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lesbian love stories: unfinished part 1/2

Miscellaneous By: lesbianrebel94
Gay and lesbian

Rikki is going through life bored. Her parents adore her, her grades are perfect, everything couldn't be going better. she sits in class waiting for something to make her life more liveable, then enters Emily outgoing full of surprises and watching Rikki's every move. One can only wonder how this epic love story will end

I'm debating on whether to write more

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Its Just A Phase: Lesbian love stories

Chapter 1: Rikki and Emily

Rikki was never much of a talker. She was always the last to state her opinion, and even though she never fell in and out right listened to her peers she wasn't a leader either. Her description is simple a tall lean blonde with a pixie body type and deep blue eyes. She was smart beyond her parents' wildest dreams, an only child who wished deeply for even an older sibling. She had friends of course who doesn't? Though they were just as quiet as she was most of the time they did enjoy very many debates and discussions, they didn't see much of each other during the day. Rikki's life was utterly boring her parents not only knew she was a lesbian but encouraged it. Until her whole world was turned upside down by a perky little 16-year-old named Emily. A grade lower than Rikki and captivating every guy or girl who ever looked at her super model like frame adorned with jet black hair and piercing green eyes. Personality radiated out of her with every word she spoke, her every move being drooled over and the adoring looks of the girls who wished to be her. Confidence was Emily's middle name and the words shy or quiet were not in her vocabulary. Rikki was entranced within seconds, she couldn't place it but she was sure she had seen Emily's face or someone similar before. It wasn't long before Emily noticed the quiet yet gorgeous being in the back of the class keeping to herself though it was obvious that everyone in classroom wanted her in some way respected her or at least knew of her. Her style was simple yet bold it spoke the unspoken for her but Emily found this extremely attractive and was determine to speak to the divine creature. The next day in class she approached her but the angels reaction is not what she expected she pulled back in calculated moments watching Emily with weary eyes as if she expected her to harm her in some way. Emily wiped of the sudden mistrust and sat in the chair next to Rikki and attempted to start a conversation hoping for better results. Yet again the pixie surprised her by actually responding to her and smiling with enough passion to melt a hearts from miles away. Emily felt her heart stop and then kick-start, trying to hide it she continued to talk almost at a loss for words just glancing at Rikki. When she finally ran out of things to say and went silent for a few seconds yet another smile spread across the angels face and she asked a question that sent Emily reeling though she knew it was wanted she hoped to gain from the conversation she still was shocked that it actually happen, that she actually asked her that question. Before she could over think I like everything else she suddenly squeaked a yes and nodded. This earned her yet another smile and a laugh, which she had trouble explaining without blushing. The bell rang and before leaving her seat Rikki looked over at this young gun lesbian who just somehow managed to get more than a few words out of her, Rikki had never once asked a soul out for anything much less the most gorgeous girl in the 11th grade and she got a YES!!!! Her head was still spinning after the 30 second pause between her asking boldly and Emily answering back, but she squeaked her response whatever could that mean? She reminded herself it could mean a number of things and the good out numbered the bad. She could have been nervous then again why on earth would she be nervous talking to her, she was a GODDESS and all Rikki was, was a averagely good looking senior, nothing special an yet this dark beauty wanted her? It was unbelievable and exciting at the same time the rest of the day passed in a blur, all she could think about is where to take the stunning girl, what to wear how to wear it how to talk to her. Rikki's first date ever and she was confident while talking to the girl she was never confident. Her teachers were lucky to get a full sentence out of her in the classroom but when her papers were turned in the details and descriptions jumped out at the reader. Rikki was the nerd everyone wanted to be how often does that happen? Never. As the last bell rang dismissing all students and teachers who were ready to leave well all but one, Emily was shaking from nerves, she didn't know how to react to Rikki, Ms.confident had lost her edge. This wasn't normal, she always knew what to say always knew what to do. How did this girl shatter all of that with one conversation, one glance? She spent hours trying to find the perfect combination of hair and out fit before she was satisfied. When the hour of a reckoning finally came she had calmed her nerves enough to walk out the door holding her head high. Rikki examined herself in the mirror for the tenth time in 30 minutes trying to stop the reason why Emily would want her. The girl with the averagely normal life, nothing exciting ever happening well up until know, Emily turned that whole routine upside down. She stared at herself looking at every detail she was dressed in what she considered dressing up when really it was one step above casual. She had a black button up with a red tie that she wore to her aunts wedding a pair of slim jeans that fit just right black converse and a hat with the only skateboard company she would ever use, Element. With one last glance she headed out the door still debating on why any girl much less Emily would want her. She entered the restaurant looking for the dark beauty when she didn't spot her; instinctively her first thought was that the green-eyed fairy and finally came to her senses and stood her up. That is until she spotted her……… hair flowing down her back tiny black strapless dress eyes more green than a forest in spring, and 6 inch high heels that undoubtedly made her legs look amazing but also Rikki couldn't helped but notice made her just slightly shorter than her. She scrambled to pull out Emily's chair for her and walked as gracefully as she could to the other side of the table hitting a chair with her foot as she went much to her dismay. Upon seeing Rikki enter the restaurant Emily's heart came almost to a complete stop, she yet again made everyone else in the room look like gray blobs without trying. Such a simple way of dressing but it showed her every curve the dark colors made her eyes and hair really stand out; she knew that she was not the only one hypnotized by the sunshine in a gorgeous bottle. She couldn't help but blush when she held her chair out for her and became extremely embarrassed when she accidentally kicked the opposite chair into Rikki's way causing her to stumble. She loved how she caught herself with grace and kept on moving like nothing happened such beauty… she opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out, which is when Rikki smiled and complimented her appearance causing her blush even more. They soon began to talk to each other with unbelievable ease, talking about everything from each other's appearance to their everyday lives and then to the type of music they enjoyed, it wasn't long before Rikki realized just how much in common they had which surprised her deeply. How could this girl, this deity have so many of the same interests as her, she was nothing more than your almost average teenager. She considered it almost because not every teen was or had parents who accepted it without a brawl to change their child. Rikki gazed at this amazing creature yet again trying to pin point where she saw her face, where she recognized her from before it drove her mad. Battling with this for several minutes and causing an awkward silence between the two of them her curiosity finally got the best of her. "I can't help but ask I'm sorry sighed Rikki. Emily giggled, "no ask please" "Have I seen you before?" "I'm sorry if I seem forward I just cant help it maybe I haven't seen you before but someone who resembles you?" "Its possible darling" Rikki's heart speed up and stopped the exquisite creature just used a term of endearment in her wake!!!! This was undeniably the best day of Rikki's life from that point into the foreseeable future. Emily was suddenly frightened by Rikki's recognition of her, yes it is possible that Rikki because she was in the witness program. Yes she and her parents knew it was stupid for them to return to their hometown where the dastardly fiend had almost killed Emily's mother in front of her when she was only 12, her father had been in a gang, when her mother told him that she was going to take Emily away and leave he lost it and almost choked her to death. The only thing that saved her was Emily's screaming, the fact that her mother's long time best friend and neighbor hearing the screams and came to their aide. Soon after this incident Brad, her mothers best friend and her mother got married, this of course didn't bother Emily at all because he was always more of a father to her than her own growing up anyways. They had moved away as soon as the judge ruled that her father was guilty of an extreme number of charges from attempted murder to fraud. It wasn't until a 16 year old primed and confident Emily convinced them that it was time to go back did they return, so naturally when Rikki recognized her fear struck her heart. It wasn't until an hour or more into the date that she realized just where Rikki recognized her from; her parents fought all the time until her dad was put in jail. When she was really young her mother would take her across the street to a neighbors before Brad moved in so she wouldn't have to hear the yelling, just then she realized that it was Rikki's house that her parents use to take her to and the fear sky rocketed. The only thing on her mind from then on was finding a way out before she found out and didn't want her anymore. Rikki noticed sudden tension radiating off of Emily in waves she couldn't quite place why at first until she zeroed in that it started right after she started asking questions about possibly meeting her before. This confused her and being as though it was Rikki the curiosity level became somewhat uncontrollable. Though it was eating her alive she sustained it as to not scare the girl away. Before she knew it the date was over and Emily was rushing out the door, it confused her did she do something wrong? The question would just have to wait to be answered. Emily felt awful about leaving her potential girlfriend behind as she rushed out the door but she couldn't help it, she couldn't risk anyone knowing who she was even if it meant that she had to give up on her first shot at love in 2 years. Rikki hadn't seen or heard from Emily in almost a month it seemed she had disappeared all together, she was sure it was her fault. It took another week passing her by with a shred of evidence showing Emily anywhere before she finally went to her house, which one of her friends told her the address. At first it seemed no one was home but then heavens grace shined down upon her and Emily answered the door. "Yes?" "Did I do something wrong?" "Ummm no?" "Then why are you avoiding me?" "I have uhhh family issues going on right now" "okay sure whatever" Rikki turned around and swiftly walked away almost like a dog with her tail between her legs that is if they did that out of anger instead. Emily ran after her "Hey!!" "HEY!!!!!" "What?!" "Stop will you?" "Fine" " I'm sorry that I haven't been at school I'm sorry I have been avoiding you okay?" "So you lied to me? Great" she started to stomp off again and Emily caught her arm and kissed her with all her built up frustration, stress and passion, she kissed her with enough force to knock a normal girl breathless but Rikki wasn't just any girl. Rikki cleared her throat "so umm I can tell you like me so want to explain why you were avoiding me?" "It's a long complicated story" " well I have time and ears so explain" Emily giggled "okay gorgeous" Rikki smiled at the compliment and settled down to listen to Emily's detailed explanation. After having everything explained to her, Rikki completely understood why Emily was so hesitant to tell her. "Okay I understand and I'm not going anywhere" "really?!" "Yes really" "but… but why?!" "Its not your fault Emily" "I'm sorry you just kind of confused me, to what are you referring?" "What your dad did, why you had to leave, none of that is your fault" "okay?" "I'm serious it wasn't, so why would I leave you over something you couldn't control?" utterly speechless Emily's eyes hit the floor; she began to kick at the pebbles surrounding her feet. She couldn't believe that this angel cared so much about her after such a short time of knowing her. It hit her like a steel pipe, someone outside of her family, besides Brad and her mother gave a crap about her, someone actually cared. The feeling this gave her was unreal it was like floating, learning to fly, or eating your favorite food for the first time in years. Even after all this she couldn't bring herself to look into Rikki's eyes, not out of fear of course but because she was afraid this amazing dream would end, just as suddenly as it began. Rikki didn't know how to respond to Emily's sudden with drawl she didn't know if she should reach out and reassure her or just wait for it to pass. Finally her wants got the best of her and she reached out tilted Emily's chin so she was looking her directly in the eyes and smiled. Emily couldn't help but smile back as her heart kicked into hyper drive; she then started to believe she would never tire of looking into Rikki's gorgeous blue eyes. She blushed deeply and looked down at the same moment that Rikki went in for a kiss, their heads collided sending shock waves of pain through them both. It wasn't long before they both were laughing at the sudden collision. This brought on another wave of smiles, more blushing and a few words exchanged between the two. "Well would you like to come inside now that, that minor problem is fixed?" "I'd hardly call it a minor problem but sure" Emily smiled at Rikki once more before opening her front door and calling her mother and Brad. Rikki stood uneasily in the foyer unsure of what to do, where to go or anything for that matter. Emily had unknowingly left her blind in a house that she was unfamiliar with. As soon as they stepped into the house Emily ran off calling her mom and some man named Brad. It must have been the savior who got Rikki and her mom away from her father that Emily was now calling. Soon a light haired man and a woman who looked like a mirror image of Emily appeared in the hallway smiling at the newfound creature standing before them. This unsettled Rikki further, much further it seemed to her that Emily's parents were sizing her up or at least Brad was. She hoped that it was all in her imagination but she didn't truly believe it was. She wanted to strike up a conversation to end the awkwardness that had fallen, but no conversation starters came to mind, and Emily's presence was completely fogging up her mind. All she could think about was holding her kissing her and well just being near her. As far as she was concerned even across the room was too far away for her to be, if she wasn't within an arms reach then all Rikki's mind could comprehend is getting her there. Finally Emily broke the silence "so mom, Brad this is Rikki" Emily's mother stepped forward extending her hand towards Rikki. Rikki took it graciously smiling and nodding in Brad direction at the same moment. "Well we have certainly heard plenty about you Rikki, Emily has been worrying tirelessly about you leaving her when she told you I'm glad her worries were false lived." "I can definitely agree with you on that Kody." Brad gently squeezed his wife's shoulder and reached his hand out to shake Rikki's as well. "Emily's happiness is on the top of my list of things I care about along with her mother's." "I can assure you sir I feel the same way about her only not in a family sense, I want to ask you something sir." Rikki turned towards Emily's mother smiled and said " you too as well ma'am." Emily's mother Kody returned the young lesbians smile "Well spit it out girl" "I want your permission to date/court your daughter" "old fashion aren't you?" "Yes sir I am" "good that tells me you have nothing but the best intentions for young Emily, but truly that question should be directed towards her mother because I'm not her father" "I know that sir, but the way she talks about you, she considers you every bit her father so I thought I would ask all the same." Kody looked up at Brad raising her eyebrow at him in confusion. "Brad you're the father she has had her whole life and I wish you were her biological father instead of the dirt bag who is" Shifting her gaze to Rikki ' and that was very respectful of you to do so, I appreciate that gesture Rikki, and I couldn't turn down my daughter's happiness if I tried, but I am glad she's interested in such a respectable young woman so yes you have my permission" Emily squealed running forward to hug her mother and then dragged Rikki by the arm to her room yelling thank yous at the adults downstairs. Emily dragged Rikki down the hall, smiling as her heart pounded in her throat; her day couldn't have possibly had a better turn. Her day started off as the past month had boring, upsetting and just downright depressing, but now she couldn't stop smiling, giggling and bouncing about. When they reached her bedroom door she swung it open swished around and hugged Rikki with enough force to knock them both into her bed laughing. Emily was yet' again memorized but Rikki's unbelievable godlike beauty, with one glimpse her breath was taking away. As though she could tell that she was at loss of words Rikki smiled down at her. "So I guess we are dating now huh?" Emily laughed "yeah, are you happy about it?" "I've only been chasing you around for two months, but nope I'm not happy at all" Rikki stuck her tongue out at Emily making her laugh and hug her tightly. "So what do we do now?" " I thought you'd know," they both laugh again, Rikki sighs deeply with contentment. The next day at school Emily makes a point at showing everyone that now Rikki is hers, she knows it won't stop girls and even guys from looking at her woman still but at least they know not to cross that line or there will be consequences. Rikki can't help but smile at Emily's insistent jealous antics, unlike most people Rikki finds it to be extremely cute, not that she'd tell Emily and make her even more bigheaded in that aspect which was also adorable. Rikki watched as Emily told everyone knew and even random strangers that she and Rikki were dating and laughed as a girl who she knew crushed on her madly, rushed up to give her a hug as usual and Emily intercepted her. She knew that Emily had been waiting to do this since yesterday afternoon, and she wasn't going to stop her from doing what she rightfully could now. Rikki just stepped back and let her have her way, not that she was passive in the relationship, she just figured she wouldn't mind being fussed over and that Emily enjoyed it so why not? A couple months down the line and everything was going smoothly, they a few fights but every relationship does at some point, it's just about the members of said relationship handle the situation that make it a good, bad or worse situation. Rikki had her soon graduation pending in her mind and how her and Emily's relationship would carry on afterwards. She never really thought about it when they first started dating being as though she was in the honeymoon phase for weeks after the initial asking out. But now reality was sinking in and the future was looming over her head indefinitely and questions kept popping up. She didn't know how to bring the conversation up to Emily and not hurt her feelings or make her think that she wanted to end this grand thing they had going. The conversation couldn't be avoided; it was a serious thing to consider. How would Emily hold up dating someone who she couldn't see every second of the day like she was now use to now? How would she take Rikki wanting to travel and get away just for the last year Emily was in high school? So many questions not much time to ask them. Finally Rikki worked up the guts to ask Emily to come to her house to hangout so she could bring the subject up. When Emily appeared in her room looking gorgeous as always, smiling and waiting for Rikki to acknowledge her, Rikki didn't waste time beating around the bush and dove right into the subject at hand. Surprisingly Emily took it very well and understood where Rikki was coming from because she had similar thoughts. She had figured them out prior to their talk so knew exactly how to respond to the questions Rikki had. After their talk Rikki yet again felt secure about their relationship and was sure no matter what she did Emily would support and love her regardless. Which made her very happy, knowing those facts made her feel like she could accomplish anything no matter the obstacles in her way. A year and a half later Emily had just graduated from the infamous Falcon high and was really looking forward to moving in with the love of her life Rikki Dakota Garret. It was hard not having Rikki with her for nearly a year because she wanted to travel and see the world before she settled down for good, but Emily stayed strong and powered through it for her lover. They had been together officially 2 years and 6 months yesterday and having Rikki show up at her doorstep was enough to make the world seem that much brighter but she was also bearing roses chocolate and an emerald necklace, and something she couldn't quite make out because it she behind her back but she didn't pry, she knew she would see it soon enough. It was a couple more days before Emily finally saw what behind Rikki's back that day and understood why she didn't want her to see it then. Rikki got down on one knee, Emily squealed and gasped at the same time, she also started crying tears of joy and yelling yes before Rikki could even ask the question that would change their lives forever. Rikki just smiled and kissed her brushing off the fact that she didn't even get to say the words she practiced for days. It took what seemed like forever for all the wedding plans to be finalized, despite such all Rikki could do is wait patiently for the day she wanted so badly to happen with the upmost perfection. She watched as her one and only true love bounced around everywhere seer excitement leading her everywhere she went. This made her anxiety worse, all she could think about her next moment with her beloved.


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