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lesbian love stories: unfinished

Miscellaneous By: lesbianrebel94
Gay and lesbian

Kristen couldn't more confused, her best friend is in love with her the new guy is into her. What's a girl to do? Zena has always been there for her, maybe its time to take a leap....

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Chapter 2: The triangle of love and misery, Leo

+ Zena + Kristen

"Tall dark and handsome isn't that what every girl wants?" "Not me." "Well of course not Zena you're a stud." "You said every girl, so unless I'm suddenly a guy I break that rule." "I'd hope you weren't a dude, because I would hate it for all those lesbians throwing themselves at you." "I don't want them." Kristen stared into Zena's eyes. "Then what do you want?" "You already know the answer to that." Kristen yet again studied her best friend, medium height, medium length dark brown hair with natural blond highlights streaking through it, and hazel mixed with green eyes, dressed in a shirt with her favorite band disturbed's logo, jeans that fit her just right, plain black converse, and her favorite skateboarding company's hat on backwards, her usual scowl on her face with her arms and one foot propped up on a wall. Yes Kristen knew what she wanted, she just wasn't sure she was ready to put their friendship on the line for something more, she couldn't handle losing Zena. If something went wrong, but she didn't want to lose her chance or for Zena to get bored and start dating yet another she cared nothing about.

Zena was a player of sorts, all she wanted was Kristen but every now and then she would get bored waiting and date some poor girl that would maybe last a month, and in that month never get a kiss, barely hug or hold hands with her. Kristen never understood this, but then again she never quite understood a lot of the things Zena did these days, she was completely open and honest with Zena, no one knew her better. Maybe that's why as Zena said "no one could love you better" Kristen had dated plenty of both guys and girls having her share of heart break which none other Zena had helped her through. Zena never experienced heartbreak herself, which was because she was never open enough or dated anyone long enough for it to happen, if anyone happened to beat her to punch and broke up with her she would brush it off and go on to the next girl in line.

This was another problem for Kristen; she didn't want to be the one to give her that pain, when she herself had felt the bittersweet taste of its agony. She was sure she would slip up somehow and cause this calamity. Which she knew would shatter any trance of a relationship they had left after the dust settled. Sure Kristen had strong feelings for Zena, but she always had, just learned to deal with it. Until the day Zena confessed her attraction to her and begged her on bended knee to consider dating her. This shocked Kristen to the core, Zena had NEVER shown so much emotion for anything, and then the confusion began. How could she date her? How could she steal her? Was it fair? Could it even work out in the long run? She didn't know and she wasn't sure she wanted to find out. Zena was a rebel listened to no one, cared for no one, her parent disappearing off the face of the planet and thrusting her into foster care at age six had caused this.

Zena was tossed from house to house until she met her current foster mom Ms. Parks. No person had cared for Zena more expect for maybe Kristen and her parents. Kristen's parents adored Zena; she could do no wrong in their eyes. Then entered Leo: tall, dark, handsome, geeky, girls falling at his feet he was very girls dream, well besides the gay girls. Kristen noticed him immediately, as did every other girl in the 4,450 population of girls at Falcon high. Even more confused about her feelings towards Zena and now not knowing what to do about the new guy in town, Kristen was now at her breaking point. She knew she was hanging out with Zena later that day and that Zena read her like a book. She would be able to tell something was up and what which Kristen knew would hurt her deeply, she didn't want that at all but didn't know how to hide her emotions or tell Zena that they couldn't hangout because she knew that Zena knew her schedule and all her usual excuses so it was pointless to try to avoid her. She was in quite the situation and had no idea how to handle it, this type of thing just didn't happen to girls like Kristen or so she thought. On her way to Zena's house she ran into the new prince of destruction, Travis as promised was making some poor freshman's life hell for hitting on his fantasy woman, in other words the most people girl in school that everyone in school including the freshman boy he was terrorizing had more of a chance than him of getting. Travis was the class bad boy or at least that's what he tried to be, everyone knew he wasn't cut out for the bad boy role but Travis.

As Kristen was walking by Travis spotted her and stopped pestering the boy briefly to talk to her. " Hey Walker!" "Travis how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me by my last name?" "As many as you want Krissy it won't stop me" "yeah I know I've been telling you to stop calling me both for years and you haven't stop yet, I'm starting to think you piss me off for your amusement" "oops you caught me!!!" "Okay smartass" Travis laughed and tickled Kristen like he knew she hated. Travis was like a brother to Kristen, had been since 1st grade, she had always been able to come to him about the things she couldn't go to Zena about like her confusion about their relationship for instance. "Hey Travis?" "Yeah?" "I'm going to call you later okay?" "More Zena stuff?" "Yeah" "call me about 9" " talk to you then, and Travis?" "Hmm?" " Leave the poor kid alone okay?, he didn't know any better Alexia is everyone's golden girl" "Not Zena's" "Oh shut up" Travis laughed and went back to giving the kid crap anyways despite Kristen's suggestion. Kristen just shook her head and went about her way to her best friend's house. She found Zena staring blanking at some model on the TV, and shoved her to bring her back to the real world.

Zena smiled and shoved back playfully careful not to knock her off the couch. "So what's up?" "Nothing really just had a vey interesting talk with Travis" "Giving that kid Mitch hell again huh?" "That's his name?" "Yup" "How do you keep up with all these kid's names, I can barely remember the 200 in our senior class much less 7,956 more" "It's a gift I suppose" "You got that right" Zena laughed and turned off the TV. Kristen just sat back in the couch knowing that Zena was watching her every move waiting for her to say something else or do something more than just sit there. "Well I better get home" " But you just got here" " I promised Travis I'd call him at 9, its already 8:40" "oh okay" "see you later then?" "You always do" Kristen smiled and let herself out like always. Back at her house she called Travis at exactly 9. "Hey, so what's the deal how bad is this time?" "Bad, very bad" " well what happened?" "The new guy happened" " what do you mean?" " He showed up out of the blue and confused me all over again" "do tell" "I was going to date Zena I was going to do what she, I and what everyone else wanted, for me to be happy with her." "So what's stopping you?" "I couldn't honestly tell you" " Hmmm okay well you need to figure that out before you do anything." " I know" "well I have to go." "Alright talk to you later." "Okay"

The next day Kristen walked through the doors of Falcon high and spotted Leo leaning up against a wall being heckled by none other than Alexia. Of course Kristen thought to herself she would attack him, popular miss prissy just had to have the new guy, the one that every girl wanted but soon wouldn't be able to get if Alexia sunk her teeth into the poor boy. He had no idea that he was dancing with death herself, every guy who dated her either became her definition of the perfect boy changing his whole persona to match what she wanted, or was dumped in whatever amount of time it took her to realize he wasn't going to change and crushed him completely. She was the it girl, the typical cheerleader type with long blonde hair, blue eyes that showed her demeanor towards everyone ice cold, a heart like a solid piece of ice. She never seemed to care for anyone even her own brother, Carver, got the ice treatment in fact a lot of times he got it much worse than the underclassmen, his sister tormented daily. No one understood why poor passive Carver put up with his sister's constant nagging and torment.

It was like Alexia's main duty was to make Carver's life a living hell and second on the list was anyone in her sight who she didn't approve of in some way. And there he stood the root of her problems at this very moment in time, the gorgeous Leo being tormented by Alexia. Kristen just hurried past keeping her head down as she always did in the sight of the queen of the demons, trying not to be noticed by her and get her usual self-esteem bashing. The only time she didn't receive this was when Zena was around for some reason even Alexia refused to cross paths with her, but that didn't detour her from messing with her constantly when her best friend was nowhere in sight. Today was no different Alexia looked around for Zena upon not seeing her started smirking, as everyone knew that was the key sign showing that the insults were about it began, Kristen readied herself praying she wouldn't be too harsh around Leo, no such luck. "Ahhh look who is it hello Kristen" " hi Alexia" " how are things in dorkville?"

Kristen continued walking ignoring her after that comment and of course Alexia pursued, always itching for a fight. Leo's eyes found Kristen's sending shockwaves of an emotion she couldn't understand through her every pore. "Alexia leave her alone" Alexia stopped in surprise and looked back at Leo as though expecting him to laugh it off joking. When it didn't happen anger was written across her face and naturally she aimed it at Kristen. "Awwwe but its all in good fun, isn't it Kristen?" "It doesn't seem to me like she's having fun, leave her alone" "she's just a loser Leo no one to worry about or fawn over" Leo walked up to Kristen looked directly in her eyes and glanced back at Alexia "I see a lot to fawn over as you say" Alexia fumed with anger and stomped off glaring a hole in Kristen as she went. Leo glanced back at Kristen and smiled, knowing he had just rid himself of the demonic presence that was Alexia Craven.

Then he realized Kristen was still watching him waiting for him to say something else possibly tell her goodbye and leave like he could tell she expected, but he found this girl interesting unlike the girls form his homeland Ireland, most of those girls were stuck up and only wanted men/boys that either built extreme wealth for themselves or came from a wealthy family who would take care of him and his wife should he marry. Which caused Leo many problems, his family was extremely wealthy, money almost pouring out of their shoes when they walked. Here in this new land America there were still girls like those in Ireland seeking money and power before love, but then there were those like Kristen only searching for suitors who could make her happy. With or without much success or money this girl would stay with a man until she departed from this world he could tell by just looking into icy gray eyes.

Kristen didn't only act highly different from the girls he was use to but her appearance was very different as well, she had much untapped beauty it was only untapped because she had yet to realize it in herself. She was tall slender, with dark honey brown hair and icy gray eyes, that could cut right through you, her body reminded him of an hourglass but all in all it was beauty not to be surpassed by any other. He was glad he called Alexia of this girl, from what he heard she could very much take over the popular girl's position as top dog and do it with kindness and compassion. Why she did not do as such or realize that she could, was beyond him. He studied her feeling her unease but ignoring it, he had to get a feel for this girl and understand why when he first laid eyes on her emotions that he had never had therefore couldn't recognize shot through to his very soul. Just as he was about to reach and touch the memorizing creature and unfamiliar voice sounding angry and very jealous interrupted. "HEY, GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!!" Leo turned and spotted the owner of the voice he had seen her before she was in his chemistry class, the only thought that crossed his mind then though was how does she know Kristen? Zena was almost foaming at the mouth, she was so enraged she could have exploded right at that moment but she was so focused on beating this guy's brains in his didn't care. How dare he lay hands on Kristen, HER Kristen, she knew that Kristen was having doubts but she could feel that she would come to her in time that's way she wasn't pressuring her. Now this guy, the new guy no less was feeling her up? Oh no way in hell.

Zena shoved him back of Kristen her face red with anger and just as she was about to insult and degrade him, her words failed her. When she finally came to her senses up on being able to think of anyway to slander him, she just huffed looked at Kristen in disappointment and disbelief realizing that if she hadn't wanted the advance she would have already shoved him away herself. "I hope you too are happy together" she sighed and then stomped off to her car not looking behind her like she so badly wanted to, to see if Kristen was watching her leave in sadness or if she had redirected herself towards the new guy. Zena didn't even know his name and he was in her chemistry class, just goes to show how important he was in her book, Zena remembered Kristen's within the first ten minutes of meeting her. She could remember every detail of everything they had ever done together, but mostly she thought of her reaction when he had finally admitted her feelings for her, the shock, the confusion, and the love that shone through her eyes. It was then that Zena knew they would eventually be together and that she would never let her go, that she would fight and claw to keep her killing anyone who got in the way.

Now she knew she must have mistaken that shining in her eyes to be something more than what it had really been, it felt like someone had tore her heart out and set it on fire in front of her laughing at her burning pain, watching her die slowly. Never in her whole life had she ever felt like this not when her parents dumped her at a young age not when, any girl had ever broken up with her, she had never felt so much pain and all she wanted was for it to go away and stay away for good. She drove to the only place she knew she could relax and think without anyone bothering her or asking her to share her feelings, she drove to the first place her and Kristen had ever been alone, the place she chose to confess her feelings and the place she held her for the first time though she was crying there were electric sparks shooting up Zena's arms and torso with every touch and every look she received from the love of her life. When after pouring every tear she had out onto Zena's hoodie, Kristen smiled that amazingly sweet and innocent smile, she felt her heart melt. Zena drove to that clearing in the woods where the first laid together gazing up at the stars, where Kristen snuggled up against her get away from the cold, where Zena had her first urge to kiss her but fought it, trying not to force herself on her little angel.

All Zena could think about was all the times she could have kissed her or expressed her emotions toward her, so she wouldn't be cavorting with that Irish sleazebag. She didn't care if he was the sweetest most caring guy in the world, the thought of Kristen with anyone but her left a feeling of emptiness that could be quench but anything other than Kristen's gorgeous smiling face looking at her with that adorable blush she naturally produced on her face when she was nervous. Zena parked the car pulled her knees up to her chest and just cried trying to release and her pent up frustration and anger towards the situation she was now in. Kristen stood rooted to the spot as Leo grabbed her and leaned in to kiss her, she didn't know how to react, of course she had been kissed before but not when she was in such a state of confusion between two people. She had never had this problem she always had known what she wanted but ran from it. She wanted Zena. She was all she ever wanted but now this dark angel was swooping in to capture her lips. Just as his lips were about to touch hers and her confusion hit its peak, she heard her darling's voice filled with anger. Zena wrenched the boy/man off of her and began to fume as she yelled standing protectively in front of her.

Then the scene changed Zena's voice and pitch changed, before Kristen's mind could register what was going on Zena was gone and Leo was hovering over her again. "Wait stop" despite her protest Leo kept coming pushing against her hard trying to get her to open to him. " I said stop!!" He backed off shocked at Kristen's sudden outburst; Kristen took off running as soon as she was out of his arms reach. She ran as fast and as hard as she could trying to reach Zena before she took off in her car to who knows where, but she was too late by time she got to the normal spot where Zena parked her car all that was left were the skid marks from where taking off in anger. Kristen could do nothing but sit down in the spot where her love was just at moments before and cry. "Kristen…" she looked up to see Leo looking down at her worried, he sat down beside her careful not to touch her. " you must think I'm a freak, or a player" "no I think your in love with whoever that girl was, if you didn't want me to kiss you why didn't you just stop me?" "Because I wasn't sure if I wanted to stop you or not" " I'm sorry" "why are you sorry?" "I forced myself upon you Kristen if I had not you would not be in this situation at this given moment" "Leo it isn't your fault I could have stopped you… I also could have succumbed to my deepest desires a long time ago, which would have prevented this from happening in the first place" Leo sighed loudly he was trying to convince the girl to run after her beloved one, but so far she was either not getting the hint or she thought it would be hopeless to do so.

He glanced at the girl realizing that he wished he could have a shot at her but knowing it was impossible given her feelings for the other. He knew that even if he had been victorious and won/stole her heart from the short one, that Kristen would be constantly thinking of her therefore miserable no matter what he did. "Well would you like a ride?" "What?" "Would you like a ride to her house or wherever she is, because its obvious it will not leave your mind until it is fixed, come along" Kristen looked up at Leo's tall frame standing above her with his hand extended waiting to pull her to her feet. "Umm sure thank you" "anything for a maiden in distress" he laughed a laugh that sounds as though the gods bestowed it upon him to tempt someone such as her, she shook the thought from her head she needed Zena this boy/man/thing would get her nowhere.

The drive to the one place Kristen knew Zena would be was long and quiet, she wasn't sure if she wanted him to take her all the way there after all it had been her and Zena's getaway no one else's. Finally she made her mind up and had him stop at the gravel road, he looked confused at this but complied. Kristen began to smile again as soon as she breathed in the crisp air of this secret lovely place, as she drank in the air the memories returned to her and her smile widened. She could remember all the breath taking memories that surrounded this place her first meeting with Zena, the first time Zena held her how she could feel her feelings grown stronger and stronger as she felt Zena's arms go around her, the urge to kiss her one and only became almost unbearable but, she wanted Zena to make the first move to prove her feelings but she never did. Kristen felt that every time Zena got close to her she would get at least a peck but never…. So of course when Zena confessed her feelings Kristen was surprised. Kristen shook the thoughts from her head and started walking the gravel path, as she walked she let the memories wash over her again, the distinct smell that only Zena had, the smile that could light up the darkest cavern, hair that was always soft to the touch and eyes that made you want to melt on contact. She couldn't help but smile and giggle when thinking of such remarkable moments with her treasure of a woman.

Now if only she knew how to approach the matter of Leo to her. She knew that Zena was supremely upset by the skirmish that almost happened between herself and Leo. When she came upon the entrance to the clearing she could see her beloved's car in distance, but Zena was nowhere insight. After at a little more observation she found her leaning up against her car on the far side, which was out of her sight in the beginning. Zena was crouched over her head resting on her knees that were pulled to her chest her dark brown hair streaming down her sides, her eyes close an her fist clenched. Kristen being the far form graceful girl that she is stumbled on a semi large rock and tumbled forward. Just when she thought she was about to hit the ground she braced herself for impact, only to find that Zena had caught her just in time, saving her for what would have been her third bruise in a row in just that day alone. Zena was looking down at her with a look that could make any girl stop in her tracks and stare, her heart drumming and unable to breath.


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