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Lesbians don't have dicks

By: KatiaHope

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I dated this girl once, her name was Hayley. She was a nice girl, a bit of a loner, found it hard to make friends, but we all tried to be friends with her, she was always so lonely. I ended up really liking her, I didn't really realize how much though until Izy's party when we hooked up. It started as kind of a kiss, then it went on for a while. It was kind of sweet, I liked her but we were both a bit drunk so I didn't think she was being serious untill she put her tongue down my throat. You see, I'm not the kind of person someone like her would date, not that she's dated anyone else for me to be compared with. But all the same, it was a bit of a shock when she started making out with me. She was swearing the whole time, I think she was still coming to grips with the fact that she liked me, but then when the partying started to die down and people were crashing on the matresses, we kind of found our own and hid under the blankets. By that point she'd gotten over the shock, and her being her, I'm pretty sure she was in love with me by that point. I'd never gone that far with someone before, one girl I was with before her, Jen, we felt each other up a bit, for like a minute, but only because our friends told us too. Well, now I think about it, she was probably already sexually active, and wanted me. Now I'm kinda glad that when her Dad found out about us he made her break up with me, cause it probably would have led to sex. I totally wasn't ready for sex at that point. When I told my Mum and step Dad about her, my step dad had this talk with me, yeah, the sex talk. When he brought up sex though, I asked him, "But can't I just love her and not have sex with her?" I mean, come on, I was 13 or 14. I wasn't really thinking when Hayley stuck her tongue down her throat, I kind of just had this warm feeling in my face, then it started to creep down lower, and lower, and her hands soon folowed. The good thing about Hayley though was that I was the only one she'd ever been with, so she couldn't compare me to anyone else. So then when I stuffed up she didn't know, she just kept on moaning. Izy's Birthday is a week before mine, so I guess I was still techiquely 14 when we first did it, but the next time was at my 15th Birthday. As time went on the sex got more and more intense, and we got better at it, I owe a big thanks to her Mum going to bowles every afternoon. Whenever I got the chance, I went to Hayley's place after school. She'd turn on the tv and we'd be wathing, well, pretending to watch is more acurate. After a while one of us would get to aroused by the touching and would just stop pretending to watch and jump on top of the other person. I don't know why now we even pretended to watch in the first place, I should have just pushed her on the couch the minute we got there and fucked her sencless. I'm horny now even thinking about it, at this rate I'm gonna have to jerk off soon. Not to her though, never again will it be her I think about. I think we broke up and got back together about ten times over the two years we were together, one time we got back together over Facebook as she was about to get on a plane to come back home. I went over to her place the next day while her Mum was out. We ended up having to go bra shopping, we broke that one. It wasn't the same though, the sex, it wasn't like before. I soon figured out that I didn't love her, I'd never loved her, it was all about the sex. Our relationship started with sex and ended with sex, granted I didn't break up with her in the bed, I waited for a week, trying to find the right time. It never really came, she figured out something was wrong and asked me about it on Facebook. I told her how I felt. There were a lot of things I didn't realize untill after we broke up. There were a lot of things about her my friends didn't point out untill we broke up. Like the fact that every time we broke up, she would act all hurt and make me feel bad untill I got back together with her. Like the fact that wherever we were, she would always cling to me, like I belonged to her. At school, she'd cling to me. After school, she'd cling to me. At parties, she'd cling to me and want to fuck. At my house, she'd cling to me and as soon as we got into my room she'd want to fuck. At her house, she'd want to fuck till at her Mum got home. At our friends houses, she'd blatantly feel me up. No matter where we were, I was hers, and if I wasn't with her, she'd be texting or calling or Facebooking me, talking dirty to me and telling me I taste like cherries. I guess it was the being an only child thing, she didn't like to share. One time when we were in the middle of one of our break ups I dated this girl Abbie. Abbie was really nice, and Hayley was always nice to her, untill she found out she was dating me. From then untill we broke up her eyes were throwing daggers at her constantly, they didn't talk anymore and Abbie was so sweet she couldn't figure out why. It's kind of sad, in my school diary from 2010, if you look at the date 09th April, you'll find that it says 'best night of my life' then a week later, on the 16th April, it will say 'second best night of my life'. You know why? Cause those were the first two nights I got layed. Now, those two nights don't seem that great. We sucked at sex back then, neither of us had had any experience and neither of us had known anything about sex really, except, you know, the basic physics of a penis and a vagina. I hadn't even thought about how I would have sex, sex was the farthest thing from my important thoughts then. I'm 17 now, but she's the only one I've had sex with. Abbie had boundaries, and wouldn't take her lips farther down than my waist line. She undid my buttons, but only to tease me. I ended up having to go to the bathroom to finish the job myself I was so fucking horny. A few months ago, I was on a chat page with some random, telling her about this. She was like, "Aww, you poor thing, I'd totally fuck you, what shall I do to you first? Want me to suck your dick?" When I told her the answer though she left the conversation. Stupid slut, what did she think I was going to say? I don't want her to suck my dick, a bit imposible that task is. She should have known I'd want her to bite my nipples, after all, lesbians don't have dicks. 

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