 years of her life to finally be honest with herself.

its raw but i feel liek it could be help others




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