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Life Of Me - A written Diary

Miscellaneous By: HidingASecret
Gay and lesbian

lifes happenings

Submitted:Dec 20, 2008    Reads: 261    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Life of Me...


Ever been woken up in the middle of the night with a fist in your face? With your dads face fulfilled with rage, and just can't help him? How he could dare hit you when you're his own child? Going to school to say you fell?
I will never forget the first time my dad found out I was gay, his face was as red as some choking and his as gleaming as he punched and kicked away, how I hear my mom that promised to keep it a secret since I knew my dad was homophobic, she PROMISED to keep it a secret, shouting and crying and my blood comes out my mouth. my sister trying to haul my dad anyway, but doesn't succeed, and then stops, I can't move, I couldn't bare the agony, he reaches over to the door, pulls it walks out and I hear him trekking down the stairs, and into the fridge "fizz" I knew a beer. My mom comes rushing over to you, do cradle me in her arms, and I can feel her tears dripping on my blood covered head. I try to push her away, but all my strength is gone, she try's to comfort me and say everything's ok, don't cry, please Stephen don't cry. Those words shrieking over my body, I manage to say a mumble sentence before I pass out "Your not sorry, it's your fault." when I wake up I notice am in my bed all stitched up and bandaged, to embarrassed to take me to the hospital? I think they were, so they brought in a private one. Couldn't move, and my sister came in she has a black eye from where my dad shoved her, she was the only one to help, she was the only one that truly cared. And all can do is smile. she goes on to tell me my injured " twisted ankle" "smashed sarcophagus" "broken wrist" "concussion" "broken rib" …
She continues to talk, but I drift away into a deep sleep to dream about him, the reason why am not complaining about any of this, because he's going to be there in the end. I wake up and moms getting little sisters ready for school I get up and get my clothes on, and she looks at me astoundingly and enquires me to where I am going, I tell her school and she says not in that state, I lash out and say " if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be in this mess"! she walks away clearly upset by what she said, and my big sister comes wondering back into my room " what you going to tell people"
"I don't know yet" she nods and leaves. Now in form and everyone is looking at me and Chelsie just plainly asks me what happened I said I would tell her after. She knew all about the "Gay thing". Couldn't wait to get to English so I could see what all this pain was worth, I stumble in late, since I can hardly walk, and they all stare like eagles on pray. See his beautiful face and he looks shocked and sad and outraged to see me like this. I just talk through English since I don't have to work. Then I leave with him 10minutes early and he asks me what happened. And I told him the truth that that bastard beat me to a pulp. I saw his face widen he was about to cry. "Am sorry, this is my fault" I shake my head to disagree, he leans in and kisses me on the lips, and that's what the pain was worth.


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